"Prosecute Them And Jail Them Or Shoot Them" Says Gen. Buhari On SaharaTV

Nigeria's former Head of State, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari has urged the government of President Goodluck Jonathan to prosecute those involved in corruption- related scams, jail them or shoot them. The former presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) made the demand during a candid interview with SaharaTV over the weekend.

Discussing the $6.8 billion dollars fuel subsidy fraud, the N155 billion Malabu oil block scam, and the N36.8 billion police pension scheme, Gen. Buhari declared: “Just use the documentary evidence and prosecute them and jail them or shoot them.”
Gen. Buhari, who recently announced a possible presidential run in 2015, said that “literally nothing is happening,” currently to stamp out corruption.
“If we want to survive as a nation, a viable one, we have to do something extremely serious about corruption,” the retired General said.
Known as "sai mai gaskia" (a Hausa phrase that describes someone who speaks the truth), a no-nonsense man of discipline who was even described by former President Olusegun Obasanjo as “upright,” Buhari said that he would consider helping the current regime to bring justice to corrupt officials.
But he made it clear that this could happen only if, “the government shows that it can punish whoever steals, whoever takes public funds from the treasury whether it is in the local government, state, or in the Central Bank.”
He also said that if he were leading the country as President, he would have the courage to jail anyone involved in the scams.
“Why not?” he asked. “I did it under a different system before.”
The interview, conducted by SaharaTV’s Omoyele Sowore, was part of a special edition of SaharaTV that focused on Nigeria’s 13th anniversary of its return to democracy in 1999.
“What happened even from 1999 until now, we used to have Nigerian airways, we used to have Nigerian shipping [lines]…and the roads were not too bad…where are they now?” Buhari asked SaharaTV’s Omoyele Sowore.
Last week’s Democracy Day observations, commemorating the transition from military rule, were low key. Many, including Buhari, expressed their frank disapproval with the current regime and the inability of the Goodluck Jonathan administration to contain the rampant violence that has terrorized the nation.
Describing the level of insecurity as “intolerable,” Buhari explained that without addressing its root causes and consequences, insecurity will continue to move the country backward.
“Insecurity leads to unemployment, factories are closed, infrastructure has collapsed, social services have collapsed, education, there is no health care,” said the Katsina State native. He continued, stating that Nigerians know the problems because they are living in a state of total insecurity, where violence can erupt anywhere...any time.
Furthermore, when asked about Boko Haram, he said the violence committed by the extremist sect has no relation to religion, despite what its members claim.
“No religion allows hurting the innocent--no religion,” Buhari said during the interview.
Buhari himself has repeatedly been accused of encouraging violence at some point or another in his political career. During the 2011 president election season, Buhari faced heated criticisms over his comments that the 2011 elections must not be rigged unless the nation was prepared for a mass revolt comparable to the those that unfolded in Egypt and Tunisia.
Thus, while the international community heralded the 2011 elections as the most credible in Nigeria’s democratic history, they were subsequently marred by post-election violence which claimed the lives of 800 people and displaced 65,000, according to the United States Institute of Peace.
Many believe that Buhari triggered that violence, just as many believe that Buhari’s latest remarks about “bloodshed to come” in 2015, is another call for violence.
But during the SaharaTV interview, Buhari explained that his statements-- including the one translated as “if what happens in 2011 should happen again in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon will all be soaked in blood”--expressed in Hausa, were misinterpreted.
“Only those who know the Hausa culture, who are in it, can understand it,” Buhari said.
He claimed that he was simply making an assertion regularly made by politicians throughout the country--that the citizenry should demand for their votes to be counted.
Buhari put it this way: “If you go to the market, when people put their wares, they keep their eyes on it. Even if a fly drops, lands on it. They will see it. So I say, if they [Nigerians] will keep their votes like that.”
The Congress For Progressive Change founder also addressed the internal turbulence within the CPC party, specifically the vote of no confidence on the National Executive Committee passed by some renegade party state chairmen. Notably, on SaharaTV, CPC’s national public secretary Rotimi Fashakin blamed the PDP of helping to incite the violence.
It’s a move that Buhari called “illegal” as well as a plan aimed at having him sacked.
Nonetheless and in spite of the CPC crisis, Buhari seems to be willing to engage in the 2015 election.
“Why should I refuse to participate in taking the challenge for the fourth time to present myself to Nigerians again?” asked the 69-year-old statesmen during the interview.
He said that if he doesn’t run and if the 2015 CPC nominee does not get elected, the party may “die a natural death.”
And for Buhari, that would mean an “unacceptable” loss, and a pass at a chance to restore social justice.
“…unless we go back to social justice, the survival of this country and the sustained development is going to be extremely in doubt,” Buhari concluded.


Watch the full video on SaharaTV.

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buhari is a man of peace

Buhari would never said such a word,he is a man of peace.. I guess you media houses speaks on behalf of rubben abbati,you just want to tanish his reputation.. i wonder why boko haram are targeting you... All you do is to publish lies on the oppositions.. Go and tell your president GEJ that we will vote buhari again in 2015 even if he became usama bin laden

Thou art a bloody man!

Buhari, thou art a bloody man! While i respect the stance of the man, Nigerians lets get things straight, we don't need a messiah but a people ready for change, this is democracy, one man ideals can not rule a nation, now tell me how will he as president set things straight, when we have corrupt legislatives?

If you want to start shooting people be ready to kill a large number of Nigerians because its not all about leadership, corruption exists on the streets, in the motor parks, in churches, in banks, in schools, in universities its all over the place! So get ready with your guns, gas, lethal injection or whatever your weapon of choice you want to use to kill people, there's plenty of people for you to kill! Man of blood!

The people's general

Buhari, we are totally with you - shoulder to shoulder!!

Please stop lien about

Please stop lien about somethnig he didn't said,how can buhari say such a thing,he is man of peace... I wonder why boko haram are killing you people,i don't blame them.i guess you speak on the behalf of rubben abbati


General Buhari would chase the corrupt politicians to the sea,should he be at the helm of affairs,there will surely be consequences for corruption and that is what we need in Nigeria.
The problem with General Buhari is electability.The General's problem lies with his past political and military exploits.In the SS and SE he is percieved as an islamic fundermentalist with a bias for the military and political domination of Nigeria by the northern establishment.
In the SW,he will not be forgotten for his incaceration of politicians from that region during his days as military dictator,not a few died from the effects of imprisonment while thier northern counterparts walked free with worse offences.Should we swap equity and human rights for a war on corruption,that will be the difficult choice for Nigerians.

Buhari, You Are The Past

Isn't this the same man who vowed to "make the country ungovernable" for Mr. Jonathan? Isn't he also the same man who said that there will be a bloodbath if he does not become president in 2015? As many Nigerians ask: what did you forget at Aso Rock that you want to retrieve? Mr. Buhari, you had your chance, and you blew it. Nigeria is not a Hausa-fulani property, it belongs to everyone. A lot of fulani settlers have been at the stern of the nation starting with Muritala, Abacha, Shagari, Abdulsalami, Yaradua, Babangida, and you Mr. Buhari. Please, no I am not going to say please, give others a chance. Nigeria is not a Hausa-fulani property. Go and rest and tend to your grand children, Mr. Buhari, you are not EVER going to smell the presidency, EVER, lets see what you can do. The SE and SS will not vote for you. The Core Middle Belt will not vote for you either, and if the Yoruba dont change (they are wont to change), they will not vote for you.

Maigaskiya! tru talk.

Maigaskiya! tru talk. 9jarians arise!!!

Buhari at his territory

Clean sweep, Buhari has it all. But ethnicity, regionalism, religion and individualism are his undoing.

Politics is a partnership but not with Buhari, even in his own North.

Call spade a spade

Before this interview,I totally misunderstood the former general based on what was reported on the pages of some nigeria newspapers about the comments he made before.This clearly shows that he was totally misquoted and misunderstood.
Buhari is one of the few fearless nigerians who can call spade a spade.Had all nigerians had the habit of saying the truth no matter its bitterness irrespective of religion,tribe or ethnic group,we'll not have found ourselves in the present situation of hatred among ourselves.

Call spade a spade

Before this interview,I totally misunderstood the former general based on what was reported on the pages of some nigeria newspapers about the comments he made before.This clearly shows that he was totally misquoted and misunderstood.
Buhari is one of the few fearless nigerians who can call spade a spade.Had all nigerians had the habit of saying the truth no matter its bitterness irrespective of religion,tribe or ethnic group,we'll not have found ourselves in the present situation of hatred among ourselves.

The law must be made to bear of culprits

May the souls of the departed haunt each and everyone officials of DANA airline officials, other risk taking airlines officials and officials of the Nigerian Aviation authority who may still be looking to cover up their spectacular risk taking at the expense of people's lives**
My message to the Senators and other law makers is that they should not be swayed by the usual powers behind the cloud who have perpetually interfered with previous air crash investigation thereby preventing the truth from ever coming to light. As for those at the presidential level, may God Judge you.

Shoot all of them !!!!!!!!!!

Well said Mr/Mallam Buhari. Unfortunately, Jona has no liver and the people are suddenly forgetting all these exposed frauds in the oil and other entities in Nigeria. We like to make too much noise to the high heavens with no courage to come out and confront our noise making with actions.
Including myself, we are bunch of COWARDS with no liver to confront our thieving politicians.
The stealing continues.

RE: The Upright man

We might not have to look further or search for a savior, there is one in former military ruler, General Mohammed Buhari, a no-nonsence disciplinarian who can bring sanity to our polity. We need men of courage, men of honor and integrity who could do the unthinkable about the incurable cancer that is eating away the fabric of our society. We need something that would serve as a lasting deterent to corruption in our polity. I coheartedly support the general to jail or shoot the bastards that are retarding our progress. First, catch them, second, seize their assets, third, shoot them. That is the only way to cure this cancer of corruption in Nigeria. General Buhari, you WILL always have my vote.

Wallahi. Does Mullah Buhari

Wallahi. Does Mullah Buhari not understand that illegal coup plotting is the height of corruption? He too should be jailed and executed. Ubanjiji.

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