RARE VIDEO: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr On Mike Douglas Show In 1967

 In  1967, Dr. Maertin Luther King, Jr. was guest of American talk show host, Mike Douglas to speak about his convictions about the Vietnam war. Buffeted left and right on and off the show, the civil rights rights leader stood his ground and mesmerized his host and the American public.

Part 2 of 3-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLS26rWpbSA

Part 3 of 3-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkKsG_278Fw

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Akpos and his mythical republic

In fact, Late Dr Luther King Jnr was a great-grand cousin to Akpos's father. Dumb Akpos forgot to mention this. All readers must know that every good thing on earth came from the non-existent Republic of SS&SE. This makes one wonder where GEJ came from as he is so dumb and uninspiring - the exact opposite of Martin Luther King Jnr!

What a man!

Wow! The man was so intelligent and eloquent and those qualities were made even more striking by the calmness and precision with which he articulated delivering his thoughts into words - purely fantastic!
I never saw him speak other than the famous 'I have a dream' speech before today, now I know I'm definitely going to read and learn more about the great MLK. Thanks SR.


its been LONG since the USA has been destroying countries around the world and killing innocents. only caucasians come out a bit ok. the US civilization is based strictly on the distribution of violence, democratically that is... and so will it perish...


...The Bible used to swear in Barack Obama yesterday was Martin Luther King's travelling Bible by the way...

@akpos Akpos, I hail you o.

@akpos Akpos, I hail you o. Another one of your dumb jokes abi?

Re: Rare Video On Dr Martin Luther King - Diamonds Are Forever

Thank you so much, Saharareporters, for that brilliant video. Dr Martin Luther King's poise, composure, conviction and foresight is not just legendary, but inspiring. His message is like diamond - has stood the test of times and ever so relevant to our days. How we need such freedom in our very own dear country Nigeria. I have a dream, that one day, my four little ones will be able live in a country they can truly call their own, not one presided over by the types we have now. I have a dream. Thanks again, Saharareporters.

You are really not in your

You are really not in your senses to categorize Tompolo and Asari as freedom fighters! They are "Belle" fighters as in they just want to satisfy thier own stomach! PERIOD!


MLK, We the oppressred people on this world thank God that He sent you to come and preach that equality be enjoyed by all manner of people. The enemies took you out but today your good works and name are known everywhere.


@akpos1: Kai, u b serious Comedian. U neva ceased to amaze me

o boy... na wa 4 u o.

Brilliant clip

Thanks for sharing this brilliant and insightful clip of the great man MLT.

If only our leaders in Nigeria today were as principled as MLT.

May the Lord send us in Nigeria humble, fearless and principled servant-leaders who will put others before themselves.

Pure Greatness

Pure Greatness.
No half-ass.
No excuses.
No BS.

I encourage all peoples o study this man and apply his character to their endeavours.
Make the world a better place.

Yes, including Nigeria.

Dr King is an Urhobo man...New research has revealed

New research has revealed that Dr King is a descendant of the United Republic of the SS&SE. His paternal ancestral lineage is Urhobo & maternal lineage is Ijaw....Source: Universal Journal of Science www.universaljournalofscience.org

No wonder he was such a brilliant and militant freedom fighter like Isaac Boro, Ken Saro Wiwa, Tompolo, Dokubo asari, Boyloaf, Henry Orkar, Major Mukoro etc

Long live the United Republic of the SS&SE

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