A Rare Video Of Gaddafi's Fifth Son, Mutassim, Before He Was Killed In Libya

A rare video of Gaddafi's fifth son, Mutassim, who was his father's former National Security Advisor in Libya being interrogated at a secret location in Sirte shortly after his capture. Mutassim, calm and betraying little emotion is known as one of Gaddafi's wildest sons. During his capture he smoked cigarettes, drank water and spoke little to his captors.

NTC rebels reportedly shot him in the neck after this encounter. Mutassim was then taken to Misrata where his body went on display along that of his father before a secretive burial at an unmarked desert grave on Tuesday October 25 2011

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Make no mistake, I will be happy to see him go but dirttaocs do not gain power in a vacuum. They always have the support, of perhaps not the majority (which arguably the clerics in Iran do have) but at least a powerful minority. Iraq is a recent example of what happens when a powerful minority is violently excluded from the political process. What will happen in Libya? And even if it does go as smoothly as can be expected, what system will replace Gadaffis? We can't assume the desires of a few English speaking Libyans the media finds represent the desires of the entire population (again see Iran for confusing the desires of the young, english speaking, internet browsing youth with the majority of a rural, very conservative population).As for people who bleat on about evil NATO serving the oil overlords, well their naiveness is only exceeded by their ignorance.

With out NATO they was

With out NATO they was nothing!


U saying the truth because the Libyan didnt know what the American and the Europe have in mind to them , especially the Sakorzy, hes a Devils upon all what Gadaffi do to assist him when running. though its part of knowledge.
This message is for the libyan, get ready to suffer and experience alots of Corruption thru the NTC and the American... and American ready to take all your wealth and claim it ... watch and see.


this was a planned assassination the same way Saddam hussein was murdered when the real criminal in t

he united states are protected . even if Gaddafi was not a good leader islam does not permit for him and his son to be murdered this way by secret agencies with the assistance of NATO so they can keep all the secrets of Gaddafi's fortune and where is his son Saif why no one is demanding that he is turned over before they take all the secrets from him and kill him .

I am against this

I am really shocked at the way Ghaddagi and his son and saddam Hussin were all murdered as planned by hidden parties in the united states so they can destroy the arab world . I know that Gaddafi was a dictator and should have stepped down but that does not give the ground for them to be murdered this way when the real criminals in the United states are protected . I am shocked no one is asking for an investigation or to at least demand that Seif Al islam is located before these secret organizations get all the Gaddafi's money and the secrets kept for 30 years from his son Seif Alislam and kill him like the Nato did plan for the assassination of Gaddafi and his son. WAKE UP PEOPLE from Lybia the oil and the fortune of Gaddafi must stay in Lybia .

gaddafi and libyans

we have seen the end of mr. gaddafi and his sons, it is now remained for those did. if you think you have done good or bad, you will soon see. the almighty Allah is now adays live not things untill the day after. you will soon see the consequence.

gaddafi and libyans

we have seen the end of mr. gaddafi and his sons, it is now remained for those did. if you think you have done good or bad, you will soon see. the almighty Allah is now adays live not things untill the day after. you will soon see the consequence.

gaddafi and libyans

we have seen the end of mr. gaddafi and his sons, it is now remained for those did. if you think you have done good or bad, you will soon see. the almighty Allah is now adays live not things untill the day after. you will soon see the consequence.

Only time will tell and show

Only time will tell and show what the true colors are. They may have just used NATO. That man needed to go but we still need to be on guard for all of our futures. I pray the right people take over.

Gadhafi's Female Companions

What Did You Expect?

There's nothing brave in the video of a caged Mutessim. I've seen a longer version that showed he "pissed" on himself when it dawned on him the end was there and then. He was wearing a baige track-down. No clowning around in Den Haag, you kill, you get killed. Law of Karma! Like his cowardly father, he begged for his life but the souls of innocent Libyans they murdered prevailed. Saif al Islam is the next meat for maggots!



16 things Libyans will never see again

i will never forget u,gaddafi

i will never forget u,gaddafi and your son may all mighty Allah forgive and have Aljannah fiddausi amin, and u libya u wil regret it soon.

Calm in the face of death

This man is so brave he knew he would die and therefore took it calmly. I wish he and his dad were kept alive so they can spill all the secret deals they had with west but with this bloody start of a so called new Libya i fear the pandora box of hate and wickedness has started and to make matters worse they were treated like trophy of war just the way archiles treated hectors body dragged him around in the city wall of troy and displayed it for dogs to eat at that juncture the gods got angry with archiles abd signed his death warrant. Am afraid Libya is doomed forever.

Cold blooded murder is it

The current Libyan government and NTC are BOKO HARAM because killing a captured enemy is war crime by any standard. Although I am not a fan of Gadafi,these killings are going to haunt the actors for a long time to come.

Who Dey Craze?

@fm- who tell you say Gadhafi no loot? He's as rich as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc. COMBINED.


Check out the link and that's just SOME of Gadhafi's assets. Standby for info about more loot.

Now who dey craze?


Who is the looser in Libya? It is your Lord NATO and AMERICA. NTC has made it clear that Libya is a muslim country and will be ruled by SHARIA law. I didnt support what they did but i think the statement is a victory for Islam & muslims.Your Lord NATO and AMERICA will regret their adventure in Libya. The Islamic Awakening will continue to grow. I hope u know that Islamic party won in Tunisia. Muslim brotherhood will definitely win Egypt electioin. Your Lord NATO and America has only strenghten their enemy (ALQAEDA) which GHADAFI kept at bay for a longtime.


Allah akbar! libians are ingrat, they are not grateful. ntc leader is not a muslim bcos of his hatred to his boss, he let him rots and now his talking about liberation, tolerance and forgiveness. he will never follow his word and sooner or later he wil betray his people as he did with gaddafi and his son. the one that help him to achieved grateness. rest in peace gaddafi and all u people that wish libia well.

Theirs is to face in the future.

Who said this world is fair? What a traumatic and sad episode.
As you make your bed so you must lie on it.
The way and end of Gaddafi has not brought any lessons to the NTC group.

Theirs is to face in the future.

Back to the rest of even more sad Africa.

What are our governors doing, our senators, can you ethically account for each day and money used, how do the ministers justify the confidence reposed on them by the public? Presidents of countries in Africa, are you leading and lightening the burdens of the people? Since majority of African countries obtained their independence in the last 1/2 a century, anything to show for it??

How will you all face the future judgement?

good job team lets head back

good job team lets head back to TOC...

Mutassim Ghadaffi

I am really impressed with the way the young man faced his captors. Very courageous. Knowing the ultimate, he faced it calmly, with the confidence of a sleepwalk to the place he was destined in the circumstance.

I wish you find peace with your Maker. Adieu.

Gaddafi was RIGHT!

Gaddafi was right, they are murdering RATS! Summarily executed bodies, with their hands bound behind their backs, have been found in Tripoli, Misrata, Sirte and everywhere these RATS have been. And these are the animals that claim Gaddafi was unjust to them?

Look at what they have done to Black people in Libya, eh?


RIP Mutassim, you were brave to the very end.

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