SAHARATV: "No Taxi For Black Man In New York City"

A  new show on SaharaTV explores why New York Taxi drivers hate to pick up blacks in the city.

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Everyone has equal rights.

Everyone has equal rights. Nowadays taxi hiring is essential part of human life. Refusing Black people is not really fair

Aboki Sanusi A. Yaradua and

Aboki Sanusi A. Yaradua and Mullah Tafidan Ddaji

You almajiris should get over your sorry selves and deal with your Islamic Arewa Al-Qaeda republic and leave the US out of your mess. The US is the world power. What can you bonobos do about it. What can you really do apart from blowing yourselves up, all in the name of some imaginary virgins. Lets even assume there are some virgins in aljinat. So if your paedophile prophet can screw Aisha at the age of six then what makes you think he hasn't drill the hole of all the so called virgins. Never in your wretched lives will any of the mohammedan nations will be compared to the US. All mohammedan nations are cursed just like the paedophile prophet. Deal with it. Ragheads!

They dont pay that's why

Even UK taxi companies now insist on payment upfront by credit card to go to heathrow to pick up a passenger coming from Lagos. The credit card must also be registered in your name as well as full details are required. Why: nigerians arrive and halfway through start arguing over how much? I was not told etc. Some arrive get a cheaper one and leave the driver stranded. In NYC much more so, drivers may ask for some downpayment. blacks dont give tips especially as you can see they count to the last dime to pay driver. This is not a blanket thing I still took taxi at the manhattan station to JFK and was not descriminated against, I paid my fare and gave a juicy tips.

Me think alots need to be

Me think alots need to be done in the US to eradicate discrimination and racism. They have done alot over the years but there's still much to be done. Such a thing can't happen in Britain where there's no act of racism and discrimination. The UK practises the best democracy in the world today. Everyone has equal rights inrespective of your colour or background. There are cctv cameras in every nook and crannies and you will get a minimum of 5years criminal records if you dare not pay a cab or get involve in any form of cannibalism. This will affect you in so many ways especially when trying to get a job. My experience in the states when i travelled to houston texas 3years ago with my british girlfriend and our little daughter was a sad one. Most of the people there were starring at us with dismay. To them it seems as a big surprise to see a white dating a black. I never knew some people still behaves in such way in this 21st century. This report is no surprise to me!




The country claiming to be the champion of human rights and equality has now become a racial heaven.


This ostensibly odd if trivial matter is very serious. It is a latter day manifestation of an awesome tragedy which goes far back into black man's history. Apart from the fact that there are bad apples among every race and creed, white taxi drivers do not stigmatize every white customer because of a few bad apples? Let us quickly go back to Africa to look at this tragic sociological matter. The way that Africans govern themselves today make the white colonialists look like Jesus Christ. Slavery would not have succeeded without the active cooperation of the Africans. One of the most tragic and barbaric episodes in the history of modern Africa- the murder of Patrice Lumumba was 70% carried out by his fellow Africans. Can anybody believe that in post apartheid South Africa, black policemen would tie a fellow black man to the back of a truck and drive him to his death?

If I'm a taxi driver living

If I'm a taxi driver living in New York, I'll selectively pick up blacks, hispanic and whites depending on their mode of dress or attire.

Why taxi divers do not pick black people/African A mericans.

I drive taxi in Philadelphia and from my experience,some African Americans do not give tips.They always argue with the drivers.Some do not know how to talk and some males will attempt to run away with your money especially at night.There is more chance that you get good tips from white customers than black customers,although there are exceptionally wonderful blacks that I have come across.Only Indians and Chineese are worse in giving tips but they will pay your money.Mind you I am a black African,so no racism intended.

New York Cabbies


Best of both worlds.

Danfoos should be deployed enmass into New York. Molues too will do a lot of good to all niggas seeking decent and affordable mode of land transportation.
Furthermore our Railway tracks should be extended to New York so that our kit and kin can be taught how we hung on train.



USA and racism

Racism in the midst pigs.May the wrath of Allah be on you,amin!

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