SaharaTV Show Highlights- March 24

Check out the highlights from last week's show on SaharaTV. On March 24, 2012, SaharaTV featured citizen activist Shettima Yerima to discuss under-development in Nigeria's northern region and Boko Haram; award-winning author NoViolet Bulawayo to discuss suppression in the regime of her native Zimbabwe; Nigerian media personality Funmi Iyanda to discuss women empowerment and her role in Nigeria's media sector; and more. On this week's show, which will broadcast LIVE on Saturday March 31, we will discuss the coup d'etat in Mali; the presidential election result in Senegal; Nigerian politics and Women's History Month. SaharaTV is for the informed viewer. Sahara Reporters is for the informed reader. Be a part of both. Follow SaharaTV on 

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