SaharaTV Skype Calls With Malcolm Fabiyi and Seyi Gambo

SaharaTV's Adeola Fayehun is in the studio with Dr. Malcolm Fabiyi and Comrade Seyi Gambo as the audience joins the discussion via Skype

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White Wash

This is all white wash. The only person who has spoken any sense in this video is the guy from the Northwest. he is from the north, he knows what his people are suffering.

What is going on in the north is a civil war and in all civil war situation, there are civilian casualties.

where are the human right campaigners when Boko Haram kills innocent people. Those villagers were habouring the terrorists and anyone who harbours a terrorist is also a terrorist. Even the British soldiers kills innocent Irish during the IRA problems. Let the northerner solve their own problems. All tribes have been solving theirs.

You do not negotiate with terrorists, it is only when you have weakened them that you start talking negotiations and amnesty. That is what the British did with IRA

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