Saying Something Negative About The Jonathan Administration Is Simply Speaking The Truth

SaharaTV's Adeola Fayehun speaks with Dr. Malcolm Fabiyi & Comrade Seyi Gambo about the current state of affairs in Nigeria. Find out why the guests stated that saying something negative about the Jonathan administration is simply speaking the truth!


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Hope to be such ……


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Stanley, Please be respectful.

Stanley,why should you rain abuses on these two gentleman? They are expressing themselves and they have the right to and just because you disagree with them does not call for abuses. I find it very difficult to understand why. They chose to live in the U.S and you chose to live in Nigeria and that is okay bearing in mind that we all cannot leave Nigeria to other countries. Now I find it disturbing that Nigerians cannot take constructive criticism when people outside of Nigeria do so. The truth of the matter is we have more information about Nigeria than you all do back home including those that are charged to run the affairs of the Nation. I know those of us outside of Nigeria do care, after all, we are not going through all the pains you all are going through. Asking Nigerians outside to come home is what I called Silly talk. We have enough people back home to make a difference.

Absolute rubbish

This is rubbish this is a one way line of discussion without dissent opinion.The malcolm guy is there speaking meaningless grammar and not even ashamed of himself that he live at chicago, doing what there?
He will remain in Chicago criticizing and waste his life there and finally return to Nigeria as a garbage without contributing anything.Prof Bath Nnaji was frustrated about power situation and came back and set up energy and power company. While Malcolm is at chicago feeling high as americana carving his beards like an idiot.The Gambo guy don't want to disappoint SR so he was afraid to disagree where he supposed to.Bring two people that have different opinion not this caricature

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