Seun Kuti Performs At The Highline Ballroom

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Looks great

Looks great

It's a shame that I didn't

It's a shame that I didn't have had the chase of seeing them perform live as I love them! But I guess that was my fault as I did not see any advertising materials with them or saying something about the band. I hope that the next time they are performing I will at least know in advance about it, so I can make the time to hear Seun Kuti.

How I wish to see his next

How I wish to see his next show if ever he has a chance to visit my country it will be totally a great experience seeing them performing live!! Awesome!

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Impulse, I deleted them and

Impulse, I deleted them and it stopped working. You can play any game you like without being connected to the internet after you bought it from Steam. Keep the steam client open and you will have no problems with it. the universal and triumphant, yes it's disappointing that 9ja ppl are usually scarce in afrobeat shows overseas. The same was true for other greats like Baba O.latunji, and the quality of audience dancing suffers as a result. Even the modern dancers of the Broadway show miss road small. But nothing spoil: see how an Igbo woman's performance of "Zombi" won 2012 Naija Idol, for xampl. preached original religion--who no know, go know!

Ogbeni Fela lives on

The great Fela Anikulapo will always be remembered home and away.

A great show

I was at that show in New york city. Fela spirit is there too. Because seun is another re carnation of fela. Fela a very spiritual man. He want is legacy to remain for ever. But is very unfortunate that you can count how many Nigerian are at the show on that night. Majority are white American. If it is church program you will see thousand of Nigeria there. Because Nigerian are too obsessed with religion. Fela has been my fan for years. I remember pepple st in ikeja, where i used to go.

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