VIDEO: "All General Overseers Must Go To Prison"-Pastor Bakare

Video shows Pastor Bakare during the second Save Nigeria Group public lecture in Lagos condemning the spate at which religious leaders slow down the morale of millions of Nigerian citizens while they live in luxury and acquire new jets.


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It is not the will of any christain or believer in God to criticize or even talk ill of any pastor (that is God's requirement) but when a pastor who is supposed to b preaching the Gospel of our Lord deviates and puts himself up with the likes of our politicians and blinds himselve to the sufferings of his worshippers and spends huge sums to purchase JETS and PLANES they should as well receive the kinds of insults the politicians receive and of course such a pastor seizes to be a role model to US just like our leaders are failing us.

Private Jets and Church Jets


@ Pastor-Moses Kpohraror let's face the truth

In your own words:Pastors owning OUTREACH jet planes shouldn't affect the morale of anyone, unless the Jets are for pleasure rides. So i will advice you to go do your research and find out what category of jet was bought for use by these pastors. No one needs to explain to us the purpose of why a man buys a on google to find out the content and pleasure level of the type of jets purchase by these pastors to see if Bakare is just talking for talking sake.
Pastor Moses pls tell us the justification in our kind of environment for a pastor to buy a jet that worth N2 billion naira and above! Even if the money is dropping from a tap in the midst of poverty....

It is not about community service, it is about Godly values

I just laugh when some of the commentators are asking after d community service of Bakare: What is more obvious than the Ojota rally that made govt to temporarily soft pedal from their original stand of N141 per litre: the effect of the rally also exposes the corruption in high places by the oil cabals inwhich GEJ is not ready to fight. What Bakare is saying is that feeding the flocks with Godly values that will automatically bring Godly order into the Land (PEACE AND ABUNDANCE) is the primary assignment . Not wealth without work messages. Now these messages obviously enhances wealth without associated tangible works..Nigeria christians are going about looking for easy way to fix and make it as they could see examples in the way their pastors and associates acquire so deeply in worldly assets and wealth without an explanation to how they are so rich without corresponding work. Where is the community service of those pastors that build schools for the rich only.

All Nigerians will need turn

All Nigerians will need turn away from all our wicked ways for God to intervene in Nigeria. The truth is that virtually every Nigerian is wicked. God does not look outward but inward.



d truth'll soon be revealed

If Obasanjo&d likes r embezzling money,they're politicians n will also b brought 2 book.if nt by man&God,by God.whoeva calls himself by God's name should stay away frm wateva will make ppl doubt his we then say dt all d congregation members of these so-called men of God r all comfortable.they've all deviated&i can't even be sure they were eva called by God cos only time like dis tells such.Pst Bakare shd av fitted in as an activist&nt a pastor.pls let's all pray dt all evil doers in d name of pastors b brought 2 book in earnest

Truly I hardly want to talk

Truly I hardly want to talk about those who minister from God's tabernacle (I mean those who serve Him in truth and in Spirit). I only appeal for caution. Corruption in Nigeria has become nauseating. It is at a tipping point really. GEJ is almost letting God down.

Some sentimentally refused to understand Bakare

Some just decided to intentionally miss the point. It is not about building of schools,drainages.As good as they may be are secondary assignments of d church inwhich some commentators considered as primary assignment. The primary assignment of the church is to feed the flocks spritually with Godly values of truth and justice and also to speak truth to those in Power to automatically draws peace and abundance to a nation. When Godly values are seeded, no matter how meager a nation resources are, will be used judiciously in a Godly manner. Some nations did not have 5% of nigeria resources but chased after Godly values with hardwork and are succeeding because God has automatically declares and affirms in principle to cause them to happen. Bakare is reminding the GOs of their primary assignment. When GOs belittle corruption and concentrate on telling the people that they can be miraculously blessed without work. GOs are purchasing jets in the manner the corrupt politicians did.


Some of you guys are hiding the truth. If i must ask, what emergency could make these thieves called men of god acquire jets? They keep deceiving the poor public with theories and miracles that can't be verified. Nigerians are the biggest fools on earth i guess.


Beyond annual talk, free satchet water and bread for protesters I am not aware of any other community services by the Oveseer of latter rain. Talk is cheap we need action. Be transparent enough to publish the yearly turn over or income of your church. Let us judge. Playing to gallery is easy, we need impactful contribution from Mr Bakare. A Latter rain Assembly tuition free university for a start will do and latter rain can afford that. Equipping a hospital with state of the art medical equipment is another. Open, accessible, interfaith scholarship scheme is good. How many indigent students are on the pay roll of Latter rain assembly. Other churches and their GOs are doing this. Covering the open, smelly, drainages in front of latter rain and around Ogba environment is a good idea. Show me your faith by your works. Martins Luthers, Mandela and Obama are community people.


Dear Pastor please start a primary, secondary and university that is affordable or tuition free for the poor masses. The members of your super rich church paid tithe in millions since 1986 please start a standard hospital to take care of the society. Faith without work is dead you need to lead by example. Perhaps we need to have the list of philantrophic efforts of latter rain church and her pastor. I am in a flood devastated community now and we have not received any form of donations or solidarity message from latter rain and her Oveseer. Other churches like RCCG has reached out, so we need to hear from you.

@kate: Even Jesus Christ despise ignoramus like you !


Bakare's lamentation is about saving illiterates like you from yourselves; u an't even construct one simple sentence without an error !
If Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela were a Nigerian, idiots like you would have frustrated them. Even Jesus Christ despise fools like you !


All along i know this former drug addiict called Ayo O.has nothing goddly in him.He looks mlike a funky musician and now turned politician and a praise singer for GEJ.

Tunde Bakare, Martin Luther King - Spot the difference>

If Rev King, the civil rights cause were in Nigeria, it would have been dead on arrival.
Pstr Bakare is indeed the Rev King of our time and the war against corruption, marginalisation, oppression etc, is the civil rights issue of this current generation of Nigerians.
Dont know about you? As for me and my family we are signing up in the fight to save Nja.
Thank you Pstr Tunde

Kate and others, the truth is bitter

Kate, it has been established that Boko Haram is PDP. Azazi said it openly but ignorant people like you keep trying to rope Buhari in.

Well, only bigots like yourself, who are suffering but refuse to see the truth because they have been brainwashed by the same GOs Bakare is talking about will believe the lies you tell about Buhari.

As I told the people who claimed they were voting Jonathan and not PDP, 4 years is not too long. Keep on suffering and encouraging your oppressors because of your hatred of others.

Buhari is okay and he is at peace with himself. You check yourself.

Pastor Bakare

But as typical of anything Nigerian we always take whatever is foreign, as in religion, twist it to our own advantages, as in christianity of nowadays. The old ideology of christianity has been jettisoned by the modern day chritianbusinessmen, they have managed to hijack the concept from the actual originators of the movement and re-orient it to a Nigerian style of anything, basterdization. These guys have seen the plights of the people, and have taken roots in the people's despair, telling them that their rewards are in heaven while they, the preachers, are reaping theirs right here on mother earth. But the very jaded congregants somehow believes these people, kind of makes you wonder.

"From the pulpit"

I think we should know what these Jets are being used for; for Missions or for pleasure....also note that some of these "jets" are donated, but i still agree that religion is a farce, a weapon used softly to confuse the average gullible nigerian.. they call it " from the pulpit"

Judge not. Its dangerous.

Judge not. Its dangerous.

let the spirit lead

we need the Holy Spirit to lead us in this country becos only God can save us from these pple

God have mercy on you bakare

Pst bakae. Last election u for raising hand with buhari, saying Nigerias should vote him, what are u doing there if not for mony. The Bible that is our moral instruction told us we should not be equally yoke with an un believer, what does light has to do with darkness. We all know that this man buhari is a sponsor of boko aram. Even u bakare u are among the list that was review u are a sponsor. You suppose to be preaching about salvation not cretising other men of God. Last time u critise winners chapel, 1000 peopls plus ur head of prayer worrior went to withneSs it and they never rturn to ur church. You are an anti chris indisguis that pretend to be good. God have mercy on.

At the last count, you have

At the last count, you have over ten general overseers, GO's lining up to be 'jetted' soon. You ain't seen nothing yet. There is money in this country. All you need is to get smart. Tunde Bakare should grow his congregation and smile like his 'jetted' colleagues and stop whining. These GO's will tell you that the 'lord is good'. There is blessing out there for sale. All you need do is to pay the right amount and it is yours. Men, I envy these smart GO's.

Say No! To Jonathan's 'Transport Money' & 'Sitting Allowance'

Pastor Bakare is the only decent pastor in Nigeria. The rest pastors are criminals as Nigerians politicians. Thank you Mr Bakare as you speak out while Adeboye, Oyedepo, Oritsejafor and  co. are ripping off their converts and living fat and fly.

Eko for Show...Bakare for Show x2

This Boko Haram Pastor loves the limelight. And SR is helping him with PR work for a "fee".


If all General Overseer must go to prison then it must start with Bakare. Bakake is an Oveseer. He collects tithes and offering from a congregation of above 5000 persons every service. Living large in ikeja and flying first class all over the globe on the tithe of latter rain members and here he is criticising others. Bakare is an attention seeker. His relevance is derived public induced controversy. He takes full advantage of every current debate to fan his ego. To my mind this fellow is a confused person having derailed from his calling. May God have mercy on you.

With tears and sadness...I still believe

I watched this clip with tears and sadness in my heart for today, but I still have a little bit of hope that Nigeria can and will be great again. There is still hope for our country with men such as Tunde Bakare, Pius Adesanmi, Okey who still carry some iota of Awoism mixed with some Fawehinmism...A breed without greed.


He is a big fool, let him go and buy if its easy, gossip fake pastor

Pastor Bakare Stating the Obvious

You don't need to look further to say 'Amen' to that. If only we can take time to think critically about the problems facing Nigerians today and ask critical questions, we will understand Bakare's position. Is Nigeria a theocracy or a political system governed with the rule of law? I leave you to decide. I have asked myself the question. What is patriotism? If it is the love of one's country, I don't think the religious leadership will get a pass mark. Nigeria has returned to a medieval fiefdom ruled and ruined by these charlatans.

I am dissapointed by our so called General Overseers

Really I am disappointed at our general Overseers and I think it is time the govt begin to prob the source of the income from where they acquire these private jets when more than 50% of their congregation languish in poverty.
The desire for luxury possession has no place in the life and time of Jesus Christ.

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