VIDEO: Bishop Oyedepo Slaps President Jonathan-A Parody

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This topic has always been

This topic has always been one of my favorite subjects to read about. I have found your post to be very rousing and full of good information. I will check your other articles shortly.
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Is the Drama saying Church collaborates with Presidency?

The never really got the gist? Are we saying church leaders collaborates with GEJ or are we using incident in the Church to relate how church treats public issues and leaders or that the leaders are answerable to church who seems to be responsible for our woes? Or are you mocking God's servant - Bishop David Oyedepo and President Goodluck Jonathan? This dramatization tends to berate the integrity of the Church and to make rubbish the ethos and competencies of our National Leadership. The creator needs to explain the satire or metaphoric nature of his act, to avoid any misgivings or condemnation on the part of Nigerian Christians and other true patriots, who have no reason to share any joy in such a prodigy.

they have done worse to

they have done worse to Obama.

Our problem is that we are too serious in Nigeria.

it quit unfor

it quit unfortunate that people that lack the knowledge of the word of God Almighty re making useless on His prophet, u think u re intelligent or smant keep talking u re heaping a curse for ur generations unknowly, u re not blaspheming the great man of God u re talking to the Holy Spirit his carrying, u re not a christain i suppose(i mean Spirit filled christain).bcos a through christain knows the consequences of this foolish utterances.keep doin it, ur eyes will behold ur fall.

Concerning my bishop

Everythings said about my bishop is a lie, because this is our of bishop of day with special prophetic man.


Before you can summarize that your papa now has become God on earth we must not forget precedence
Like Dr. King and remember that christ has said the greatest of you shall be the servant and showed
Us an example by washing the disciples feet. Not thru demagoguery and show of opulence, by which lesser
Beigns are enslaved. And may I add there is nothing spiritual or christian about that slap.

A fool.

A fool.


If you assume that you are a Christian and you have just said this,you are a disgrace to Christianity.You obviously do not have Christ in your life which means you do not know him.If you have the knowledge of Jesus Christ,then you should know that you can use HIS MIGHTY NAME to build and pull down,lock and unlock,bless and curse.Learn from those who know better and are holy spirit-filled than you.JESUS is merciful and HE is willing to save you,only if you are willing to be saved.


Jesus put mud in a man's eyes. He must surely have gotten the same response.

wow, u r playin wit fire

its a pity, nobody wld knw d genesis of wat may bfal u bt indeed curse b a man dat stnd 2 speak against a prophet. Papa is nt jst an ordinary being anymore bt a man dat c tru d eye of God.


Diz iz jst bullshit.


Oh sht man!How many people did Jesus Christ slap in the Bible?How Jets did he fly? You iddiots let a common man like Oyedepo sell you lies.What kind of pastor assults a poor helpless girl in his own church? Why is it that you people wont wake from sleep? A man like Oyedepo is flying around sleeping in good hotel and enjoying himself and you people are drinking Garri and clapping.Fools

Its true Nigerians are the

Its true Nigerians are the most religious and are the most corrupt. They are more religious than the people who brought religion to Africa. There are many Imams relaxing with a Bottle of Stout and sampling all the young girls in the area and there are lots of fake christian pastors making money off the people (Buying Jets) when my people cannot afford 3 square meals. Wake up my people don't let them keep slapping you. In the North where i schooled a lot of folks there are kept uneducated and poor all in the name of religion so that they keep worshiping this rich men (religious leaders) and when the rich men are not getting their share of money from the government they invoke their little army to cause mayhem
There is God no doubt and we all have a "direct Line" to the almighty one. He sends you the next air you will breath so don't really on another human being to keep slapping you and keep taking all your money in the name of salvation.

2012 - year of the end of Sahara Reporters

This video was posted on December 31, 2011. What a Shame to you Sahara Reporters and a display of foolishness? What a way to enter the New Year. As the Lord lives, just like the bastard children who mocked the prophet in 2 Kings 2:23-24 were consumed by 2 she bears so shall Sahara Reporters be consumed in 2012. Enough of the garbage!

mr oyedepo

its not just funny,its true that d bishop who slapped someone in d name of deliverance is not thinking right,those saying this is against a man of god are just deceived and this is the prblem of the nigerian nation lack of respect for human right,d so called bishop treating his flock with impunity,and disdain and still d people are clapping he is doing the same with them in other ways they just dont know it yet,nigerian would wake up one day hopefully

Crazy Idea

This is nothing buy a dangerous prank for who ever is behind this. You may think you are being funny but by using the name of a man of Gos in this manner you placing curse on yourself and your children. If you know what is good for you I advise that you qiuckkly take this rubbish out and ask for forgiveness from God almighty for your sacrilege.

This is not funny.

The accent of the 'pastor' in the video sounds foreign. Its a disgrace to us to allow foreigners make fun of our president. Miscreants like him may not know that even if he can't respect the man, he should respect the office.

@Shalom The Jesus real

The Jesus real Christians talk about never wish evil, so stop using his name to pray that evil will befall someone. If you do not like what you see here, just do yourself a favor and FLY OUT of this forum and never come back.

In case you do not know, your curse is for 2011 and we are already in 2012, so it does not matter.
Edit before you post a comment in the future.

Those who are complaining are

Those who are complaining are still in the dark. Jonathan will laugh when he sees this, so stop complaining and enjoy.

This is sacrilegious. You are

This is sacrilegious. You are under a curse! This year (2011) will see your end and that of all your fellow fake journalists. So shall it be in Jesus name!


No where to go, Nigeria is our home let's be optimistic.

Nigeria media i hate u guys

Nigeria media i hate u guys with a passion..............u re bunch of nation destroyers...............for how long will you destroy this nation with lack of vision of service...........posterity will never forgive u miskrants

Hey guyz reason

Let 4gt our dffrnsis nd build our b'loved nation

hey Guyz reason

We all need 2 4cus nd 4gt d dffrnsis! Den nd only den God will lôok in2 our probs.

shut up jare!

see who is talking of time spent to create dis "rubbish". why dint u use ure time spent to watch and leave a comment to fix nigeria's problem? if u can fix naija's problem fix it and stop being a critic to pple dat try to make us laugh...mscheww

Total distractor

There are more important things to talk about. This is a mere distractor.

Important things to talk about

I think in the heat of the country's situation. This issue of Pastor Oyedepo is such an irrelevant one to talk about.


@wahala when did Nigeria stop being the laughing stock of the world? We never struggled for our freedom from the British. Nigeria got it on a platter of gold. Remember a country like Ghana which beat us to it, is more respected in the world than Nigeria. Cause you hardly ever see Ghanaians abuse their president the way we do to ours. We have always been a big for nothing country in the eyes of the world. Just look at the insults and lies being told about the wife of the president? That is what Nkrumah called (african mentality) Anything black is smelly and dirty. Things from the stable of the white man are nice and beautiful

A Time In Comedy

Fake reporters
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on December 31, 2011 - 20:12.
This video has shown that most of your reports are fake, furgery nd unverified, u can't do this nonsense to the United state President and get away with it, i hope Nigeria authority will respond to this insult.

>>> Obviously the point of the whole satire is lost on you. You just can't be this seriously stupid really.

Black skin with black brain
Submitted by kulkat on December 31, 2011 - 20:00.
If the amount of energy spent creating this rubbish is spent towards solving a tangible problem, I wonder how far Nigeria would have progressed as a nation.

Darwin would have to make an exception to his progressive evolution theory. It just doesn't work with in Nigeria.

>>> If you think it is rubbish then why don't you take your first rate clown act somewhere else.Retard!!!

@ Deri : The Message Of The Video...

Remember your comment to me when the video first surfaced? Remember mine? And now, do you see who the joke is on? Just like the story of our abandoned aborigines in Zululand. Aschloch!

The point the video is making is that Nigeria has become a big joke. And one that is not funny, so the video shouldn't be a laughing matter. Lives are being lost on a daily basis due to one man's stupidity and ineptitude. It's supposed to be funny, that's why it's not funny!

If I had directed that parody, I would have painted his neck real black and his fedora should've been black as well. There would have been just one slap that would send his fedora and glasses flying off, revealing his balding, nappy head. Since they thought of doing it, the slap should have been "real" and landed squrely. Just one. He deserves it in real life!!!

@ Deri : New Year's Eve!
Cursed Be The Man That Tells You Not To Drink Today. Shioor!!
Arrivederci, Signore. Wishing you : Happy New Year. Spinner!!!

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