VIDEO: Burnt Market Owners Reject Lagos Government's Decision To Level The Market And Rebuild It

Traders of a market razed by fire overnight unanimously reject Lagos state  decision to help rebuild the market. Suspicion run deep amongst plank sellers that the state government might be responsible for razing the market.

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Ketu Ifelodun plank market

Covenants,trust on the bases of which democratic institutions are built has been broken,the people are dis-enchantted due to series of unfulfilled promises and greedy accummulation of wealth by people in power at the detriment of the mercies.They can know more trust their words due to past unplesant experieces.The people in Government needs to develop,nurture democratic institutions that places good value,premium on trust and ensure the people's welfare are the essence of government not parocial individualisti,self-centred,greedy accummulation of marterialism

Evidence of lack of trust

The government really need to buy back citizens trust and confidence. I personally do not blame the traders for their objections due partly to their suspisions that the government may have other hidden agenda. One being that they will be made to pay huge amounts to secure their plots in the future and other is that their plots may be allocated to other government officials and 'big money bags men'

The same goes for both states and federal government.

Who is in charge?

In a civilized society, the government has the right to decide what they want to do next for the betterment of the people. The situation is unfortunate, but we have to move forward. Nigerians are always complaining about what the government is not doing for them, well, we need to start to let the government govern. Sorry......

Insensitivity of Sahara Reporters

Honestly, I love you guys but sometimes the way you report situations is just wrong to say the least.

If you are a responsible governor would you risk the safety and health of your populace by allowing them to trade in a burnt market...

In as much as it may seem to be the unpopular decision, the right thing to do now is to level that market and reconstruct it... As a palliative measure, the govt should give them a temporary location to sell their goods while reconstructing this particular one, but to think they wont level this one is just dead wrong.

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