VIDEO DOCUMENTARY: Hussle On A Mile- The Story Of Sanni, A Lagos Tomato Seller


Hustle on a Mile presents a foray into life at the popular Mile 12 Market, in Lagos. Through the eyes of Sanni, a young secondary school leaver who picks soft tomatoes for sale, we experience the hustle and bustle in the throbbing market. The movie touches on soft thematic strands like the dignity of labour, primordial survival instincts and the pursuit of happiness. A gripping tale of grit, ardor and candor.


Documentary produced by :


 Bemigho Awala


skype id - bemigho awala



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Very Very beautifully done.

Very Very beautifully done. But next time try and translate what those people are saying so that many people that are not familiar with Nigeria (Hausa) ascent and their English can enjoy the well done job too. One more time good job.

tomatoes everywhere

are these the same tomatoes that are eating by the fasholas,tinubus and even jonathans?gawwdalmighty

YesWe Need Each Other, The South Believes In That Not The North

Before the British put us together we the south having been feeding ourselves without the North. The North needs our money so we need what they have to offer us in food stuff. But the Northerners will not admit that they need our palm oil, cola-nuts & our crude oil. If the North think that they can develop their country with selling tomatoes, onions etc. they should not hold on to our oil as we the south do not hold on to the sales of tomatoes, onions, peanuts, cattle etc. The monies they make in their agric business go to their individual pockets. Our oil money the large portions go to their pockets. We can survive without the north because we can buy our products from neighboring countries. US & Russia do businesses with each other plus other countries.

Speaks very good English.

Speaks very good English. Dangote, the ball is in your court, lol!

Good expose. Keep it up

Good expose. Keep it up

Those that say the south can

Those that say the south can do without the north, really need to think about where they will get their food when we breakup. we are not self sufficient.

...and Tinubu is now the messaih of naijas abi

Is this thesame Tinubu Lagos or another one. Someone should correct me for I could be wrong. One would have thought the lives of the people of Lagos and all ACN governed states has improved tremendously with the way they have been critising GEJ's administration. But we now know the real situation of things. If they had shame in them they will shut up and focus on how to liberate their southwest. Don't be surprised to see the old moron Lai mohammed with another press release tomorrow. Reminding us of the importance in sending GEJ back to the creeks comes 2015 and the need to install Buhari/Tinubu as the Islamic leaders of naija. They only see the flaws of GEJ's administration but will never take care of the rot in their system. Politics is dead in naija. We only claim to be naijas when it involves oil&gas but claim to be Arewa and Oodua when there's no awuf-oil money at stake. That's naija for you!

One great inspiration about

One great inspiration about this video to me is that despite all the "hustles" Sani still inspires to be a teacher and contributes towards educating fellow Nigerians. Great sense of patriotism!!!

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