VIDEO: Dr. Damages Finds Obasanjo Drinking Garri-Episode 6

Dr. Damages on Nigerian satellites finding Obasanjo drinking Garri.

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Rubbish and Sucky!!!!!

For all i care, I just wasted my precious time for an an empty fool. Cheap celebrity seeker!

Soooooh great

Finally! I told you your materials should be in a Saturday night-like setting. Good job! Now invite fellow comedians, make it a TV stand-up series and sell it to Channels TV or anyother. Here is to laughing to the bank....your #1 fan.

Another good show

Dr. Damages,

Please keep up the good work.

I dey laugh oh

@ken and you wonder why The good pastor said Nigerians a fools ruled by idiots there is not where in the world where leaders are not criticized or made fun of in cartoons and comedies i.e zanews South African

By the way Nigeria is so bad there is no way to paint it black you think the international community are stupid they know Nigerians are crooks ruled buy bigger crooks lol

Ha ha ha ha......... correct

Ha ha ha ha......... correct Dr Damager or is it Damages keep it up. Some idiots cant appreciate political satire.

@ken and anonymous you both

@ken and anonymous you both suck

Devote your time to more profitable venture

idiot. jobless man and crew. Clapping and laughing unnecessarily. Devote your time to more profitable venture. clowns

too bad

Is this a comedy or what?

If u want popularity,get something useful.

Painting your country black is not the right thing,

you are part of Nigeria, and no going back. Come home and help fix it, instead of eating from already-made country.

Too bad!