VIDEO: Edo Youths In Uromi Protests Against Gov. Oshimhole Over Local Government Election Results

Protesters and the narrator in this video are incensed that the recently conducted elections in the 14 local government areas of Edo State were manipulated by the governor, Adams Oshiomhole.

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No yakubu No councile

unbehalf of uromi elite we had collectivly agreed dat No Hon Yakubu no Councile,Blc no one is biger than a community, Simlarly no election was conducted in edo expect uromi were Yakubu won d 11 ward @ Gov Adams should released d result 2 quote me wrong

No Yakubu no councile

Uromi Youth hav collectivly agreed dat No Yakubu No councile blc its our rit 2 chose who we want, similarly in d whole Edo state no local govt were election was counted expect uromi were in al & sundry Hon Yakubu ( PDP) won & d Gov Adams instructed d Edo INEC nt 2 released d result .Gov Adams if it was lik dis wil u b cm d Gov

I hate injustice even to my worst enemy

You are a fool. Have you been to uromi? Yakubu tared 8 roads within 2years and 10months, built a modern council staff quarters, primary schools, health centres, bought and ensured the installation of many transformers. The truth remains that osho himself cannot win yakubu in esan north east because can spent 2 years and 6months and there is NOthing to show for it. Is it now a crime to Vote and defend ones vote?

Uromi People Are Mafia Like Their Grand Father Anenih!

These suffer heads Uromi protesters are just hungry people like their counter-parts from Somalia. Look at their faces. They are sad and pathetic people. Who wants to come to Nigeria to face these same situations? My people you guys make me no feel hungry to come home. You all are killing yourselves for this Boko Haram Yakubu. My advise to you people is to throw away your so called onojie. He serves no useful purpose for this era. Take up your mantles & go to do hard work for your communities & 4 yourselves. It is in time of hardship you turn things around for yourselves. Stop crying & act now. The Japanese used the world war to solve their problems. Japanese do not keep on crying for what America did to them but used what they discover during the mar to rebuild their country. Thanks

Rubbish reporter!

Mr reporter pls come 2 benue and help us organise same hw much do we pay u?

Re: it was done in lagos

No politician is 2 b trusted in dis state, even d so called oshiomhole manupulated his way in2 office. Its only God dat ll save us

edo lg election

It is sad that when ACN wins an election people tend to say that election was free and fair. Such arrangement is not very good. We must be able to tell a government that what it is doing is wrong-irrespective of who is in government. I witness the election in one local government-election materials where not supplied until 4pm-thugs where everywhere and unlucky pdp members where badly beaten-ballot boxes where destroyed. At the end results where announced. Where did they get the results?-was that what the federal government did to Oshiomole?-if yes by now he will not be there. My only question to Oshiomole is did he rally our support to remove the Godfathers so that he can become one?

A poorly executed script.

Gov. Oshiomhole has nothing to do with the conduct or release of election results in Esan NE. Edo State has a legally constituted electoral body, the EDSIEC which conducted the LGA elections across the state.It is sad that while the ACN and Gov. Oshiomhole campaigned vigoriously across the state for this election,the PDP, devoid of any grassroot structures or popular support to win elections in Edo state, were concocting ways to discredit the outcome of the elections once concluded.One strategy was to recruit thugs for use on propaganda video footage to be circulated on social networks and online news portals to create the false impression that there is public disaffection with the results and to laboriously accuse Gov. Oshiomhole of rigging the elections.The video footage above, from the acting, commentary and contrived atmostphere, obviously is a poorly executed script, that  failed to achieve the aim for which it was funded by some Ogas@the top.

Victor Oshioke.


I am sure that this reporter is fake and a member of PDP, hence his biaseness. Esan North east council comprises of Uromi and Uzea, why is he concentrating his report on Uromi and how did he know that the election was won by Yakubu of the PDP when the votes has not been collated and counted?

be logical

don't allow ur self to be manipulated, always be logical. don't alway follow d crowd. we all know dat d governor try, but he is a manipulator.

it was done in Lagos, they

it was done in Lagos, they are all the same PDP and APC. Can Nigerians let the votes count for once. Pay them to vote for bribe them with gifts but we know people will vote who they want. LET the vote count God punish PDP, APC, NPF. This is serious heart break for me because i respect and admire oshiomole. he seems passionate but if this is true, then there is no hope for this country.

Where is INEC ?

Just wondering why it is Gov Oshimhole's responsibility to declare results and not that of INEC?

No election in etsako central

We all desided,finalised and introduce the system of one man one vote.what is happening to this thugly administration of osho.the question nw is who is playing political game with power through state.fuck them all... spoken

shame to uromi people

these are all agents of darkness. They want to take edo state back to the ugly days of anenih and igbinedion. And to you goodluck jonathan, why are you doing this to edo people? what have we done to deserve these rubbish? All these while late toni anenih has been dead but not burried, we had peace and rapid progress. Now you want to bring back those ugly days by empowering late tony anenih with tax payers money just to cause chaos in our now peaceful state. It won't work! come 2015 we are going to lower late tony anenih in his grave once and for all so he can leave edo state in peace and rot in hell forever. Useless, poverty stricken uromi people,

shame to uromi people

my friend shut up your mouth you filthy pressman. And these hopeless wasted human beings who have been bought with one cup of rice by jonathan goodluck through their already dead anenih. So in 2013, we still have nigerians with such hopeless mindsets after all we have experienced in this country. If your stooge yakubu felt he was cheated in the election, he should do the right thing and take his case to the election tribunal. That is one reason why uromi are so backward. Just listen to all of them speak, what a shame!!!

Uromi LG election

This guy who claimed to be a pressman which newspaper or station are you representing? you have taken side and you claim to be a pressman! Do you think anybody will take you serious for being bias openly on air? How much bribe did you collect to do this ill conceived dirty job for PDP (People destruction party)?

What do u expect from a man

What do u expect from a man who forged all his certificates-like master like servant-Tinubu and Adams are birds of the same feathers-they will always flock together to rig elections-them use the media to sell themselves the blind people of edo state-whose only goal in life is to depart for the white mans land-

mister commentator

Let us agree that the election is a fraud. But the commentator already committed fraud in the first minute of the video by declaring that over 90% of the votes were for an individual. How does he know when votes have not been counted as he continues to say over an over again.

Of course the governor (one chromosome away from gorilla) is should be pressured to do the right thing.

If the edo people elected a monkey as a governor what o they expect?

I am fully disappointment, we

I am fully disappointment, we are too smart and we are too wise. UP EDO STATE

Uromi Olikha Uzighigbeni

Uromi Olikha Uzighigbeni UNUNUNUNUNUNUNU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This reporter is a quack

This reporter is a quack journalist,His report does not show any professionalism.NO YAKUBU NO CANCOL.

what a shame

ur reporter talks like someone dat has been paid to favor pdp , is that how u riot when election is rigged?

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