VIDEO: The Failed Assassination Attack On The Emir Of Kano, Ado Bayero

 A video clip of events shortly after gunmen ambushed the Emir of Kano, Ado Bayero on Zoo Road as he was returning from a Quran Recitation ceremony at Murtala Mosque in Kano. Video clip shows frantic efforts by onlookers and some aides to rescue the Emir and his injured aides from the scene of the  brazen attack.

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So my view was either we like

So my view was either we like or not we must return to the Almighty God, but we pray for kano a permanent peace nd protect the just people.

that rescue was a easy task.

that rescue was a easy task. They did well. he is an important man. it is an alarming news also. I will again check this website to kno9w more news like this

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Its miserable along with sad that such ought to happened with an elderly, geo target marketing along with boss just like the emir. This particular demonstrates the amount of their (BH) mayhem along with lack of admiration along with route.

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Pls. Mind your language,if

Pls. Mind your language,if you cant respond on any incident so just be calm.The word you are saying is not from the bible(new /old testament)Just an advise.


This is a pointer to the fact that we've neglected God, we're admonished in the scripture that "except the Lord watches over a city, the watchmen watches in vain" we can't then be expecting much from the security agencies when the nation as a whole has neglected God. Righteousness exalts a nation. We need God, let the leaders & the led, male & female, old & young as well as masters & servants, His knowledge is the beginning of wisdom.

We are all humans

Security & concern should b allocated 2 every Nigerian, not d leaders alone.

It seems like you dont know

It seems like you dont know what the emir of kano stands for in the state or the country at large.without him much of these crises might be worst than you ever expected, its there ideas that keep it to this limit Thank god for saving his life for the pple of kano state.we love our emir and his entourage. And for the pple behind the attack there's have come to an end.

this is just the beginning

Beginning of what? Most of u are very daft in ur comments. Is it lack of intelligence or plain stupidity. U comments are without respect for anybody. Please be courteous. It only show how intelligent or otherwise.




its a good thing bcox mnany inocent lives were lost without them coming out saying something good now its there turn to also feel how nigerians are suffering.


Whom are are talking about? Mr. Tunde.

Is human life that cheap?

That security guard lying on the ground in multi-coloured robe wasn't dead, yet no one paid him any attention in the video. You could see him lift his head up as everybody else dashed past him towards the 4x4.
Worse still, Sahara has used his image to portray a dead 'one' in another write up on the same subject.


Its sad and unfortunate that such should happened to an elderly, and leader like the emir. This shows the level of their (BH) madness and lack of respect and direction.

Very Serious

This is very serious, if they can attempt to take Emirs's life like this that means that of the President is at the greatest risk.The government should declare state of emergency in all the Northern states if the nation should be saved.



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