VIDEO: "If Nigeria Will Break, Let It Break"-Pastor Oyedepo

Pastor Oyedepo, Tunde Bakare, Yinka Odumakin, Joe Igbokwe, Alh. Kabir talk on Nigeria's Unity  with Segun Olawoye for SaharaTV.

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Trueword...the iboes were crushed

Which 'togetherness' are you calling for? And where is the togetherness? Do you have any knowledge or experience whatsoever of the entity called Nigeria? Or you think this is just simple rhetoric?

I think these reporters are

I think these reporters are more stupid than their foolish audience. can you imagine stealing 5 seconds of a 2-hour message from Oyedepo and going to town on that. And some even more stupid people reacting to that. The same thing they did with the so-called Oyedepo slap video and up till now Im yet to see any sensible person asking to see the whole video. My advice to these 'cut and paste' clerks calling themselves 'journalists' is to continue piling up their bile ready for the inevitable poisoning because as the Americans would say 'you ain't seen nothing yet!

Nigeria is not one

open your eyes n see,is Nigeria one nation?oh boy stop fooling yourself....better wise up bro.

Re-if ngeria will break let it break

i admire the bishop courage and Heavenly petroitism to say what will end up unifying Nigeria than those who belied they could preserve our unity by carwodry,he loves Nigeria enough to say the facts with holy anger mixed with love.


Hi nice art! i'm Rima and i add "Like" (facebook) to your article!

Onari,Crushing the Iboes and the Rantings of a Moron

Onari, get one thing into your thick skull, if there is no unity of purpose within a nation, that nation will collapse.You can argue and call me names but the fact remains that Nigeria is a failed state.A Kingdom divided against itself will fall.The introduction of Boko Haram into the equation places Nigeria at par with Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.Nigeria is not at par with the BRIC nations.It takes more than size and population to achieve economic growth.The fundamentals for economic growth must be laid. Nigeria at 51 has not laid its foundation.Our Northern Governors were busy declaring Sharia as their state religion in a supposedly secular Nigeria.The Boko Haram they created has come home to roost.I dont believe in One Nigeria.The Northerners have never believed in it and have never behaved as if all Nigerians are one. That is why we can not "CRUSH" Boko Haram.Stop fooling yourself Mr Pseudo Intellectual.Only a moron rants the way you do.

pastor stop moving the goal post!!! (6)

Why are countries and continents forming trading blocs: EU, NAFTA, SAARC, CEFTA…even ECOWAS. There are thirty the world over. When countries are coming together to form formidable economic force in a global economy, some people are advocating for a break up so they can control their smaller neighbors oil in the name of northern cabals. Like I said before, instead of breaking up the country, the country should come together and crush Boko haram and their sponsors as they “defeated” the ibo rebellion. ( I hope you are happy). My grandfather’s name is Ugo and I embrace it whole heartedly.

pastor stop moving the goal post (5)

By the way, how do you reconcile your Russian comment with what Putin recently said about “…unveiling a grand vision to create a “Eurasian Union” linking old Soviet neighbors, foreseeing a “powerful, supranational union, capable of becoming one of the poles of the modern world.” On China,…1.3B strong, one of the biggest if not the biggest economic power houses. Why do they refuse to let Tibet and Taiwan go. Brazil…the same. Far more diverse that Nigeria. Please read about the internal conflicts in Brazil.

pastor stop moving the goal post (5)

Was that why they included the bight of Biafra as part of ibo land? How is this action by the ibos in 1967 different from what the shit sucking bastard cabals are doing today? Just greedy bastards getting over on poorer, less powerful people. Finally, on my BRIC comment, am glad my comments are still available for the readers to see. i was referring to the diversity in the cultures and they yet get along. I said, “…the BRIC nations are doing it and are more diverse than Nigeria. we just have to tie the loose ends and take on the challenge.” We just have to tie the loose end mean after we have gone beyond our present nations building problems. Stop adding to my words pastor.

pastor!!! stop moving the goal post (4)

Would the ibos at the helm of affairs done anything different? Yes…? How many effective Ibo governors have we had that actually used the resources of the state for the fulfillment of their intended purpose? Huh!!! What did you say???? A little louder please. None? May be two?...... How are they different from the cabals? Have the citizenry opted to move to another state because the governors were corrupt? Why throw the baby away with the bath water? Now, if the country were broken up, what would make up the southern south states with iboes? The same states that turned on the ibos that mapped the bight of biafra as part of ibo land? You mentioned in your previous post that the 1967 war was an OIL WAR right? Whose oil? How much oil in ibo land? So if they had little or no oil, why where they fighting an oil war?

pastor stop moving the goal post!!! (3)

Would the ibos at the helm of affairs done anything different? Yes…? How many effective Ibo governors have we had that actually used the resources of the state for the fulfillment of their intended purpose? Huh!!! What did you say???? A little louder please. None? May be two?...... How are they different from the cabals? Have the citizenry opted to move to another state because the governors were corrupt? Why throw the baby away with the bath water? Now, if the country were broken up, what would make up the southern south states with iboes? The same states that turned on the ibos that mapped the bight of biafra as part of ibo land? You mentioned in your previous post that the 1967 war was an OIL WAR right? Whose oil? How much oil in ibo land? So if they had little or no oil, why where they fighting an oil war?

pastor!!! stop moving the goal post (2)

Your subject lines are a call for help for supporters to come to your aid. You call me a racist, ethnic bigot, yet you are the one asking me where I come from. Unlike you, I am not moved by ethnicism. Just the facts…the pure unadulterated facts. In due time I will tell you, but first you have to answers some questions for me. I submit to you that the actions of the cabals are actions of greedy bastards who want to keep the loot to themselves. Have they developed the north? Are the northerners more educated than the southerners? In fact, there is a report that poverty is far more rampant in the north than in the south. If the north is stealing all the money for their people, why are they poorer than the southern states? Secondly, would any ethnic group have done anything different? Let me make it personal to you?

pastor!!! stop moving the goal post

You are far slipperier than a wet fish. You move the goal post anytime you are cornered. You have resorted to saying I am not informed on nigeria and international matters. I am not one to follow the populist view. First you said Ndigbo were not crushed but defeated…your idea of semantics. Now you are advocating a “devolved Nigeria”, NOT your original idea of separation. If this continues, am sure to convince you to see things my way. I hope. Let me categorically state that I have never supported the cabals or what they stand for. Why break up the country if we can get rid of them, which is why I stated my original assertion about crushing them, just like the ibos were crushed.Now, you are jumping about with false innuendos that I like the status quo. Shame on you. You are losing terribly on this debate and looking for ways to win at all cost.

Haba Raw Fact!

I did not agreed with you that christian ar only obeyng the teaching of Jesus. At thesame John that you are referng to " I still have many things to tell you, but you can not bear them now. How ever, when He, the spirit of truth has come, He will guide you into all truth, for He will not speak on his own authority, but what ever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. He will glorify me, for He will take of what is mine and declare it to you" John 16:12-14. Therefore, we Muslims we do believed in Jesus because we obeyed his teachng than the christian. Because apart from this bible said that you should convert to Islam did you obey it? James 4:7 " Therefore, submit your soul all of you to God"

Unity by Force???

A house devided against itself can not stand. So, there is no way we can leave half free and half slave in same house. If disintergration is the only option then let it be.

Onari and One Nigeria

Onari you mentioned the BRIC nations as a model for Nigeria.None of their rulers brazenly steal billions of dollars from their nation's reserves.Russia emerged as a nation state from Soviet Union and only became a powerful economic force when Vladmire Putin became leader reducing the brazen looting of his nation's resources.It took the break up of Soviet Union for Russia to emerge as an economic force.India had to break away from Pakistan because of Religious differences.India is making serious economic strides while Pakistan is the Terrorist Capital of the world.China is a communist state and the communist party is the main organ of government.Embezzlement of public funds is a capital offence and they routinely kill corrupt public officials. Brazil has no history of Boko Haram where Islamists target and bomb fellow citizens on account of their religion.The examples you chose again exposes your lack of knowledge in International affairs.

Let Nigeria break up, it

Let Nigeria break up, it will bring lasting peace to all the regions. If Russia, Sudan etc can break up, why not us. We are not one Nigeria, we are only deceiving ourselves. Those who are feeding fat or have fed fat on Nigeria are the ones comfortable with the present structure. Carry out a referendum in the South and you will realize that many Southerners want a break up of this contraption called Nigeria.

Onari and Nigerian Unity

Onari, its a shame you have not revealed your ethnicity.I am very proudly Igbo.Where are you from? The only people benefiting from your so called one Nigeria are the blood sucking Cabals that have destroyed and stultified the growth of Nigeria for 51 years.Nigeria can not continue in its present trajectory.In my last posting I advocated a devolved Nigeria, an idea which you have now accepted.A devolved Nigeria will ensure that its component units adopt their own life style, Religion and develope at its own pace.It also means that each unit will manage and survive on its own resources.Nigerian apologists like you are quick to call me names for advocating a break up of the dominant evil called the Nigerian state often because they are part and parcel of the corrupt process.Like Pastor Oyedepo said "If Nigeria will break, let it break".

@Pastor Truewood...the sage of Nigerian affairs (2)

in your confederacy...what southern/eastern states will be part of the south? don't be too sure all the southern states will come to an alliance. a devolved nigeria i must confess is a more preferred situation but we will still be one nigeria and you are advocating a breakup.

@Pastor Trueword...the all knowing sage of Nigerian affairs

point of bone of contention was singular and straight forward. there was never a time i deviated from that. if you want to debate about your glorified ideas of the iboes, we can do that at another time and place. the iboes were crushed...or as you prefer, i suppose as a matter of semantics...defeated. whatever makes you happy. i submit, i might have used a rather strong word and do not fault you for your perpetual post bifran-war syndrome reaction...LOL!!! trust me, i feel the rage of marginalization. as you know, it can only get you so far. i just believe a united country is stronger and that we would pass this phase of nation building and forge on to take advantage of the economic opportunities from african shores and beyond. the BRIC nations are doing it and are more diversed than nigeria. we just have to tie the loose ends and take on the challenge. instead of breaking up, why don't you advocate for confederation? mepe onu!

Onari & The Crushing of Ndigbo

Onari,I definitely hit a raw nerve with my last posting thus your need to respond 4 times.You have suddenly realised that Ndigbo are actually pulling the political and economic levers in Nigeria.In any event Nigeria can not come together to crush Boko Haram because the terrorist organisation was created by the Northern Oligarchs with aim of destabilizing Nigeria because they lost political power.The "CRUSHING" of the Igbo rebellion was a war fought by the British and Nigerian governments for the control of Oil in that region.There is no Oil in Northern Nigeria so there is no incentive for either the Nigerian Government or the International community to risk their lives in Northern Nigeria.I am not a believer in one Nigeria. I believe that the various sections of Nigeria will grow and develope better in a devolved Nigeria.Onari,you are not knowledgeable enough to comment on Nigerian affairs.Mechie Onu.

@Pastor Trueword...the iboes were crushed!!!(4)

i stand by my earlier assertion that the iboes were CRUSHED - bitch...they were crushed and that fact you cannot deny. that is the axis of our contention and i will not let you muddle it with other irrelevant glorified indomitable bullshit spirits of the iboes. Oh…before I forget, talking about caves and gutters, have you been to aba or ariaria market lately? On the word ‘putrid’, doesn’t that describe the stockfish you eat? Why do you open all the windows in the house when you cook it. Afo dukwagi ni imi.

@Pastor Trueword...the iboes were crushed (3)

i have archived records of his speech. the difference with you and i is that your war experience still burdens you with the weight of the crush...or as you put it, the DEFEAT; and i, on the other hand never experienced it and so easily willing to forget and move on. you advocate the breakup and i insist on togetherness and i am racist. Go figure. you need deliverance from your hatred and mindset. your mindset is not any different from the northerners who think they are born to rule. it is people like you who muddle the minds of your kids and the kids carry a chip on their shoulders thinking everybody owes them shit. even worse, they become suspicious of everything - including words spoken or written...just like you were in my original statement of crushing boko haram. you forgot the 'crush boko haram' and zeroed in on the 'crush iboes'.

@pastor Trueword...the iboes were crushed (2)

I call for togetherness and you call for separation and you call me a racist? I asked you a question about assimilation in the same breath as marginalization and you skillfully dodged it. Who is the racist? One who has been bitching about how the north is stealing the oil and marginalizing the IBOES and so advocating a breakup of the country or one calling for togetherness. you have persistently tried to glorify the iboes in a shining light. we know better. i have never said anything ill about the iboes except that their rebellion was crushed… and truly it was CRUSHED.I spoke the truth. i don't need to go into detail. it is a beautiful thing to watch the burial of ikemba with all nigerians involved. i have a picture of a strapping young soldier with a broad smile.

@pastor Trueword...Iboes were Crushed!!!

AAAaahhhh…just as expected…you are boiling with indignation, spewing your hatred and innuendos. you don't engage in idle title tattle and i am a racist right??. go back and read your own posts...shameless pastor!!! in the day time you call on Jesus and at night, you cannot get amadioha off your stinking lips. my original assertion still stands...that all nigerians should come together and crush boko haram just like they ‘crushed’ the ibo rebellion...remember that? What is so terrible about that. You want be to say the ibos were not CRUSHED but defeated. Ashawo bastard…they were CRUSHED and you still carry the baggage of that hurt bitching and complaining about shit that happened half a century ago.


The most painful thing for any northern muslim is when you bring out the inconsistencies in the koran, they feel like dying and persecuting the writer. If a christian tells a muslim that we do not worship the same God, the christian is only obeying the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord Jesus Christ said in the book of JOHN 14:6, I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME. Why are christians playing politics with what is written in the bible? How can you tell someone that doesn't believe in the above verse that you worship that same God with him? ANYBODY THAT DOESN'T BELIEVE IN OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST CAN NOT TELL YOU HE WORSHIPS THE SAME GOD WITH YOU. BEWARE!!!

may d blood of jesus cover u

may d blood of jesus cover u for understanding islam as a religon of peace

Onari & The Crushing of Ndigbo

Onari, i dont engage in idle title tattle with idiotic morons and Nigerian Nazis.You are a stupid racist and an unmitigated ethnic bigot.In a country where the president's full names are Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan,your Oil minister is a Madueke,your economic minister is Okonjo-Iweala,your chief of Army staff is Ihejirika,your power minister is Nnaji,your Labour minister is Nwogu,deputy speaker is Ihedioha etc, must tell you that Ndigbo, far from being CRUSHED are DOMINATING the Nigerian political and business landscape.You may not like it but it is a fact.Need I say more? If this is your definition of a CRUSHED NDIGBO, long may it continue.The Nigerian project will collapse under its evil weight and buffoons and babarians like you will crawl back into your disgusting caves and putrid gutters.Kitikpa racha kwa gi anya.Anu Mpam.Ewu Nigerian.

Nigeria's Break-Up

In the light of the frustrating political, economic & religious disasters in Naija, it is tempting to contemplate breaking up. I am Xtian Yoruba born in Kaduna and with Muslim maternal families.
The breaking up of Nigeria is not the solution but Nigeria's poltics simply can't continue dancing to the corrupt music her leaders have been playing. Admittedly, citizens have either colluded with them, or have been tolerant, or have been helpless/afraid to effect a change, or challenge corruption.
I pray for a proper democratic referendum whereby Nigerians can sincerely discuss a new constitution, the future of the country, how to live together in the future (maybe reverting back to independent regions), but definitely existing as one Large Nation.
Instead of allowing our diversity to create resentment; Let us celebrate it & seek how we might covert it to STRENGTH!!!

Referandum to Break up Nigeria

Instead of the daily wastage of human life accross the country particularly in Northern Nigeria, I beg to move that the UN should take it as a matter of URGENCY to organize a referandum on whether Nigeria shoud split or not. Let it be done now in there is still relative peace. The Un should not wait till it becomes a civil way before conducting the the YES or NO vote. As for me, I vote yes for Republic of Arewa. Gowon and others made a grave mistake to have kept Nigeria together in vain, poverty and insecurity. Please lets call a spade a spade. Nigeria is not ONE.