VIDEO INTERVIEW: Obasanjo, Jega Corrupted Ghana’s Electoral Process- CPC spokesperson, Fashakin-PREMIUM TIMES

By Sani Tukur and Mohammed Lere

The CPC spokesman, Mr. Fashakin, said Messrs. Obasanjo and Jega contributed to the crisis in Ghanaian elections.
The spokesperson of one of Nigeria’s largest opposition parties, Rotimi Fashakin, has accused former President Olusegun Obasanjo, and Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC of corrupting the Ghanaian electoral process.

The National Publicity Secretary of the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, Rotimi Fashakin, said the two men are the cause of the protests that followed the recently held presidential election in Ghana.

In the first part of an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES, Mr. Fashakin said “The opposition (in Ghana) should complain because people that came from Nigeria went to corrupt their system.”

“Of course when Jega went there, they knew that election manipulation and rigging has come. When Obasanjo went there, they knew that the generalissmo of do or die politics has come, they knew that their election may be fraught with dangers.

“So they should now know better the kind of people they invite to monitor their elections,” the opposition spokesman said.

Mr. Fashakin also spoke about corruption in Nigeria and the on-going merger talks by opposition political parties and how the ruling Peoples Democratic Party “hired IT Consultants” and disguised them as Youth Corps members to rig elections.

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fashakins comments on OBJ & Jegga

Bravo Fashakin,since you have been able to drag Nigerians(not OBJ & Jegga)in the mud, you can now put on your baba riga(agbada)and head straight to Ghana and see the kind of welcome they will give you FOOOOL.Nigerians are highly respected outside our shores but unpatriotic Nigerians like Fashakin are te people pulling Nigerians down just for their boko haram party interest

Is Nigeria Cursed?

It is in Nigeria that people just jump in defence of bad leaders just becjust because they belong to the same tribe or religion and they attack people not on principle but because they not of the same tribe or religion.People have forgotten the misery which OBJ and this so called JEGA brought to us.Can any of that rose in defence of this lousy characters show me a single achievement of this JONATHAN Administration.It is only in Nigeria that we defend bad leadrs and attack good leader
under the pretence of sentiment and that is why Nigeria will forever remain under bad leadership.but the beauty of it all is that we all suffer together as the end results of bad leadership wwhich are Poverty,unemployment,Insecurity,Crimes,misery knows no tribal boundry.

Nigerian always Cherish Bad people ruling them.

Nigerians are always ready to forget Monsters that brought untold hardship to them and always jump in defence of this bad leaders and that is why Nigeria will forever remained cursed with bad leadership.People have already forgotten the misery that OBJ and This JEGA of a thing brought to Us with which are still battling with or can anybody show me a single achievement that this JONATHAN administration brought to Nigeria.People only attack indivisual based on sentiment and not based on principle,they attack people just because they are not of the same tribe or faith.they defend Govt just because their tribes man is in control but the beauty of it all we all suffer together with them while those in govt enjoy the loot with their families.Such is a pathetic situation we find ourselves today in Nigeria today.


If some elders dont ve any thing to say they should batter keep quite instead of making baseless statement.

attention seekin disorder

His mouth is too big n he is sufferin from attention seekin disorder. He is a fool for level such against d 2men

The Ghanians should find this offensive

It amuses me when our dear elders open their mouth and voice out words of shame rather than wisdom.
It also baffles me how such men tend to gain so much power and wealth when they lack intelligence to behave and speak in appropriate ways.
Like children they behave, they get very bitter when things do not go their way or as planned.
As for me, both the accuser and accused are on different boats but soaring the same tides of destruction and wickedness and may their boats capsize!!!!!
P.S - Connect the dots


How can the spokesperson of a national party level this type of allegation? Reckless!!!

OBJ's lawyer Dandoye.

The previous election ghana conducted it ws peacelly no demostration, worth emulated, international communities praised them 4 de credible election, urge nigeria to copy frm that. Why the demostration now? Who gave advice that they shouldnt be annoucement of @ each pulling unit as usual in ghana system? Who said every thing should be annouce at last in media? If not 4 the present of those ppl that push nigeria into what we experiecing today. Danboyi we shold be telling ourselves the truth to change the country 4 good.

Ghana Made A Mistake Inviting Election Rigger Obasanjo!

It was wrong for Ghana to invite a character like Obasanjo whose greatest legacy is godfatherism and the massive rigging of elections that laid the foundation for the destruction of the 4th republic.Obasanjo organized the most rigged elections in human history in 2007. Ghana made a big mistake inviting such an undemocratic election rigger like obj to monitor their elections.

Fasakin will have many explanations to make!

Even though there is right of free speech, people MUST NOT just go to the public fora and make assertions and declarations that are capable of tarnishing the image and reputations of others. And in addition to the present case, a tarnishing of Nigeria's image. As far as we know, OBJ was a member of the ECOWAS Observer team; and Jega was NOT a member of the Ghana Election Commission. Therefore Fashakin MUST be invited to explain how these two gentlemen aided and abetted electoral malpractice in Ghana. And this is very serious because it is prima facie a tarnishing of the image of these two gentlemen and the heaping of shame and opprobrium on Nigeria in the international community. And if Fashakin cannot provide evidence to back up his claims he should be charged for sedition or libel.

Re-Can anything good come out of OBJ

Yes, many good things can come out of OBJ that is why the whoLe West African Countries appointed him as the Head of observers and not Calling your godfather Buhari and Fasakin to monitor the election in Ghana and other countries. Have they ever called your tWo godfathers to come and monitor election when it is not violence they want in their countries. It is fools and unintelligent people like Udam that saddist Fasakin can fool.

Tell fashakin

Some body should tell this buhari's boy that ghana is not Nigeria where one can easily manuplate election, Ghana electoral system is highly respectful

Baboon and Blod sucker

So you want Ghana to invite the people that will kill their youths and destroy their future. Ghana loves her citizens.
God will destroy all those including their linage that has hand in killing innocent Nigerians after 2011 elections.
Mr. Fashakin the arrow of God will soon be at your door. Get ready to receive it.


Normally do u expect good and trust from these two people,AJ and OBJ,that wht they put infront of them alwaz,rigging and manipulation of election.

Typical yoruba man talking

Loud mouthed yoruba man talking! What a loud mouth.
Although, Obasanjo is the biggest fool of all times, Jega is 100 times better than Iwu.

No need to worry about OBJ...There will be no more elections

No need to worry about OBJ...There will be no more elections since amalgamation expires in 2 years & the United States of SS&SE have decided to pull out of the continent.

Verily verily I say unto you, Nigeria is not a country but a continent. Break up NOW!!!

Long live the United States of the SS&SE

wreckless statement witout an iota of substantiation!!!!!

wreckless statement witout an iota of substantiation!!!!! what do you expect from another politician? should know better...


You are simply a loud mouth, where were you when Jega as ASUU president resisted General Babangida? Do not insult Jega because he is not in your class.Your grouse is that Buhari did not win 2011 elections, you ought to know that it will never happen> Buhari is bad market. LOUDMOUTH FASHAKIN let me ask you. DID BUHARI WIN IN YOUR WARD OR LOCAL GOVERNMENT?

Can Anything Good Ever Come Out of Obasanjo?

Although one already knows that nothing good can ever come out of Obasanjo(Odi masscre, power funds, Andy Uba, do or die politics, etc), nevertherless, Mr. Fashakin did not provide any evidence or say anything that the General or Mr. Jega did to cause election fraud in Ghana.

So the presence of Obasanjo

So the presence of Obasanjo and Jega resulted in a fraudulent election through out Ghana. Na wa for Nigerians oooo... OBasanjo n jega manipulated the election in all the wards, districts et al... We just like to talk n find fault in people. Is it not good to keep quiet if you do not have anything to say? Let us learn to desist from unnecessary casting of aspersion on people without prove.


Stupid man full of bombast and hyperbole.
Nothing to back up his statement, nothing to offer in terms of facts.
Typical party hack full of saliva and mucus.
I just wasted a precious 5 minutes of my life on the rubbish.
Just sitting there looking at the camera, not saying one single word about Ghana, complaining about the election his buhari man lost.

He couldnt figure out why Sharia Buhari only won sharia states.
The worst kind of person is he one that cant look in the mirror and do critical self analysis.

obasanjo and jega

How comes? Is obasanjo and jega members of Ghanian electoral commision? If no,there is no way for them to manipulate their election.

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