VIDEO: JAF Insists On Reversing Lagos Traffic Law Banning Okadas

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what is JAF?

Please inbox me the details on


Very very myopic statement made by an obvious Muslim fanatic. all i say is get a life and consider the greater Nigerian populace for once...

JAF Comrades wake up

The very socialist system you guys are still advocating for Nigeria is very very dead since the time when Ronald Regan was the president of America. Can you as a comrade sponsor a protest in Soviet Russia or Red China without repression? JAF comrades, please wake up and work with bringing people out of poverty rather than perpetuating it. China that was known for riding bicycles and motorcycles have substantially reduced this dependence and are busy with business of nation building of mass transportation which will transform their economy and its people in this 21st century. JFA comrades you are all stuck in a time capsule of the 1950s and early 1960s. Wake up JFA, no foreign investor will partner or invest in your economy with the rubbish you all are trying to perpetuate. One good advise, please drop the name attachment "comrade" from your names. Russians and Chinese where you copy cat this name reference have all stopped using them.

JAF members are jobless!

JAF members are jobless. If this is all they are campaigning for, then I say they are clueless. Nigeria has much greater and much serious problems than a consideration of a public eyesore called the okada business. I urge my Muslim brothers in the North to stop the use of okada because it insults Muslim sensibility. How could a woman sit astride a strange man whose body remains in close contact with this woman as long as the okada transportation lasts? It is indecent, lurid, obscene and against the Nigerian traditional and religious cultures! Okada MUST be banned nationwide. Period!


Why are people so backward in that country? Some irrelevant people that are seeking relevancy will just want to make use of the poor people to gain prominence. Where was JAF in January 2012 and could not insist PMS must revert back to =N=65 per liter. Enough of this people and let us fight the real freedom fight .

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