VIDEO: Journalists Scramble For Former Gov. Orji Uzor Kalu's Cash Largesse On June 12

Nigerian Journalists on  June 12th , 2013 scrambling to share wads of cash dropped by a corrupt former governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu.

The scramble  Naira notes occurred during the 20th anniversary of the 'June 12 1993 Elections'. The  event was organized by Oodua People's Congress (OPC) in Lagos.

It has become the habit of several Nigerian reporters disregard assignments which have no monetary value in favor of those that have politicians in attendance for the sake of cash.

Some of the reporters claim their media organizations owe them arrears of salary, some times some are owed up to a year in unpaid salaries.

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Orji is better than fanala and bakare

What made the useless bakare and coward lying tongue fanala holy than ORJI KANU.


How on earth ORJI KALU is found sitting with Falana, Bakare etc to talk about Nigeria. The more these self appointed people's advocates try to cover their inadequacies the more the get entangled with people of very questionable character. It is an open secret that element like KALU are very corrupt and anti people. Yet he sits with Holy people to insult our intelligence.

We also know that SAHARA

We also know that SAHARA REPORTERS only write bad news about politicians that refuse to settle them.


Fa, Fa, Fa, Foul! This event location might be in Lagos, nevertheless the people scrambling for these Brown Envelopes were Ibos. I can identify 3 3 of my personal friends who are reporters from Chief Iwuayanwu owned Champion Newspapers on this video. The objective of SR is to show how hungry and unethical Nigerian Journalists (Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba, Minorities etc) are. So my dear Mr Oleku,do not put tribal colouration on it. All Nigerian journalists only cover events for gratifications. Period.


This is the problem, journalist in Nigeria no longer cover issues that relate to the common man in the society unless the common man is involved in "son killed father and mother" only bad news for the poor. in advance countries the media empowers and give voices to the poor, celebrate street heroes eg a beggar who found and returned golden engagement ring. Nigeria journalist only celebrate politicians and theirs. They give too much attention to politicians making them play God and this should stop.

What a careless judgement

I cant remember any court in d land afairming Dr uzor kalu as being corupt,hw can u on earth make such a careles nd derogatory against such a personality.dat u are in canada does nt gv u d impecteus to be larger dan life in reporting


Call these Journalists? No, they are AREA BOYS/GIRLS. They fit this latter group than the former by their conduct.

The Pen and Sword....

Hungry, shameless journalists ... Pens have now turned into spoons and forks! No wonder many now write from their bellies and not their brains? Abati is the father of them all. Nigerians better rise up for their voices to be heard - even the 4th estate is as corrupt!

The Pen and Sword....

Hungry, shameless journalists ... Pens have now turned into spoons and forks! No wonder many now write from their bellies and not their brains? Abati is the father of them all. Nigerians better rise up for their voices to be heard - even the 4th estate is as corrupt!

The Pen and Sword....

Hungry, shameless journalists ... Pens have now turned into spoons and forks! No wonder many now write from their bellies and not their brains? Abati is the father of them all. Nigerians better rise up for their voices to be heard - even the 4th estate is as corrupt!


Poverty is a disease...God save my beloved country..

Please release video of

Please release video of tinubu talking during ondo campaign that he paid money for mimikos tribunal and also the video of how he was throwing bundles of 1000 naira in lagos island were his mothers body was being transported to the cementry thanks. Also how are we sure its Uzor kalu, he wasnt shown dropping or distributing the money.

Chop, clean mouth and shame him, that's the wazos for you

Serves him right. Rather than using the money to elevate poverty in Abia state he went to share money to the wazos. Aba is the most dirtiest city in Nigeria with no infrastructure or development in place. Help your state and your fellow abians--NO! He prefers the wazos. This is one problem with the average Igbo man. They tend to spread wealth around to their oppressors. Kalu, no matter what you do to please our oppressors they will never accept you as one of them. After sharing the money you gave them they still went ahead showing the video to the world. Better be wise. A leopard they say never changes it spots, likewise Biafra oppressors. At the end of the rally it will be To Your Tenths Oh Israel!

Just how Tinubu wires to

Just how Tinubu wires to sahara. we cant get that on tape. Expose tinubus looting now. we all know fashola has done well bout his master owns half of Lagos.

That is the man orji kalau

That is the man orji kalau who sat in judgement with bakare, Falana among other save 9ja group to celebrate June 12. They call them progressive minds

Our Journalist should be ashamed

This is just so shameful. No ethics. where is the professionalism. integrity? The reason why i really more on Sahara Reporters for daily unbiased news, rather than our Daily printed mails.... most of our journalist have a price.... a mere N5,000 transportation fee will buy their conscience. see them scrambling over each other for a piece of the stolen cake.

Orji Uzor Kalu could have go farther in politics

Had Kalu developed Aba, Kalu could have been the next Igbo president of Nigeria.

But on account of Kalu's antecedents as the Governor of Abia State, Kalu could not even win a senatorial election in his local Government in 2011.

keep doing good things

I am glad that you show this because your attitude has been that only government and PDP are corrupt in Nigeria. This is not so and this is an evidence.

Orji Uzor Kalu lost his way - concluded

On the 27th of July, 2007, Kalu was indicted, arraigned and is still facing a 107 count charge, of embezzling over 5 billion Naira from Abia State, a significant amount of which was meant for the development Aba, the most populous city in Igbo land/Eastern Nigeria:

1. Aba - 1,020,900
2. Enugu - 722,000
3. Onitsha - 511,000
4. Owerri - 401,873
5. Nnewi - 391,227
6. Umuahia - 359,230
7. Awka - 301,657
8. Orlu - 220,000
9. Okigwe - 132,701

- Accroding to estimates based on the 2006 census

Sahara Reporters! Now you are

Sahara Reporters! Now you are talking!! You have earned my respect now. I thought no one will be bold enough to expose that part of journalism.
It's the reason i left the media industry. An industry where marketability of news is placed above truth.

Orji Uzor Kalu lost his way - Part II

It is not clear what affliction befell Kalu. What is certain is that he abandoned the city of Aba completely and thus ignited the urban decay that descended upon Aba. Aba became dirtier than before and the bad roads became even worse. When the residents of Aba criticized Kalu for his lack of performance, Orji Uzor Kalu’s blame game for his lack of performance and self-confessed afflictions began.

Kalu blamed the Chairman of PDP, Anthony Anennih. Then he blamed the president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo. The blame game did not abate. Next, Kalu blamed the Abuja-based Abia politicians, he switched parties and blamed PDP and then he blamed the politicians from Abia South senatorial zone.

Throughout Kalu’s second term in office, 2003-2007, Kalu abandoned Aba completely.

Orji Uzor Kalu lost his way - Part I

In an interview, a few years ago, Orji Uzor Kalu states that he started out in business at the same time as Mike Adenuga-telecommunication magnate and Aliko Dangote-Africa’s Cement King. He concludes that without his foray into politics, he would have been a successful businessman like Adenuga and Dangote. That may be so, but Orji Uzor Kalu ventured into politics.

On the 29th of May, 1999,Orji Uzor Kalu was sworn in as the second executive Governor of Abia State. To Aba residents, their messiah had come.

Orji Uzor Kalu started his tenure months as Governor of Abia State with a Sprint. He started solving the road and refuse problems in Aba. This caused Nigeria’s then president, OBJ, in February, 2000, to christen Kalu: “Action Governor of Nigeria”. Unfortunately, towards the end of Orji Uzor Kalu’s first term in office, what started with a bang fizzled out.

By the beginning of the year 2003, Orji Uzor Kalu had lost his way !


He who pays the piper... A cool way to buy Nigerian journalists. Hungry journalists looking for their own oil money.Kalu a proven looter and fraud star must be moving with Ghana must go bags,loaded with cash.He claimed to have made his money from buying and selling fish and palm oil. I asked the fraud star how many fish is in lake chad,that would have given him all that billions in his possessions?

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