VIDEO: Landless Gbagyis Demand Justice For Theft of Farms, Now Home to Deluxe Hilton Hotel-Al Jazeera

Thirtysix years after the military government evicted them from their farms for the construction of the most expensive Hilton Hotel in all of Africa, the stranded Gbagyi people are marching in the streets in Abuja, demonstrating their anger and frustration. They have neither received promised compensation of $36,000 (US) or decent housing.

In the video, Yvonne Ndege of Al Jazeera interviews some of the protestors.

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True fight for right

If this fight is coming from a right motive,then Nigeria is getting ready for another long overdue agetation like the Niger Deltans. Hoping that its not coming from these same Gbagyi oppresors (Hausa/Fulani) who are behind the scene.

That is How it Starts

Gbayi's are now fighting for their rights. That is how it starts. Nigeria, the center wont't soon hold.
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Nigeria is in trouble,all

Nigeria is in trouble,all because of corruption, it possible that paper work shows that they have been compensated without implementing the monetary compensation. Where has the physical cash gone? FOOD FOR THOUGHT.


The construction of Nicon started in the 80s.Why now?i hope you are fully prepared for this.There will be some mountains ahead to climb.Thank God you guys have finally woken from your prolonged slumber.Well,never late than never.congratulations on your drive.

Land for money

This is coming too late.The construction of Nicon started in the 80s.You guys have finally wokenup from your prolonged slumber.Well,it is better late than never.congratulation on your push


I have often told all those who care to listen to me here that we are sitting on a time bomb in Abuja. The Gwari youths, most of whom Fulani El Rufai, IBB Abdul Salam and Buhari took for granted are waking up from their slumber and demanding their rights. You cannot come into a zone, build mansions and refuse to allow the people on whose land you erected the European, American and the Arab styled homes, churches and Mosques assume the mantle of leadership in their own environment-As if that is not enough, u appoint Ministers for the FCT-while they stare at u in shock-one day that boiled up anger in the average Gwari man in abuja, which the fulanis have been suppressing all this while would explode-and when it does-it will surely affect the parasites in the zones which do not want us split cause of the awuf oil money the give to give to boko haram to protect them

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