VIDEO: Nigerian Police Officer Threatens To "Gun Down" Citizens Near Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) In Lagos

A police officer attached to and AIC Limited, owned by Harry Akande on Tuesday threatened to 'gun down' an official of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.

AIC on Tuesday stormed the airport premises to reclaim the land which was taken away from the company but was resisted by FAAN's Aviation Security officials, who threw caution to the wind and battled members of the AIC, including throwing stones at Mr Akande.

AIC had leased the said land to FAAN about 10 years ago for the development of a hotel facility at the international wing of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.

A forthnight ago, FAAN had won a case against AIC over the land as the Federal High Court in Lagos set aside the decision of arbitration that awarded the company $48 million to be paid by FAAN, as compensation for ejection of AIC from the land.

While FAAN insisted that the land in question belongs to it by virtue of the Federal High Court judgment; AIC also said the court never ordered the agency to take over the parcel of land immediately.

Eyewitness account said FAAN officials bulldozed their way into the barricaded land, pulled down the gates and commenced clearing of the land with two tractors and its personnel.

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Which school did you go to?

Which school did you go to? Your grammatical blunders & lack of intellect shows you are a beer palour gossip, solid member of Free readers association of Nigerian who read headlines from vendors stand & run with it in beer palours for free beer & Isi ewu.
You need to find people your level & engage them in beer palour lies and stop waiting space in forums like this. You don't belong here.

Dapo, Nothing in my comment

Nothing in my comment denoted impunity for civilization. I say it again. Shame on Nigerian civilization.
So if you are asked to handle this case as an individual, all you would do is call for outright dismissal of the police officer?
Make I laugh small. Hahahah see elites Nigeria dey produce!!
You would not forensically analyze the video and comments? You will not check the laws to see if it empowers the officer to respond in a certain way to warn imbeciles like you who think they can arrogantly battle an armed police man?
I have been to 7 countries and never seen where people are as lawless as Nigeria. Both the law enforcement agents & many of us citizens are lawless. I see it when flying into nations, we behave well in the planes,airports when we arrive but becomes area boys as soon as the plane touches down in MMI Airport.
My good friend Dapo. You are simply part of the national disease that both the educational & political system is producing.

@Ogbeni Naija, 'Thoroughly

@Ogbeni Naija,
'Thoroughly trained armed security man'
Properly trained law enforcement personnel is the correct term there.
I am not a policeman or a law enforcement agent. I am a Nigerian. I am not perfect, but laugh when I see kettles like you calling police black.
Past tense of disgrace is disgraced.
Thank God for forums that gives voice to ignoramus like you. This is the only place you can ever get to say things in as your low IQ & lack of intellectual prowess betrays you.


Sahara Journalist,.. Did you not hear the threat to runover the Police officer to which he then responded that he would gun the individual down?

The Policeman was only stating what he would do in self defence.

Under Normal circumstances and the letter of the law such a direct threat to a law enforcement officer actual constitutes an offense for which h policeman could and should have arrested him for.

Trash article!!!

Please dismiss this animal in uniform

If he threatens to "gun down' someone in public, how many has he killed already when there was no camera? Illiterates like this fool should not be in a uniform that gives the public the impression that he has sworn to protect and defend the citizens. IG Please dismiss this fool!

"I will gun you down, that's

"I will gun you down, that's all". Seems funny how "that's all" seems to be a ready phrase for concluding stupid statements by Nigerian law enforcement officers a la "www. that's all" of recent memory. In saner climes, this murderer-in-waiting will be in detention, but then again, this is Nigeria. Ok, that's my submission, that's all!



@Isa Bala you are a daft &

@Isa Bala you are a daft & you dont know more than people in this forum.Many of us are more current than you do,we the out come of the court judgement which no one need your explanation (POCKET & HUNGRY LAWYER) The issue at hand is the altrance of the your untrained police man because it showed that you swines & animals called policemen have no regard for human lives.Why cant him go to Yobe, Borno, Adamawa, Plateau,kano,Kaduna,Gombe,Delta, Bayelsa,Rivers etc states where he can flex his muscles with Boko Haram & Militias. You better kill yourself with your pride & arrogant.

Jungle Man Bala Issa

Since you don't like civilization we can call you "jungleman" Bala Issa. The officer has sworn to gun the man down extra-judicially. When will the police force shed it's notorious image of criminality and brutality? IG over to you. This man should not remain in the force. Only God knows how many he has already "gunned down". He should be immediately dismissed and investigated and prosecuted. If an officer of the law sees in his arms an opportunity to intimidate those he's been asked to protect, then it's time for him to find a new job.

@Bala Isa,you should bury

@Bala Isa,you should bury your head in shame.You as an armed if you actually properly trained should know that thoroughly trained armed security man should know that his # ethic should be to control his temper & moreover whatever the person might have told the policeman, you should know that he deserve it because of the way you Nigeria policemen/women have rubbished yourselves & your profession.You have ridiculed & disgrace yourselves that is why people talk to you any how because you are all disgrace to the nation & your profession.

Shame on Sahara Reporters and its contributors

Hmm, I don't why you do sentimental reporting. I also wonder why people are so quick to put their hands on keyboard, after myopically reading the report, and make unguided statements.
How come nobody heard when the person threatened to do something that might warrant such response from an armed security personnel?

"FAAN had won a case against AIC over the land as the Federal High Court in Lagos set aside the decision of arbitration that awarded the company $48 million to be paid by FAAN, as compensation for ejection of AIC from the land."

If the above is true why are they going against a federal order?

What will really warrant you to drag issues with an armed officer? Where is it done in the world?
It's amazing how lawless people condemn others.

Shame on modern day civilization in Nigeria

Sack him

What do you expect from the Niegrian Police when some of them do not have any form of education, imagine that these people are recruited based on Federal Character using the recent cut off mark into our Federal Unity Schools as a yardstick for judgement, some of our police cannot even write their names, the IGP should take up this matter immediately as this is a big shame to our nation.


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Nigerian Police IG

Really sad, "I WILL GUN YOU DOWN", Nigerian police officer in uniform threatening an unarmed civilian.

Police IG, the world is watching to see corrective measure taken against this thug in police uniform.

Dem be armed robbers. You nor

Dem be armed robbers. You nor see hin face, the ode don smoke all the igbo wey full Lagos finish. I beg nack better tory jare, na today dem start. Naija police na to gun down innocent people dem sabi while dem remain partners with robbers and kidnappers.


When the beneficiary of the Nigerian police barbarism called them incompetent where do we think he got such assessments from? The commissioner of police called his host governor a 'dictator' then do we have to believe that the CP is there to do the work for which he was employed as a police officer or doing the work of ethnic terrorist in a tax-master's hat?

If Nigeria was a sane country...

If Nigeria were a sane country, this burden of proof would be enough to warrant a psychiatric evaluation and being sent to prison for at least 2 yrs. Look at the animal in uniform shamelessly and openly threatening a harmless civilian in an environment where foreigners are about gunning him down.

An encouragement from killer DPO's act

A policeman boasting he was going to kill with impunity in public and still fully employed by NPF? Only God knows how many innocent people this mad man must have killed and got away with it.

I think there should be an enquiry on how many people he must have killed in the past and checks should be made if there where any dispute on the cause of his action before a fresh orderly probe and trial.

This kind of police officer belongs to the motor park and not Nigeria Police Force. He's just an "Agbero" in uniform which urgently need to be rooted out. Abi oga IG ?

Animal story

Even some animals "are more equaler than others".Go figure!

This is just one of the many

This is just one of the many reasons I don't ever hesitate to give egunje when ever the police happens to stop me while driving in naija. I can't risk my life for just 50 or 100naira to some untrained, illiterates and half cultured indian hemp smokers in uniform. One may think the officer in the video is unserious but before you know it that retarded wimp will be pulling off the trigger. I am more scared of the police than armed robbers in naija. They are all pathetic and a complete waste of resources paying them!

I am confused.

Did the AIC lease the land to or from FAAN

"I will gun you down and killer DPO"

If the police hierarchy is up to their task, I don't think such an "Agbero" should still be allowed to be wearing police uniform.

In a normal country, mire threatening to kill openly will land you in big trouble, how much more a police officer in uniform. By the way, who do you want to report to? is it the likes of the Pen Cinema DPO that killed an innocent boy for not listening to him when he asked him to stop playing football and has just been granted bail. This country is FUCKED


What a shame?Banana Police Force.
I am afread Nigerians have lost their dignity and right.That Police officer should be arrested and charged for intimidation and death threat....This cannot happen in Europe.

NPF is Beyond Redemption 2

Let us set up a new Police Service based on new principles and philosophy in line with international best practices, and any member of the current force still interested in serving should apply to the New Force. Otherwise, the NPF will continue to 'gun you down'.

NPF is Beyond Rdemption 1

I have consistently argued that the Nigerian Police is Force should be scrapped and a new police service established. My reason is that no matter what efforts leader might make at reforming the present Force, it will not work. The present IG, for all his weaknesses has being doing his utmost best to turn this NPF around; but time and again and as this video clearly depicts, it is not working. It is not a case of few bad eggs giving the NPF a bad name. Unfortunately, the truth is that the vast majority of policemen are bad eggs. So, what do you do? Dismiss a few and leave the majority? Show the majority bad eggs the way out? The latter will amount to disbanding the current force which is what is best in this circumstance.

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Do we really need such people in the police force?

Can you imagine, a senior police officer treatening to shoot a fellow citizen down publicly.We are we heading to in Nigeria? that is how they are wasting innocent lives every day in my country. This stupid officer should be taking through the disciplinnary panel and be dismissed immediately, before another innocent live is lost in the course of him excercising his corrupt duty.

Do we really need such people in the police force?

Can you imagine, a senior police officer treatening to shoot a fellow citizen down publicly.We are we heading to in Nigeria? that is how they are wasting innocent lives every day in my country. This stupid officer should be taking through the disciplinnary panel and be dismissed immediately, before another innocent live is lost in the course of him excercising his corrupt duty.


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