VIDEO: Nigerian Terror Group, Ansaru, Displays Bodies of 7 Hostages Murdered In Bauchi

  Nigerian local terror group Ansaru released a video to prove that seven  construction workers abducted in Bauchi had been assassinated by the  group. The group accompanied that video with a statement claiming that  the British and the Nigerian government had tried to rescue the  hostages. The British government denies the allegation claiming its planes spotted Nigeria were only engaging in transportation of Nigerian troops to Mali.

Seven foreign construction workers from the UK, Lebanon, Greece and Italy were kidnapped on February 16th 2013 from a construction site in Bauchi state.

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Jerod Harris/Getty Images

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I do not know what to say. It is the first time i have come across something like this and do not know what to say. You must explain what you mean.


I do not know what to say. It is the first time i have come across something like this and do not know what to say. You must explain what you mean.

allah the beneficial and merciful!

As the Ansaru Islamic Terrorist were killing their captors, they were reciting the ''good'' qualities of their allah: "that he is beneficial and merciful".
You guys can see the beneficial side of allah and his merciss which he (allah) has mitted on the (7) seven foriegn hostages through his able servants (the ansura). And from every judgement, that has been the attributes of allah: terror, lies, backwardness, distruction, illiteracy, suicide, hatrad, boundage, never offer anything good to humanity other than death death & death.
allah caption has religion as a religion of peace, but what the world sees every second of the day is violenece, violence & violence. Everything allah claim is always opposite to what he gives. As far as I am concern, Islam is satans' best invention to humanity.


I have just watched the video, and it makes my stomach sick! Did somebody suggest that the perpetrators should be invited to a roundtable conference and offered tea, biscuits, compensation and amnesty? What for? For killing innocent people, and causing mayhem in the land and bringing the country into disrepute? No, we should also clap for them and thank them for driving investors away from Nigeria. We should salute them, because they are 'freedom fighters' on a mission to destroy our economy and make the country UNGOVERNABLE!

And what is their motive for these senseless killings, if I may ask? What qualifies them for compensation or amnesty or tea and biscuits? Barbarians!

Who Suffer Most?

i Have stay awhile in the northern part of this country but have a little opportunity to travel down south. From Kwara to Osun to Ondo and Lagos gaskiya the north are far -far behind in pace of development.
While the south are developing the north are being destroy by religious sentiment coupled with illiteracy. Boko Haram you are killing your future and that of your unborn children that will be impoverish by your destruction tendencies. Mind you your elites have enough for their great grand children!

Islamists are an embarrassment!

These Islamists are becoming an embarrassment to Nigeria at home and in the international community! And their daredevilry is increasing by leaps and bounds everyday! Something just has to be done since it is now clear that even those that should help in checkmating them are playing childish games. Hear the utterance of the sultan about amnesty to faceless people and the stupid but childish arguments by the Borno elders when Jonathan visited! These have shown that the Islamic insurgency is rooted in craze for power. And power MUST be made to elude them because their desperation for power is blood chilling. Such people could attempt to make Nigeria another Afghanistan if they captured power. Nigerians must not allow that, no matter the financial inducements they could be subjected to. This is a very serious warning!


To stop Islamic terrorism in the Maghreb region, it is time for the UN OR the US, Britain, Italy and other strong countries to colonize the 12 northern states of Nigeria. Majority in those states were in unison to accept sharia Islamic code a decade ago. Since then hell had been let lose by Islamic militants to enforce sharia criminal code. If the UN or other super powers colonize the 12 sharia states now, most people in the south of Nigeria shall thank them for that. The north of Nigeria has been a pain on the back of the rest of Nigeria since Lord Lugard in his 1914 frivolities amalgamated the north and south of the two former British colonies which had little or nothing among their peoples in common. Since 1914, more than 3 million people have been killed in ethnic/religious related conflagrations. It is wicked of the world to watch and expect this evil to play itself out.


"To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done." - Y. Gowon.

Show us howww... "Jack"...! For I call it a mission impossible...

I'd love to ask "Jack" if he is happy to go hang-out with the Ansaru guys in their backyard. :-) Ah... the spoils of war, aye?

Britain, this is the result of your skulduggery both in '57 and '66. Happy?

I dey laff oooo. As I countdown.

Breaking News Nigerian Govt Ready To Grant Amnesty To Boko Haram

The Federal Government Of Nigeria is ready to broker peace agreement with the Boko Haram Organization. The Sultan of Sokoto has agreed to represent the Boko Haram operatives. It was gathered that the Sultan of Sokoto will be accompanied with fewer members of the sect. The Sultan of Sokoto was heard saying that the Boko Harm has face just like the Niger-Delta terrorists. He went further to say that the Federal Govt. is having two faces when it comes to the Boko Haram who asked that Sharia be the Supreme Law of the Land. The Boko Haram does have genuine case in their struggles to make Nigeria an Islamic Country as contained in the articles of OIC signed by IBB. The Sultan said, if these demands were not met prophet Muhammad will not be happy in his grave.

SR, haba?

SR... this is not on, come on... Show the bereaved some respect, please, kindly pull this video.


Sowore and Gen Buhari and Boko Haram

When Omoyele Sowore, in his usual arrogant candour, was boot licking Buhari on a live interview last year, didn't Buhari say that Boko Haram were fighting for injustice while Sowore was drooling and nodding at his saviour simply because the man was perceived to be against corruption? But I feel it is more corrupt not to call a jingoist one and not to name Boko Haram for what it is. Boko Haram is an offshoot of Nigerian sharia peddlers, an Islamic terrorist group with bitter soul and gall against anything perceived western or Christian which they ignorantly see as synonymous.
Sowore refused to engage the man in serious talk and put it straight at him as he would have overtly done if the victim of his interview were from another camp.

simply declare war.....

It's not 'IF' Joe is not capable.....JONATHAN is NOT man enough to handle boko haram, his family affairs or ANYTHING bloody issue for that matter.

I am simply shocked that the Government of these expatriates or the US for that matter, is keeping mum....flush dem bastards into hell !!

It may not seem comfy, but armed foreign soldiers should OCCUPY the Northern region and borders of Nigeria , satellite radars should be employed to fish dem out even in the thickest of forest. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mere talks ...

If people are sincere about their complains and want an end to these national insecurities, then they will have opportunity to prove it by voting OUT PDP in 2015. Else, all these talks are mere 'face making'. Let's wait and see if PDP will not win 2015 after sharing money to village, clan and regional leaders to force their people to vote for PDP.

Even the APC will not be able to stand PDP. Remember even Nuhu Ribadu was sold off by his own party leaders for money!  And it's some of the same leaders that are creating APC. I have my doubts and its a personal opinion.

Show me the body of foreign construction workers

No comment for now till l am sure they are dead.



Sultan throne was established on the same principles

My dear commentators, how did USMAN DANFODIO established the present throne that SULTAN of SOKOTO is enjoying? It was 100% by jihad. Exactly what Ansura and Boko Haram are doing. Infact all those Terrorit were trainned in various terror camps with the consent, planning, support and financing of the sokoto caliphats headed by Sultan So why will anybody be supprise when he (Sultan)ask Gov't to grand them amnesty and forgive those terrorist? why should anybody be surprise? To him, they were continuing with the "good" cause of jihad introduced by his great grand father (Usman Danfodio). But thank God for once, President GEJ was able to gather courage and answered him (Sultan) and Borno Elders right.


My condolences to all the families involved. You will rest in peace. Islam is indeed a religion of peace. They hated anything West, yet they are using all tools created by the West. Bunch of hypocrites.
I will rather worship Mammy Water than to become a Muslim!

you coward even in Christian

you coward even in Christian it seem u r a doll person. who do you think want to associate with you idiot, stupid bastard human being.shame on you animal

Ansaru has effectively split Nigeria in 2

Ansaru is merely a symptom of a mistake that happened in 1914. A part of the north has more in common with Afghanistan and Pakistan and the middle east than Africa.
The south should be realistic. Like someone has pointed out anyone with a green passport would be seen as a potential Al Qaeda terrorist. Southerners and Christian northerners should ask themselves if they're prepared to live like this.
An India-Pakistan solution is the only way out. Christians travel southwards and Muslims in the south move up north, and have a peaceful Czech and Slovakia split.

Boko Haram are so heartless and cowards!

If this video truly is the body of the innocent foreign workers, then I urge their country's government to declare war on Boko Haram and station their military in the north. If Jonathan is not capable of doing anything to flush these terrorists out of our system, then someone else has to do it.
People in the north should be educated about reporting anything suspicious and the ones who fail to do so, have got the blood of innocent people on their hands.
Boko Haram, you are heartless and killing God's creation! You will be judge up to the third generation for all these atrocities you are leashing onto innocent people.

@Tafidan DDAJI - The solution!

Starting with your EMIRS and so-called 'leaders' (that pauperised the region) you must SPEAK OUT to CONDEMN these BOKO HARAM CRIMINALS. Yes! Call them what they are! At least, start from there, and name them and their acts, as CRIMINALS! They are not FREEDOM FIGHTERS! They are FOOLISH and SENSELESS to think that they can RAM ISLAM ON PEOPLE BY FORCE!

They should also be told BY THEIR EMIRS AND SO-CALLED 'LEADERS' (that PAUPERISED them), THAT IT IS SENSELESS MAKING THE COUNTRY UNGOVERNABLE AND YET EXPECT DEVELOPMENT IN THE LAND! They should be told that their action is giving Nigeria a BAD NAME, AND DRIVING AWAY INVESTORS AND INVESTMENT, which will further PAUPERISE THE COUNTRY! They MUST be told that their action has no JUSTIFICATION, but that it tends towards CRIMINALITY!


@Tafidan DDAJI - You listen to me! - 2

The US Government did not sit around a table with the young MUTTALAB, the underwear bomber!

If your problem is that you cannot separate the issues and the CAUSE of the Niger Delta agitation, then you have an issue, as most Nigerians do, with analysing issues. The Niger Delta agitation, even though I did not agree with their modus operandi, was about resource control and the despoliation of their land. But when criminal elements like Henry Orkah infiltrated their ranks for selfish reasons and to perpetuate criminality, you can see what has happened to him. He has been convicted and likely to do life in jail. His kinsmen, bar a handful and his lackies, rejected him! It is the same way one expects you to reject ALL CRIMINALS, including ARMED ROBBERS, RAPISTS, ARSONISTS, MURDERERS and BOKO HARAM. It shouldn't matter whether they are your friends, neighbours or kinsmen, or even your 'godfathers'! We must have a benchmark for CRIMINALITY!

Please retrieve this video as

Please retrieve this video as a mark of respect to the family of the dead. Boko haram will soon be a thing of the past.

@Tafidan DDAJI - You listen to me!

I don't care how old or young you are, my patience is really running thin and out on those of you that cannot confront a problem and call a spade a spade or TERRORISM by its name! You do not sit around a table or in a conference with CRIMINALS! Just as you do not sit around a table with ARMED ROBBERS or RAPISTS or MURDERERS! Boko Haram or any splinter group are not fighting any CAUSE, that you wish the Governments (including the State Governments) to sit around a table with them. They are a hideous group and a bunch of killers, whose mission is to actualise the call to make the country UNGOVERNABLE! IMPOSING RELIGION ON OTHERS IS NO CAUSE!

It is time the POLICE starts to do their work and PROSECUTE ALL THOSE (including CIROMA, BUHARI and YERIMA) that make MISGUIDED COMMENTS, AND INCITE PEOPLE TO VIOLENCE! It is time we have a benchmark for CRIMINALITY, and not protect people because we like them.


"There are some situations one simply cannot be neutral about, because when you are neutral you are an accomplice. Objectivity doesn't mean treating all sides equally. It means giving each side a hearing." Chritiane Amanpour.
All those who maintained their silence and I don't care who you are, are accomplices. This will haunt all of you in the future. The power you seek desperately will never get to you and you will all regret it. The best gift from Islam is violence and you can't argue. From Afganistan to Iran, Baghdad to Egypt. Libya to Mali the story is the same.

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