VIDEO: The People Of Ghana At The Swearing -In Of Pres. John Dramani Mahama In Accra

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Compare with Nigeria

Did anyone notice that there was no road closure, everyone seems to be going about their normal business.

Did you notice that their prisident came in a land cruiser?

The commoners who voted for

The commoners who voted for the president elect of Ghana were able to grace the occasion of his swearing-in ceremony d to the shock of the trans-national elites who think they own Ghana more than the masses who queue daily to elect their leaders-In Nigeria Buhari is yet to congratulate Jonathan! Remember Buhari once said its only those wo do not have the resources to rig elections that complain of being rigged out-yet he was instrumental to the murder of over 1,000 9jas and 11 youth corpers during the post election riots in the fulani north-Its only in Africa that we have the opposition always claim they were rigged out of victory-all hail ghana for once!

Up Ghana

Happy for the Ghanians they really make Africa proud