VIDEO: Police Extortion And Harassment of Commercial Motorbike Riders

Despite promises made by the IG of Police, MD Abubakar to stop all forms of police extortion in Nigeria, policemen in Lagos still set up illegal extortion checkpoints to harass, assault and extort commercial bike riders.

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change will surely come,let

change will surely come,let peole like Buhari be in position,you will see how corruption,injusice, will disapear.

change will surely come,let

change will surely come,let peole like Buhari be in position,you will see how corruption,injusice, will disapear.

On Bastard police

Majority of 9ja police are barstard,thirves and corrupted one's.....why..?

who will cast the first stone?

All of you castigating the IG here, who can boast he does not break the laws of the land daily.
We drive against traffic. We form five lanes in a two lane road and want to get out of traffic before those who arrive earlier. We break queue at every opportunity. We use man-know-man at every public event requiring orderliness and first come first served.
We bestow honour on those who stole their way to 'monetory fame (shame)'.
Why do we expect others to change while we continue to do that we condemn others for. Until we change do not expect other to so so. The change you want begins with you. So remove the Log in your eyes before the spec in the eye of others. I do not support their action but we all must strive to do the right thing and stop castigating others sometimes ignorantly.

Most corrupt police doing

Most corrupt police doing these, don't use their real names and service number. I have come across some that I know but the names i saw on them are different from their real names. How much more their service numbers? God help us all.


For such policemen,Citizens just need to get their Names from the Name Tags on their uniforms and Text Their complaints to 07037466114,08087521218,08174685102,08052012374 and 07043281377.Thank you.

Parasitism: Olopa, A beg Sir

The Nigerian Police is a national shame and disgrace.At times, i could help to think that they need to survive in a country where they are not paid their dues.

A polluted environment!

It is true that man is a product of his environment. This same Police force excel when on foreign mission assignment. How do you expect them to behave well when we dont respect laws in Nigeria?
Mr. President will not publicly declare his assets & ple-bargain exists for only the elites, so why do we expect different behaviour from others?

MD Abubakar has been defeated!

What a pity! This is one of the first rules or instructions given by the Inspector General of Police, M.D. Abubakar, and it is unfortunate to state that this first rule is now being flouted gradually by the entire rank and file and officers of the Nigeria Police all over the nation! What shall we call this, mutiny or rebellion? So Abubakar is not that strong and fit to head the Nigeria Police? We watch and see how the Inspector General would handle this obvious ugly case of rebellion!

It is in the blood

It is in their blood already.  It will be very very very very difficult to change until this generation of policemen finally die off and a new breed comes on the sceen.  Mind you, that include top police officers because they are the ones putting pressure on the junior officers to 'deliever' daily or monthly as the case may be.

A corrupt government will always breed corrupt followers, shikena !!!!!!!

What is the news here

Countryman ,what is the news here now? Are policemen not Nigerians? The presidency, state govts, ministries, mamngers in private/public companies are all looting. Do not forget that policemen are the least and most irregularly paid workforce. The ogas first collect and keep their money in fix deposit or run oil bunkering with it. Ather much crying and wailing the salaries paid belatedly.So, you see where the real problem lies. CORRUPTION FROM ON HIGH!


This video clip doesnt show much.


i could not see anywhere in that firm that police collected money, pls be objective in ur reports


i could not see anywhere in that firm that police collected money, pls be objective in ur reports

tins will nver change

tins will nver change in dis country called 9jer untill dos in power learn hw 2 fight corruption in high places.

For where? Dem still they

For where? Dem still they collect roger they go.

Govt should save us from the police harassment!

Just yesterday same thing happened to me at super bus stop along iyana ipaja sango road, i took a bike from iyana ipaja going to sango on getting to super my bike man was on motion when suddenly a man not wearing a police uniform came from no where and pushed my bike man not caring the people on the bike might get wounded, he just wanted to make sure the bike fall off and he will be able to arrest the bike man, immediately the bike fell off i was wondering what was going on then the other police officers shows up with gun and got the bike man arrested, this is very unfair and we are appealing to Govt to pls do something about the Nigerian police.

They Are Bastards..Theives

Ikotun and Idimu police men of Area M are the worst.They can never stop no matter what the IG does.They operate like theives.It is just too much of them in that Area.THEIVES

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