VIDEO: Pro-Amaechi Lawmaker Attacks Inside The House Of Assembly

A video showing Chidi Llyod, the majority leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly attacking an anti-Amaechi lawmaker in the house.



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Sahar reporters have failed

This is the same sahara that brought us the odeal of Chidi as been brutalised. I am so much disappointed with SR. U stipped so low as sentimental reporting. The anti amaechi were beaten mercilessly. And you report D opposite shame on you

Imagine, the illtrained and

Imagine, the illtrained and unprofessional man in uniform.That Officer is a disgrace to all our security personnels and d nation at large.He has d gut to join d beating of a lawmaker.No wonder,we have a long way to go.No wonder our govt has to resolve to beg our terrorists to cease fire.Naija problem is increasing in a geometrical progression even in d year 202020

Your Weakness Will Fish U Out

House of commotion.In an unjust society silence is a crime.In state of commotion,no one is save from any stray bullet.When d elders fight,it is evidence of unbearable injustice.An attempt to take law into ur hands makes u another culprit.Thank God no life was lost.Let there be panel of inquiry and let d notorious pay heavily for their misdeeds with an open apology to all Nigerians.This embarrases my life.
No wonder Nigeria has remained underdeveloped despites all antidotes.This is a fall out of home and post home trainings.There is no way u can hide ur weakness.These lawmakers innate weakness ang gangsterism fished them out today.Pls learn your lessons.Your weakness will fish u out.What is ur weakness?

Bad Minded People Should Not Rope GEJ into River Local Fight

Why are Nigerians fools blaming Jonathan? Please don't rob GEJ for a local state matter PLEASEEEEEEE, Present facts the way they are and we in River State all knon that this is a fight between Wike and Amaechi, don't rope GEJ into this local fight. Let Amaechi finish what he started.
The truth is, because of the animosity between the two, Sekibo doesn't want him in ACN.
But I think for a Police man to join a faction of politician and beat of a member of the house seem to be a crime?, Please do re watch the video and let be sincere with our self and not with advertised articles of news paper pages

the black man is cursed but

the black man is cursed but with special emphasis on the people of Nigeria, even if Jesus comes back today to solve their problems, they shall still not move forward, these are creatures that have defied all natural physical or spiritual solutions, they are collectively not fit to be part of the human race, animals are by far more intelligent and organized than the so-called phd holders as those who watch animal planet channel can truthfully testify... starting from the stupendous ignoramus of a president to the almajiri on the street..doomed

Am heart broken.

This is unbelievable , yes, I know we are currupt but to this extent. I give up ( please don't address as a Nigeria any more. Am here just like every other foreigners.

Na So!

Thats how you will kill yourselves by your own hands when Nigeria finally breaks. foolish drunks...we de laugh o! SS & SE my foot.

Nigerians will be slaves for a very long time.

A gullible illiterate that is what the populace has become. Coward, clowns who are quick to be divided for or against political groups. There is no difference between Amaechi and Goodluck. They are part of the same system impoverishing the masses.
No state can afford to pay the minimum wage of #18,000 naira but governors, presidents, house of assembly members earns billions as salaries and allowances. They stoop so low to smite each other with the symbol of authority while ignorant clowns pitch their tents for or against.
Let them show the video of sharing money or who is courageous enough out of these goons to tell us how much he or she earns.

It's a lie. Lloyds who they

It's a lie. Lloyds who they claimed was hospitalised would have had his white shirt stained with blood while he was attacking Anti Amaechi's people. Shame on you, the media and the two parties of that shameful act.


Please this guy in white should be sentenced to life in prison.....he is not fit to live in the community of humans....he is a wild beast that needs to be tamed....and the guy in Uniform should also be arrested....Even his family should be ashamed of their father.....I am sure he is an Agbero..

You need eye glasses

I think u urgently need a pair of eye glasses from either Iraq or Yemen to see properly

Chidi murderer

Chidi Llyod is the trainer of the Alu 4 Killer Squad.


That Man/Animal with RED hat hiting people with the MACE should be arrested right now by the Law enforcement agency(Police), the Police officer involved should also be suspended immiediately. Mr.President please act now!!!

Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the link to this video. It just shows how so unreliable some of SR reporting can be.

The day someone impregnates

The day someone impregnates your wife, you will say it was caused by GEJ and his wife. Fool

na wa o!

The end of Amachi is NOW!!!!>>>>>>>>sounds like a movie title>>>>>ROTFL

Evidently this video shown

Evidently this video shown here is the revenge mission of Amaechi lawmakers .
There was no way , 5 lawmakers would have impeached the authentic speaker if the 5 did not have some support of police and chased away the 27 lawmakers .
I do have any sympathy for the man being clubbed here in the video .
Some violence must have been perpetuated for the 5 to force their way on the 27 majority . Their beating is well deserved


I think they must have learnt their lessons. Political fools trying to do what their master wanted to do at the NGF meeting. Where in the world have we seen 5 members impeaching a speaker of a 32 member house? I think they now know the color of their blood. Mark my word,they'll soon do a solidarity visit to ASO ROCK.


A lawless country, a sick country, and a bunch of worthless LEGISLATHIEVES. This reminded me of what you got in the Uniport4 killings. A sick state inhabited my savages. A total embarrassment to human race. That nobody maybe arrested for this mayhem show the level of lawlessness in Nigeria. I watched with sadness this video and I wonder where we are heading as a nation. In a sane society the loathsome Amaechi, and all the worthless legislators, on both sides, will be thrown out of office.

Re Rivers Assembly Fight

Rotimi Amechi is a true democrat for all l care. The problem in River state is the weak zoologist and her illiterate wife called Goodluck and Patience. Goodluck and her wife are curse to Nigeria. In Rotimi Amechi I stand. A true democrat, a reformist, an intellect, a leader and a symbol of honesty and sincerity. Goodluck only represents "WEAKNESS"

Watch the full video

Chidi Lloyd is justified in his action, full stop. Watch the entire video before you make comments. The video here only shows the reaction after an event but do not give the full story.
How can 5 lawmakers attempt to commit an illegality armed with thugs and policemen. You don't play civility in the face of anarchy, illegality and barbarism. Chidi Lloyd was right to have intervened the way and manner he did so that next time, you don't assemble 2 persons to impeach anybody. If they must remove the speaker, they know the right procedure. Anything short of that must be met with equal and opposite force.You don't watch to be removed illegally and then go to court later, that is nonsense. This is Nigeria and our democracy is yet to attain that maturity.


Ken Mani, DERI, ALLAMS, AKPABIO &CO, you are the people that are urging the Aso Rock tenants to be misbehaving. They are fighting all Nigerians. How come the President and his wife are thinking that Nigerians are fools.

Must he use force to put people in power in all the states of the SS???? He and his Size 88 Ambrallla wife started by rigging 419/Cultist AKPABIO to the office of governor in 2011. Followed by the near was situation to instal hid puppet Gov. Dickson in Bayelsa in 2012.

If not that the Oba of Benin doesn't take bribe and also being well grounded and respected by his people, he would have tried it in Edo State.

Madam Ambralllaa went to Rivers State few weeks ago and planned with this thug called Bipi to use five people including himself to impeach twenty eight people. How I wish he was dealt with. Shame on Jonathan and his domineering wife.

Watching this video, just

Watching this video, just feeling somehow. Are these People fathers, lawmakeers or thugs?


All nigerian know the good governance of ALH. ROTIMI AMAECHI, why are u trying to support useles sahara reporters to insult his big boy LLOYD


Some on this forum refer to the animal in red cap as "honourable",this is exactly why you don't expect anything positive from Nigeria in it's present format.
The man getting physically abused is supposed to be a law maker,one can only imagine if he was a commoner,he would probably get killed and thrown into some refuse dump.To further expose the crude system,the law enforcement officer who was supposed to help restore order joined in the brutality.
I will never show any form of respect to idiots who pretend to be Nigerian politicians,they are all miscreants from A-Z,when they are not stealing,they are busy abusing the Nigerian masses in all forms.

He told Pointblanknews that

He told Pointblanknews that legislators loyal to Amaechi sparked the crisis when they attempted to stop them from gaining entrance into the Assembly.
“Mr. Speaker in any legislature is only primus inter pares. We were elected legislators much the same way he or anybody was elected. Why would he seek to stop us from entering the Assembly?
“It was the attempt by the former Speaker Amachree and Governor Amaechi to stop us from gaining entrance that sparked the crisis. That was why we had no option than to impeach him as Speaker,” he added.
He claimed that the presence of Governor Amaechi in the Assembly was proof that the governor had been tele-guiding the Assembly, a move he said greatly undermined the independence of the legislature in Rivers State.

The end of Amachi is NOW!!!!


What are we waiting for?

If the murderer in this video is really pro Amechi, then we should go for the kill. Amachi and his supporters must face the music.

This is barbaric!!!!!

This video is not a true

This video is not a true representation of what happened SaharaReporters must stop publishing half truth. The man in the video is reacting to 5 members that purportedly impeached the speaker. See the full video

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