VIDEO: Protesters From Isoko Communities Shut Down Shell Flow Station In The Niger Delta

The aggrieved members of Isoko communities have shut down oil exploration activities at a Shell flow station in the area. The was co-ordinated by the "Isoko Survival Synergy" group comprised of   three communities of  Oleh, Olomoro and Emede and the host landlords from the various Isoko Communities.

 The protesters said they are opposed to the sale of majority stakes in OML 30 and OML 26 to Shoreline Natural Resources Ltd and First Hydro Carbon Ltd respectively representing the 45% equity stake of  Shell, Total and Agip without due and prior consultation with the various communities that are stake holders in Isoko land.

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The Isoko nation has been support the Nigeria project with crude oil even before independence. What do they have to show for it? Environmental degradation, poverty ridden people, poluted land and air, neglect by the state and federal government. Even with the 13% derivation paid to Delta state, you can see what the state governor and his goverment has done the the people that lay the golden egg. Since the Nigeria project can not cater for these people, I support them to declare their on republic immediately and quit the failed Nigeria project. These are people neglected and impoverished by the federal and state government. Since the government has neglected them for about a century now, is time for them to part ways with the failed Nigeria project. Is only when they need the vote of the Isoko people, you see them begging for support.