VIDEO: Questions For Femi Falana (SAN) On The State Of The Nigerian Judiciary

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judicial system

,Why are we here'? We love short cuts pure and simple. The bad production of this video shows just that.

The interviews with Mr. Femi

The interviews with Mr. Femi Falana are always great to watch. I had a discussion once, with my friend Aaron DelSignore. I believe that Mr. Falana did great things for the human rights and his will in finding the truth. I wonder what he's doing now.

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In our hands

Mr Falana has said it all...we need to reject and end the celebration of criminality in our society. I think we need to re-introduce the meaning and concept of shame in our society too, because shame has completely disappeared from our society.

Segue, nice topic, nice interviewee but please get a few tips on video recording...your cameraman is too amateur. You should also work on your grammar and comprehension. Don't deter, you will get there.

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