VIDEO: Residents Protest ExxonMobil Oil Spill In Nigeria

Residents of  Esit Eket local government area of Akwa Ibom at the weekend staged a peaceful protest following the oil spill reported at the Qua Iboe Oil field operated by ExxonMobil in Nigeria.

The protesters comprising representative of fishermen, youths and several other groups affected by the oil spill carried placards and sang solidarity songs as they marched on the  local government secretariat in Uquo, Esit Eket.

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Any south southerner who share ur myopic notion on oil resources need to be refered to books on sciences of how oil deposit is formed.Then u will never have that ignorant thinking of "ss people's oil wealth".

If these poverty ridden

If these poverty ridden communites being cheated daily by multi-national oil companies siphoning the resources of the SS with the help of the vultures in the Senate and House dont secede, the grand kids will be here staging these types of protest against the oil firms all over again. SS was not blessed with oil to enable dem fight against the criminal neglect of their environment by various governments of 9ja.The thieves in abuja-in the senate and the house dont give a damn about the fragile ecology-not interested in the polluted waters they drink and use in cooking their meals. All they want is for Buhari to be president.And for the oilblocks be under the control of the new maharajas yearning to take over aso rock in 2015


What are d government of dis nation doing,millions of barels of oil everyday while the spill of oil as cause lifes in this environmdnt..god save us in dis country.,more news and gist here at

Document Nigeria; if you have the evidence

Do you have any high-resolution picture(s) of this event?
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