VIDEO: Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka's Liberation Message

Fiery Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka delivers his fearless message of liberation on his knees.

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fr. mbaka

Bros he can't call u. you can only visit him at the adoration ministry every friday at emene in enugu. heaven will be happy to see u their


Rev father ejike Mbaka pls help me pray to God almighty to shower me wit his grace so i ll be victorious in my NIGERIA POLICE ACADEMY ADMISSION EXAMINATION which is schedule on 15th this month "september" wit the promise that if he bless me i ll neva forget him cos i have no oda source of supreme power

May God bless him for me

May God all almighty father Mbaka and give him the ability to minister and talk on behalf of the poor. AMEN. Any hand that will rise against him must surely ruined and calamity will befall on who so ever that will endulge in such act.AMEN. Though am a sinner God forgive and forget and answer my pray.
Father please pray for God almighty to give me wisdom and longlife and give my family everlasting joy and happiness. AMEN.

He is a powerful man of God, i am a witness

@ Telema W. Okobi: Is'nt is shameful to you that you are the only one trying to condenm a man of God. Your saying he is political because he speakes for the poor masses, if he doesnt speak who else will speak? I urge you to openly appologize for saying that or face the wrought of God.

Father Mbaka is a powerful man of God, i have received lots of miracles just by listening to his talks, and songs alone. I have also attended his crusade and i tell you it was power packed, countless miracles. Try it and i assure you will testify.

Deliverance prayer needed

Have heard a lot about rev father ejike and his spiritual message his truly indeed a man sent by God, i have been having this spiritual problem that's having sex in the dream it started in my secondary school when i was in sss1 till now am in my ND2 final as am writing i just had a dream of it and wokeup with my pants wet i school in federal polytechnic nekede owerri imo state all i need is a deliverance prayer from rev father mbaka and also my admission into federal university of technology owerri should be successful and to live a righteous and holy life and grant my parent Mr and Mrs calmer amudo their hearth desire Amen. Father mbaka can call me on 08103931927.

Worda of liberation

may God continue to use you to liberate those that believe, Amen.


My name is Ezinne Helen Ibe, am from Imo State. Please Rev. Fr. Mbaka Ejike C. I want u to pray for my family i want peace to be in my home, i want the Lord to touch the heart of my father. And i also want to go to school i want my name to be in the admission list of uniport and i also want to pass my waec wit flying colours.. Amen.


Pls father,i nid ur prayer thing r nt moving well in my family.May b blessing of God be upon us.Amen


please father mbaka please pray for me to posses GOD'S POWER

We lov u may God continue 2

We lov u may God continue 2 strenghten u

God's word through Rev fr Mbaka.

As the Almighty God has called Rev fr Mbaka to do his work,I pray that the good Lord will increase his anointing and grant him the grace and strenght to continue in faith.(amen)

Rv. Father Ejike Mbaka u shall live

Father Mbaka, chukwuk nna nye ge ogologo ndu

Rev fr mbaka 's indeed a real

Rev fr mbaka 's indeed a real man of God. His preaching have saved many souls 2 God. And haven are happy about dat. O thank u Jesus! I haven't be @ d Ministery 4 d firt time, bt i use 2 be happy wenever i listen 2 ur message. God bless u Rev fr. Mbaka

help me father mbaka

Michael from onisha, pls i want to serve my oga very well so that at end of everything he will setle me in peace all this i ask in jesus name i pray[amen].

i need to be a great prophate.oh God help me

father please pray to me let what i seek for come to pass in jesus name.all other reading this help me in ur prayers.God bless you all in jesus name.with faith say Amen.

How can i have great encounter with God

My dreams is to serve GOD. How can i become a reverend father like you.


My name is ANTHONY UGWU, i am from Enugu State Nigeria.i am a member of Adoration Ministry.I saw your comment on Rev. Mbaka's Liberation message when i was searching for any possible help.I don't know if i am voilating any order by posting this to you.But i don't have any option.I am about to be expel from school in a week time as a result of school fees.I have no help right now. I sincerely wish GOD can use you to help me.I will explain why i have not paid if you wish.My phone no. is:07034202465.Thanks.

Dadyee i love you and your are my mentor

Dady may God protect you all round, with his fire.Acording to the book of zachariah 2:5.So that the arrows of the evil one, will not near you or harm .i prayed that nothing created by God will harm you let alone to kill.Is only God will take you the day he want you. You never allow our enemies, the bad leaders of our own time, to deprive us our right and the little daily bread we manage to get at end of the day.Sirach 4:28 said fight till death for the truth,you do it.i will not thank you enough, may the lord wich you are serving help me and thank you to the best.Dadyeee..eeeh,said by ONYEZE,NWA IKUKU

prophetic message matt.9 vs 33

i believed in this message its truth,noway our leaders will like this and those crook around them.

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Keep it up.

Please if u dont like what he saying,keep to urslf,let us hear him .Nwambaka carry go .

man of GOD

I have been following Rev.Fr.EJIKE MBAKA,since he started from GTC. all i asked GOD through him has been answered.i want to say to him, (thank you)GOD IS USING YOU , AND WILL CONTINUE TO USE YOU,for it is said one with GOD is are my spiritual director,.thanks and GODbless u.REMMY ,from italy

seeing fr. mbaka

i want to speak with rev. fr. mbaka pesonal, i wiil like to tell him about my self and tell him about my problems and challenges of life

pray 4 me rev fr mbaka

Oh lord God from 2day up i hv come to spend the rest of my life with u. Through the teaching of mbaka and the warlds he say onto my problem i will be healed and save. I also add my friends in this deliverance let them all come to chris and have rest of mind in jesus name....Amen.

I so much lov what he said.

Nigeria is a very blessed nation, but we hav bad leader in our country, God please help our country Nigeria and our people living in northern side. Think u almight father 4 u ar so good. Amen.

Fr.Mbaka must surely live

Fr.Mbaka must surely live long,God will always be there to streghtenndeliver and keep u for us that believe.God I thank U for giving us someone like Fr Mbaka,God bless u more and more and more!!b!!!!!!

Fr.Mbaka must surely live

Fr.Mbaka must surely live long,God will always be there to streghtenndeliver and keep u for us that believe.God I thank U for giving us someone like Fr Mbaka,God bless u more and more and more!!b!!!!!!

I dey Laugh!

I am laughing at those who have made themselves God by saying that F.Mbaka's preaching is not of God.He is a liberation theologist just like Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.By the way, who made you judge over Fr.Mbaka?Carry on fr.Mbaka,God is on your side!

Response to your post

Telema, I agree completely with you. Most self-styled prophets or Pastors need to be tested with the Word before one can accept their prophecy! That is correct!!!! Regards my friend and happy new year.

Truth has no tribe or color.

I have no facility to watch the video, but a summation of the views and opinions here says it all. I wish the fearless Rev Father God's protection because our satanic leaders would stop at nothing to protect their devilish plans to keep us the masses in bondage so long as they are allowed to continue in their greed. The prosperity pastors would not like this. Govt would also wish we never got to know this truth.