VIDEO: Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka's Liberation Message

Fiery Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka delivers his fearless message of liberation on his knees.

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Fr. Ejike Mbaka's Message is More Political Than Gospel

"Do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God" We shouldn't believe everything we hear just because someone says it is a message from God. There are many ways to test preachers to see if their message is truly from the Lord. One is to check to see if their words match what God says in the Bible. Other tests include their commitment to the body of believers (2:19), their lifestyles (3:23, 24), and the fruit of their ministries (4:6). But the most important test of all is what they believe about Christ. Do they teach that Jesus is fully God and fully man? Our world is filled with voices claiming to speak for God. Give them these tests to see if they are indeed speaking God's truth.

free Nigeria

rev fr Mbaka the almighty God will alway protect u and with ur prayer u will free the nation Nigeria.

Tell them

Thank you Rev. Mbaka. What you say is only the truth. May God give more wisdom and courage tell the evil leaders of Nigeria the truth....

Ben Chuku is not an Igbo man

Ben Chuku is not an Igbo, he does not know how to spell chuku correctly and am not going to teach him how. Nr Aboki ( Ben chuku) just because this site is an open forum does not mean you can come out and say something really stupid and insulting and then be a coward to hide behind and Igbo name just to continue in you ancestral deceit to divide the Igbos between themselves. I am not really interested in what the Priest has said, am keenly interested in the psychology of the comments of people on this forum. I agree with the Priest though and I know he is not the first and only person who has in one or more way like him said same things. Peace of Allah be with you all.

In God we trust.

Oh Lord our God let the will be done in Nigeria.
Ogu ojukwu.

Guy what are u saying,give

Guy what are u saying,give land for free!!!
My brother get ur fact correct those guy pay for the plots that they elect the building on.
Though will not want to make a comment that will bring disunity in this country.
But honestly speaking we are not ONE

what a message of hope and mind re-engineering.

The message was piercing, let all of us visit our intrinsic values of co-existence in our national life. if these value center can no longer hold then let THINGS FALL APART. Enough of the killings, marginalisation,deprivations,poverty, etc.God is above watching.

what a message of hope and mind re-engineering.

The message was piercing, let all of us visit our intrinsic values of co-existence in our national life. if these value center can no longer hold then let THINGS FALL APART. Enough of the killings, marginalisation,deprivations,poverty, etc.God is above watching.

Ibos & Niger Delta are one

Enugu state university of science and tech was & is still a home to many Niger Deltans like me & Adoration was our Friday routine. Our Unity with the ibos has never been questioned. we held political positions within all institutions in Enugu.

How to contact Fr Mbaka

I really need to be blessed and delivered by Fr Mbaka,by the time am able to av personal encounter with him,I will be able to explain better.


My brothers where is this guy called Bankole with the billions of Naira that he stole.The dust was raise and it die down quietly.The money Dimeji Bankole is gone forever.What a shame Nigerians ?????. That money alone can fix a lot of things in this our country like Roads, School, and Hospital; but one man done chop the money

Jonathan has failed..the

Jonathan has failed..the Governors have failed. it is not enough to sack the chief of police, who will sack the president and governors when they cant provide basic amenities

. Boko Haram is child's play to what will happen when our graduates begin to Bomb the nation out of frustration. with oil the oil in the land and other resources spread through out the nation. as for fr mbaka..well he is doing what he feels called to do...Nigerians should take their destiny in their hands

naija people too strong

naija people and una mouth self. all of you wey dey talk go do worst than the politicians if una get opportunity. that will be the day when I go meet honest naija person. Fr. Mbaka, I beg continue dey talk. our president dey try small, small except naija people dey impossible to govern from head to toes. this devils wey call themselves boko haram be the worst wey dey happen for naija. I beg make someone tell Fr. Mbaka to fire them with prayer, make fire carry them go back to the sahara desert where dem take come.

The truth is bitter, God bless Fr. Mbaka

Fr. Mbaka,may the lord almighty spare and protect his life, amen. He speaks nothing but the truth. Nigeria's unity is chasing hope where there is no hope. The national conference must take place, let everyone answer their papa name, and we shake each others hands to say goodbye, period. One tribe cannot be pulling the shots, by killing others, no more, enough is enough.

this country

Our country is gone and more Nigeria...we are all living together on borrowed time....mark my words..

The prophet of the Old

More of this. Long time I heard about this type of sermon and not fantasy wealth and prosperity abound in Nigerian preaching of late. You need to provide youths the basic things like job to succeed before he will prosper. The Nigerian pastors will tell us that as the prayer was going on right now, he had in ecounter with God who just told him that that young man there with blue shirt will be richer than Aliko Dangote and shall every one say amen. We all said amen in unism and the next thing is offering time. Totol reap off and at the end of the mass the 90% of the congregation will be struggling in Molu and buses back home while the the smart rich man of God will either enter into one his exotic cars or by a private jet. Guys shine ur eyes

A true prophet of our time

A True Prophet of Our Time!

guy your father there

guy your father there. do you know who martin luther king jnr was? he was a baptist pastor who later took up activism combined with pastoral work.

the truth

Rev. Ejike, pls. continue with the truth. We need more of you in our generation. May our Almighty God continue to empower you in Jesus Name, Amen!

No body gave the Igbo man

No body gave the Igbo man land, they bought it. In Nigeria if you have money you can buy land anywhere you want.............just a point of correction sir.

The Bible state it so clearly

The Bible state it so clearly that,
it is only the truth that will set us free. God bless you man of God for this message of truth In Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

Obstacles provide opportunities for transformation

Folks, fr, Mbaka's message transcends geographic, tribal and religious barriers. He identified numerous inherent obstacles, solutions, opportunities and responsibilities for all Nigerians. If you want something "bad enough", you barter the opportunity cost. Responsible, selfless, progressive and accountable leaders and the led, are fundamental and invaluable treasures of a nation. Sir Joe.(USA)

This is a MAN OF GOD!!!! With

This is a MAN OF GOD!!!! With the Spirit of the Living God. Change will come.

reincarnation of Msgr Oscar Romero

32 years ago, the saintly Msgr Oscar Romero denounced Washington's death squads from his pulpit in San Salvador and was martyred there, but his voice grew louder from inside the earth and today Latin America has almost fully cleansed itself of fascist neoliberals. Apparently from this video, Igbo people know that Ejike Mbaka has tapped the spirit of truth and justice, so now it's Africa's turn to free itself from arrogant, brutal thieves.


I hope Nigerians watch and spread this video. GEJ and DERI please watch this video and search your conscience,ask yourself what can I do to better my people.Northern leaders, what have you done for your people? May God Bless this Pastor and punish those self righteous Pastors and all say Amen!!
Truth is Bitter

Truth has no color

the truth has no color but plain. And as a message of God it is never romantic or seeking favors from no one. It never bothers whose ox is gored by flaunting its fangs at the crooked. Prophets like Jeremiah, Amos and Elijah were seen and treated as traitors in their country until all what they said came to pass. If what the Priest had said is not the truth, you would have done well to debunk them instead of hiding behind your own finger. If we on a forum like this feel so uncomfortable with the truth told boldly, then what does the future hold for the country.

Truth for once!

May God bless this man of God, for identifying the cause of our collective failure in Nigeria i.e the crooked leaders for stealing our common wealth and not acting like a government by providing any atmosphere for any type of honest Enterprise and not some Imaginary demons and enemies the fake pastors like Adeboye,Oyedepo Oyakhilome e.t.c, always brainwash people to focus on while they empty their pockets and with this blood money hobnob with our criminal Leaders.

@ Oluade you are the wounded tribal chauvinist

Why is it that some of you Nigerians are retarded? Direct your comment to Rebel and leave the Ibos out of it. What makes you think that Rebel is not a Yoruba man?

To be sure, this is not a

To be sure, this is not a recent message. Sahara Reporters please be fair to your audience, what is the date of this video?

True man of God

You are true and only man of God, Infact you are God send to liberate this country called Nigeria from the hands of wicked and bad leader, If other men of God will join you and said the truth we will be free from all these wicked and bad leader.
God Bless you sir.