VIDEO: Ugandan Female Activists Strip Naked To Protest Police Groping Of Female Politician-Citizen TV

About six Ugandan female opposition activists stripped their clothes and took to the streets of Kampala, Uganda to protest the alleged sexual harassment of one of their own, on Friday.

The female leaders want the police officer responsible for pinching the breast of their leader, head of the opposition forum for democratic change women's league, Ingrid Turinawe, to be arrested for sexual harassment, even as police maintain that the officer in question was a fellow woman and not a man. We have the footage of the assault and the resulting protests that has seen women in Kampala up in arms.

-Citizen TV

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African men chill!!!!!

African women in politics have a long way to be accepted by the men. Eventhough Africa has made history with two women presidents and 2 vice presidents, it is still not enough. African men should respect female politicians and females in general, through women's reproductive rights, every one is born, they are our mothers, and must be respected. Nine month to labor, or c/section of a baby is not easy for women, not to talk of nurturing the child. The song "Sweet mother" says it all. African men chill out!!!!

kai...first i thought they

kai...first i thought they were nigerian women and then...UGANDA!!! is this for good or bad? has the revolution started? please no overflow bobi...get the younger ones in cinema...


whats the dog doing there, is that a police dog? hehehe

Uganda's idea of democrazy

Uganda's idea of democrazy

Sado-masochistic Policeman!

That policeman should be sacked and sent to jail forthwith. The man is an animal. He is a man and not a woman that was catching her breast. And even if it is a woman, she must be a lesbian who enjoyed the sado moves of touching the womans' breast. Women could also sexually assult other women. What is saw in the film is a man.

Where is the nakedness?

These protesters are not naked now. Nothing here can move the authorities to accede to their demands. If going naked was their means to achieve that, they should go topless or strip down to their birthday suits.
They need to take a cue from the oghara women who succeeded in ensuring the police couldn't arrest ibori on their soil. That's how to do it, not this summer dressing here.

Sanusi Lamido to be turbaned Danmajen Kano

Sanusi Lamido to be turbaned Danmajen Kano

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The Police Officer who did this is even a woman just imagine that...Shameless...Some other person will subject her to the same treatment...

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