VIDEO: What Nigeria Owes The Tortoise By Pius Adesanmi

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@Deri, there you go again!

Niger Delta isn't immuned from the trend. It's even worse over there. Whether 40% or 10% doesn't make any difference. The money that has gone into the region has not been accounted for. It's been siphoned, embezzled and diverted to private purses, no thanks to GEJ, NDDC, some gullible chiefs and governors. GEJ is weak and corrupt. So far, he is the worst president ever to rule Nigeria. The tone outside the shore of the country is very clear and loud. NIGERIA PROJECT IS A LIVING MANUAL ON HOW A COUNTRY SHOULD NEVER BE RUN!!!! So get your thought together next time AND STOP THIS MERRY-GO-ROUNDING THAT ENDS NO WHERE!!!!

@Deri, why do you keep going off the road?

@Deri, it doesn't appear clear the point you are trying to make. The issue of corruption in Nigeria is highly complicated, hydra-headed and sophisticated. Our foundamental norms and values are totally eroded and continues to get worse with each passing government. Greediness, selfishness, self-centeredness, to mention a few, largely displayed by Nigeria government, has robbed the the country of its resources and prestidge in the global community. Every Nigerian outside the country has become potential suspect. The same oil resources has been used positively utilized in many other countries of the world, yet to us it seems like a curse. This is the key point of Pius' talk.

Pure Wisdom

The Ijapa adage is for the wise

yet pius& bakare and their imperilaist ocntrolled SNG dont care

World Bank report warns that 40 per cent of habitable terrain in the Niger Delta area would disappear in 20 years if strong-willed remediation was not carried out. And the FGN admitted that 40,000 oil spills had occurred in the past 53 years of oil exploration. Yet the likes of Pius pretend not to know! it claimed that the palm groves, shorelines, creeks and other habitable areas would be washed away by erosion as well as spills due to the activities of oil exploration firm. The recent flood which affected every LGAs in Bayelsa state is a case in point. Apart from effects of oil spills, gas flaring constitutes a veritable hazard. It causes acid rain which acidifies the lakes and streams and damages crops and vegetation. It reduces farm yields and harms human health; increases the risk of respiratory illnesses, asthma and cancer and often causes chronic bronchitis, decreased lung function, blindness, impotence, miscarriages and premature deaths.

WHAT 9JA OWENS THE SS-is thank u not insults

SINCE Nigeria started generating revenue from crude oil in 1958, the country has earned about N55.696 trillion or N1 trillion a year, according to Vanguard investigations.Of this princely sum, which accounts for about 80 per cent of the country’s federal revenue, only N6.577 trillion or less has been paid to the oil producing areas as derivation. The figure is N18.771 trillion less than the N25.348 trillion the oil-bearing regions should have got as derivation if 50 per cent derivation had not been jettisoned few years after crude oil became the chief revenue earner.
Between 1958 and 2007 (CBN Annual Report and Statement of Account, 2008), Nigeria earned N29.8 trillion from petroleum resources. And between 2008 and 2011, the country generated N20.895 trillion.

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