VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT: Sexual Harassment At AAU, Ekpoma: Victimized Student Fights Back

 TRANSCRIPT: The sexual harassment encounter between Engineer P. O. Otubu of Ambrose Alli University and a female student "Judith"-The video starts with an approach to a room with a burglary proof gate and  a wooden door slightly open behind it. The gate appears locked and Engineer/Professor P. O. Otubu sat on a plastic chair panting after what appears to be a fight between him and student "Judith"

Female voice: Judith

Judith: Uhh

Femaile Voice: I wan talk to you

Lecturer: You don naked me now

Judith: (apparently calling the man) Otubu

Lecturer: Yes?

Judith: Otubu?

Lecturer: Yes?

Judith: Oh. Sheybi you for don pass me (meaning she already got a passing grade from an earlier sexual encounter with the professor) , make I go. It is better than all this sweat.

Lecturer: the other time I didn’t know your number then

 Judith: Ah, ahn, you didn’t know…you did it intentionally

Lecturer: No, no, no no

Judith: So that I will come and you'll do it again , so that you will f**k

Lecturer: Me!

Judith: ( says something in local Edo dialect)

(Lecturer makes a pleading gesture to person filming the incident. Judith appears to use a phone to take lecturer’s picture)

Lecturer: my brother, you are a man. Are you a student?

Male voice: Judith, Judith, Juddith

Male voice 2: (apparently in response to lecturer’s pleading gestures) Wetin you dey beg, you dey beg me? You never see (inaudible)

Male Voice 1 from "film crew": Judith, Judith, that is okay. Open the door for him. Open for him, open for him. Please open for him

Male voice 2: Open where?

Judith: (apparently in answer to lecturer’s quiet question) I don’t know them o

Lecturer: (to man or men behind camera) My friend

(Judith derides the man’s privates )

Judith: John Thomas (laughs)

Male voice 1: Judith, wey the check wetin e wan sign. E don sign am?

Judith: I no see am see check

Lecturer:E no bounce check now I have the check

Male voices: Oya sign them now. You go sign that check before you leave this plave o. Which bank?

Lecturer: (apparently answering) Bank PHB…

Ale voice 1: okay I have somebody that can verify it for me

Lecturer: As soon as they pay in June salary, you cash it

Male voice 2: June salary? We should be waiting for June salary?

Male voice 3?: no, noooo. No.

Male voice 2: Sign it first

Male voice: where is the car key

Male voice: Sign it first

Judith: (Appears to be talking on the phone ) Honey? Ohhhh, e tell me say my car no…I dey video am sha, normal….my love

Male voice: E don sign am

(Judith , whilst on the phone, pulls lecturer’s trousers stripping him nearly naked)

Male voice: Judith, let him sign the cheque first now. (Shouting) Let him sign the cheque

(Whilst Judith is pulling the man’s trousers)

Female voice : Let am sign the cheque

Male voice: let am sign the cheque

Male voice: no worry, e no bounce

(man talks inaudibly)

Male voices keep calling out to Judith

Male voice; leave that man

Judith (still with phone to her ear says to lecturer): Put your hand down

Male voices support her request by shouting the same to lecturer

Male voice: What are you still waiting?

Female voice: Put your hand down

Judith: Put your hand down. Oya snap us. Put oyour hand down

(Lecturer complies revealing a shrivelled up penis)

Judith: Put your hand down.

Male voice: stay close, stay close

(lecturer smiles sheepishly)

Judith: (slaps his back because he has pulled his trousers up again.) Put you hand down. You are covering your john Thomas

Male voice 1: Put your hands down . you see you are covering it. Put your hands down


Lecturer: Are you taking it? (apparently asking if they are filming / taking pictures)

Judith: Oya, Snap am o. I hope e get memory card

Male voice: yes, yes

Male 2: better memory card, you never see

Judith: you are not going anywhere.

Male voice1: you are not going anywhere. Come come come come, see

Male voice2 : The fact is, If this cheque bounce, this photograph will get around this school

Male voice: settle us first, settle us now first

Lecturer; I beg, give me something to wear

Male voice: I gave you something to wear – that white knicker. Put this oon , wear that one

Lecturer: I will wear it on top of it

Male voice: wear it on top. You can go with it . It is my own

Male voice 2: I wanted to give him my knicker if he he can pay for it

Female voice: Go sit down. Your own no pass money (she says apparently to the boy who wanted money for his own shorts) - instead make una dey beg my sister

Male voice: I don beg o. I don beg o

Lecturer: This is pass…Its cheque book

Male voice: Thre are some things inside ( the ma’s trousers). Give her everything to hold (must be female voice) so that nothing is missing

Male voice: Where is the cheque book? Where is the cheque book

Judith: If you do not put this thing, I will call your wife

Female voice: e say e wan sign cheque now

Male voice: Sign the cheque, before you do anything

( A lot of behind the scene conversations. People are asking what is going on )

Judith: Which date e go put for the cheque

Lecturer: June salary

Male voice: we don’t even know when…

Male date : put any date that

Lecturer: (inaudible utterance) soon as they pay, just come and cash it. This Monday

Make voice2: If you out Monday the cheque is oing to bounce because june salary…Monday is not okay. Put month end

Lecturer: 30th

Male voice: What is on the 30th?

Lecturer: It is Friday or so.

Male voice: okay put 29th

Male voice 2:You go settle our own?

Lecturer: I have already put 30th

Male voice: hope that signature is your signature. Or else you go see yourself inside TV today

Male voice: This one clear. E clear like DVD nah. This lecturer?

(lecturer gives a frowning Judith the cheque, smiling and petting her)

Male voice: show the cheque, show am show am

(someone holds cheque up to camera)

Male voice: This is the cheque? From Mr Okosun. N100,000

Male voice 2: N100,000?

Is N100,000 okay by you

Judith: He’s paid (inaudible) N500..(rest inaudible)

(Lecturer tries to hide face behind cheque. Voices ask him to bring h is hands down from his face)
Male voice: your father

Lecturer: (smiling) you are abusing me?

Male voice: you know wetin lecturer don do me for this school?

Lecturer: Which course are you doing?

Male voice: Why you dey ask me?

(Apparently to Judith’s further protests)

Male voice: Its ok , its ok. Here is your cheque. Hold the cheque

(The cheque appears to be in the name of one Okosun)

Male voice 2: Sign that cheque on the back. Sign that cheque on the back. Put your name , you number and….your name your number and your home address

Female voice: Do all this thing, make you open this door
Transcript provided by Kayode Ogundamisi

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Dressing in campusses

Mode of dressing in campuses must change to stop high level of seduction. Girls moves half necked in the name of fashion, which is terrible! I therefore put the bulk of blames on the girls. However, some of the boy are criminal in nature, there they should be delt with. Been seduced is not an excuse to harass a lady, they should have self control! Report the girls to the school authority were she is not properly dress. Must girls have turn campuses to prostitutional ground, that should not be tolerated by school authority, though some lecturers are beneficiaries of those girls. Watch!!!

I careful it, but for a

I careful it, but for a variety of reason, decided it was in my best wellbeing to finish the game on one stage first. eid sms messages l independence day messages l ramadan sms

Oh my God! That is awful! I

Oh my God! That is awful! I remember that I followed a MBA online course at this university and I heard stories from my mates but I didn't want to believe them. These people are the worse kind there is so frankly I hope he gets fired and will never teach again. I know that I am kind of radical but that is the way that it should be.

sexual harrassment at AAU, Ekpoma

This piece is in reply to Jacob Bashir's out pour on prof. Otubu and his sister in medical sch who dropped out b/c she didn't give in to a lecturer's advances;from my little experience, Prof is no doubt a no nonsense man, who was not accessible, tough, diligent and cant be manipulated and was not liked by other colleagues. You see things like this couldn't av been successful without the approval of other colleagues,who are even worse and more rotten than the Prof himself. Only God knew who actually masterminded the scene> For my own assessment. About the medical lady, there shld be other reasons which are not revealed to u. a distinction student couldn't av had such experience at all, more so at medical sch. Jacob, pls realise that that lecture couldn't av been her only lecturer in that sch. and more so,other lectures will be more interested in her, not for her beauty but her brilliancy and any issue that will make her to withdraw, the head of the sch. must be aware. thanks



Aside that,SOME TIMES certain

Aside that,SOME TIMES certain happenings 4Nigeria go just tire some1. You did a nice writeup.


there is one idiot, said that is part of enjoying nonsense talk. na shit the guy dey talk. you said is fun but i agree with dat. but people as turn it to some else. there is a 24years old boy who rapped 15 young girl dat bad. where are we going

bad habbit

well to me.i can blame the student and the lecture.
first of all dis our country no get tight security.look at does richest man and woman who do crime maybe they (killed or stole money from the bank)they will not punish them at all, even if they are in jail you no go see the sign at all.when our leader are doing bad no one go stand only money dey know to wipe out there mouth say dey no see wetin happen.i can't blame anybody. when our leader dey do bad thing, na follow follow we go dey the story is true cause many bad thing are occurring every 17 year old girl.we don talk and talk,they no go hear cause we Nigerian dey stubborn.tanx oh GOD bless Nigeria and let them be good. pls show love cause we are like brother and sister.

useless lecturer

from my opinion the otuba is a useless man that goes about to uselss small girls.they sleep with girls to give them grade and colect money from boys because they have nothing to offer. I think many lecturer will learn from this useless act. They use their position to fuck so many girls.

Shameless University Dunce called Prof Otubu

What has happened to Prof Otubu is clearly God's intervention, to expose this shameless university lecturers who have destroyed education in our nation, The lecturers demand money from males, sex from females who can not pass exams and flood our dear nation with so-called graduates. Judith went too far, but no one can guess the amount of frustration and harassment this poor girl must have passed thru. My niece, a distinction student, dropped out of medical college bcos she refused to give in, the lecturer even pursued her up to my house. I had to send her abroad to continue. I am so pained and I've sworn to deal with this lecturer, anyway. Any persons who sympathise with Prof Otubu, may their daughters drop out of the university in Jesus' name.
This is a matter our national assembly is supposed to address, they prefer trivialities.
Prof learned the hard way, I hope his friends are no dunces.
Oh God save our education.

great disease

Indeed, illiteracy is a disease with which no amount or level of education can cure

Opposite of Otubu

I was surprised when I saw Engr Otutu nakedness on the net. He was my Lecturer. I know him very well. If u want to talk of a man who do not victimize student and who is Godly.Is Engr Otubu. He make sure that students both male and female are not victimize unnecessary.
I think why Judith succeeded was because the man is too simple and straight forward. If it were to be our wicked lecturers, my God He knows what to do in the scene.
Engr. Otube is a good man. I am really suprise that he fall prey to this Judith ( the girl is shameless).

guess ur mum never showed u d way

See dis animal callin juliet a bitch all I pray is dat the same should be done  ur daughters,do u ve any idea how much dis poor girl felt so sad b4 she was pushed 2 dis?som girls died with dis kind of pain but she stood up 4 her self d only way she knew how nd u call ur mum a bitch not JULIET

You all are saying nonsense.

You all are saying nonsense. I graduated from this school and I know what the lecturers and students are like.

she is a devil

that girl need to be arrested can'nt u see that she and her friend blackmail this man in my own point of view that man is innocent and that girl she is a bad egg and a prostute too need to be arrested plssssssss

na only this one una go talk what about those who naked?

Judith and the rest of them wey say them be student are bitch.she only want to play the old man and destroy the man's record.maybe the man slept with her before without paying so she come back for revenge.i beg don't mind the ashawo is becos he is a black man,what about those thieves wey pose nude for a white man and later stole the white man's money some time ago?.I still have those girls big pussy pics in my inbox,are they not the same so call student of university of fuck? fuck judith and her friends.

My dear , In your own

My dear , In your own opinion, what should have been done in this case?

Video evidence to place him on scene? Do you know he could deny the allegation and claim he was set up? The only way to get an offender is that moment when his offense is fresh and he knows he has been caught red handed and any attempt to deny may likely result in more dire consequences.

PS: If you are a lecturer, you probably have done things like this before, beware because your day is coming too.


Iyke, if you have nothing better to post other than to stereotype a particular tribe, please shut up. You are most likely doing the same thing the said professor does for you to write such in this forum.

For your information, I am a man like you and Yoruba before you begin to cry foul again!

Re: Financial Statement Assignment

Thank you for being one of the sane people here.

I guess most of the bloggers here feel it is OK to force women to have sex. May God help Nigeria with men such as these as its leaders and future leaders.

My prayer is that all who posted abusing the students will have their daughters, sisters and wives in a similar situation. Or do you think your own relatives are better than this poor student?


What if the female student were your daughter?


If the students had a way out, they wouldn't do what they did. Whose sin is worse, someone attempting to rape your sister or your sister delivering herself? He who comes to equity must come with clean hands so please leave the student's alone!

Randy Lecturer

The students have been left with no options hence their actions. I hope ALL female students will watch this and learn how to handle useless men whose only goal is to mess up people's wives and daughters.

By the way, I am a man and I will like all you men out there who think women are for the taking because you are in a position of power to know that your nemesis will come. In better organized societies, what Otubu or whatever his name is was attempting to do is called sexual harassment which is not different from rape.

I look forward to the day when no depraved man will mess up our daughters!

Both are guilty. Tatiary

Both are guilty. Tatiary institutions should critically look into this age long matter of sexual harrassment of female students. I don't know why a student should pay in exchange of good grades with sex, this is very awful. How will a sain man enjoy this sort of mechanical sex. Please this sort of horror is not acceptble, its criminal. The "sorting" deal and sale of hand outs is no longer enough.

see the way the lecturer was

see the way the lecturer was coarsed, intimidated, harassed and compelled to carry out Judith's order. Well, there were threats everywhere around him. held and abducted against his willand held to ransom by the the camera and his abductors. Well, he had to obey them out of fear for his life. there are are better ways to do this rather than stripping a man naked while at the same time asking him to sign a check. Two wrongs will never make a right.
Action: Prof should face criminal charges while Judith and his cohorts face civil charges

Is a shame!!!

I dont know where to start but after watching the video clip,i really felt bad and sorry for the hv involved himself into this mess,considering the fact that the whole world could hv assess to this.Imagine a situation where the wife and children would be watching the prof.doing naked show in the net...I petty him greatly..


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who is the victim

very wrong approach to settling the matter by the students.Not to say the lecturer was not wrong for previously asking sexual favours from the student, but this was just taking it too far. If anything the video should have just been used as proof to place him at scene, not all the extra unnecessary things like forced nudity. The video was very saddening for me to watch especially in the sense that it was hard for me to see who the victim was ; extortion, blackmailed nudity and all was just too much in my opinion, but I guess it would be wrong to judge unless you've been in the situation.

who is the victim

very wrong approach to settling the matter by the students.Not to say the lecturer was not wrong for previously asking sexual favours from the student, but this was just taking it too far. If anything the video should have just been used as proof to place him at scene, not all the extra unnecessary things like forced nudity. The video was very saddening for me to watch especially in the sense that it was hard for me to see who the victim was ; extortion, blackmailed nudity and all was just too much in my opinion, but I guess it would be wrong to judge unless you've been in the situation.


That was a show of shame and it makes me wonder who was been harassed. The students extorting money from a randy lecturer? And some faceless people trying to use blackmail on a hapless lecturer? If it was sexual harassment I had to see a lecturer making demands from a student and threatening to fail the student except he had sex with her. But in a situation where the demands are coming from the other party. Think the police and the law court will be able to throw more lights into this.

There is

Sexual harassment should stop