VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT: Sexual Harassment At AAU, Ekpoma: Victimized Student Fights Back

 TRANSCRIPT: The sexual harassment encounter between Engineer P. O. Otubu of Ambrose Alli University and a female student "Judith"-The video starts with an approach to a room with a burglary proof gate and  a wooden door slightly open behind it. The gate appears locked and Engineer/Professor P. O. Otubu sat on a plastic chair panting after what appears to be a fight between him and student "Judith"

Female voice: Judith

Judith: Uhh

Femaile Voice: I wan talk to you

Lecturer: You don naked me now

Judith: (apparently calling the man) Otubu

Lecturer: Yes?

Judith: Otubu?

Lecturer: Yes?

Judith: Oh. Sheybi you for don pass me (meaning she already got a passing grade from an earlier sexual encounter with the professor) , make I go. It is better than all this sweat.

Lecturer: the other time I didn’t know your number then

 Judith: Ah, ahn, you didn’t know…you did it intentionally

Lecturer: No, no, no no

Judith: So that I will come and you'll do it again , so that you will f**k

Lecturer: Me!

Judith: ( says something in local Edo dialect)

(Lecturer makes a pleading gesture to person filming the incident. Judith appears to use a phone to take lecturer’s picture)

Lecturer: my brother, you are a man. Are you a student?

Male voice: Judith, Judith, Juddith

Male voice 2: (apparently in response to lecturer’s pleading gestures) Wetin you dey beg, you dey beg me? You never see (inaudible)

Male Voice 1 from "film crew": Judith, Judith, that is okay. Open the door for him. Open for him, open for him. Please open for him

Male voice 2: Open where?

Judith: (apparently in answer to lecturer’s quiet question) I don’t know them o

Lecturer: (to man or men behind camera) My friend

(Judith derides the man’s privates )

Judith: John Thomas (laughs)

Male voice 1: Judith, wey the check wetin e wan sign. E don sign am?

Judith: I no see am see check

Lecturer:E no bounce check now I have the check

Male voices: Oya sign them now. You go sign that check before you leave this plave o. Which bank?

Lecturer: (apparently answering) Bank PHB…

Ale voice 1: okay I have somebody that can verify it for me

Lecturer: As soon as they pay in June salary, you cash it

Male voice 2: June salary? We should be waiting for June salary?

Male voice 3?: no, noooo. No.

Male voice 2: Sign it first

Male voice: where is the car key

Male voice: Sign it first

Judith: (Appears to be talking on the phone ) Honey? Ohhhh, e tell me say my car no…I dey video am sha, normal….my love

Male voice: E don sign am

(Judith , whilst on the phone, pulls lecturer’s trousers stripping him nearly naked)

Male voice: Judith, let him sign the cheque first now. (Shouting) Let him sign the cheque

(Whilst Judith is pulling the man’s trousers)

Female voice : Let am sign the cheque

Male voice: let am sign the cheque

Male voice: no worry, e no bounce

(man talks inaudibly)

Male voices keep calling out to Judith

Male voice; leave that man

Judith (still with phone to her ear says to lecturer): Put your hand down

Male voices support her request by shouting the same to lecturer

Male voice: What are you still waiting?

Female voice: Put your hand down

Judith: Put your hand down. Oya snap us. Put oyour hand down

(Lecturer complies revealing a shrivelled up penis)

Judith: Put your hand down.

Male voice: stay close, stay close

(lecturer smiles sheepishly)

Judith: (slaps his back because he has pulled his trousers up again.) Put you hand down. You are covering your john Thomas

Male voice 1: Put your hands down . you see you are covering it. Put your hands down


Lecturer: Are you taking it? (apparently asking if they are filming / taking pictures)

Judith: Oya, Snap am o. I hope e get memory card

Male voice: yes, yes

Male 2: better memory card, you never see

Judith: you are not going anywhere.

Male voice1: you are not going anywhere. Come come come come, see

Male voice2 : The fact is, If this cheque bounce, this photograph will get around this school

Male voice: settle us first, settle us now first

Lecturer; I beg, give me something to wear

Male voice: I gave you something to wear – that white knicker. Put this oon , wear that one

Lecturer: I will wear it on top of it

Male voice: wear it on top. You can go with it . It is my own

Male voice 2: I wanted to give him my knicker if he he can pay for it

Female voice: Go sit down. Your own no pass money (she says apparently to the boy who wanted money for his own shorts) - instead make una dey beg my sister

Male voice: I don beg o. I don beg o

Lecturer: This is pass…Its cheque book

Male voice: Thre are some things inside ( the ma’s trousers). Give her everything to hold (must be female voice) so that nothing is missing

Male voice: Where is the cheque book? Where is the cheque book

Judith: If you do not put this thing, I will call your wife

Female voice: e say e wan sign cheque now

Male voice: Sign the cheque, before you do anything

( A lot of behind the scene conversations. People are asking what is going on )

Judith: Which date e go put for the cheque

Lecturer: June salary

Male voice: we don’t even know when…

Male date : put any date that

Lecturer: (inaudible utterance) soon as they pay, just come and cash it. This Monday

Make voice2: If you out Monday the cheque is oing to bounce because june salary…Monday is not okay. Put month end

Lecturer: 30th

Male voice: What is on the 30th?

Lecturer: It is Friday or so.

Male voice: okay put 29th

Male voice 2:You go settle our own?

Lecturer: I have already put 30th

Male voice: hope that signature is your signature. Or else you go see yourself inside TV today

Male voice: This one clear. E clear like DVD nah. This lecturer?

(lecturer gives a frowning Judith the cheque, smiling and petting her)

Male voice: show the cheque, show am show am

(someone holds cheque up to camera)

Male voice: This is the cheque? From Mr Okosun. N100,000

Male voice 2: N100,000?

Is N100,000 okay by you

Judith: He’s paid (inaudible) N500..(rest inaudible)

(Lecturer tries to hide face behind cheque. Voices ask him to bring h is hands down from his face)
Male voice: your father

Lecturer: (smiling) you are abusing me?

Male voice: you know wetin lecturer don do me for this school?

Lecturer: Which course are you doing?

Male voice: Why you dey ask me?

(Apparently to Judith’s further protests)

Male voice: Its ok , its ok. Here is your cheque. Hold the cheque

(The cheque appears to be in the name of one Okosun)

Male voice 2: Sign that cheque on the back. Sign that cheque on the back. Put your name , you number and….your name your number and your home address

Female voice: Do all this thing, make you open this door
Transcript provided by Kayode Ogundamisi

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the is an example to all

the is an example to all other lecturers who are in the act, either in colleges of education, polytechnics, universities and even secondary school. BE WARNED A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE

Shame also to judith

Am discusted with this video. In as much as i condemn sexual harrasment in whatever form, the way this issue was handled is embarassing. i cant imagine that our university students can degenerate to this jankara means of solving a sexual harassment. this Judit should be rusticated from the university because she is not worty in character and learning. As for Otubu or whatever he is called, shame on u for bringing this shame on your family and to lectures in general.


I am confused as to what to believe so let Prof Otubu head to court to prove his innocence. The level of disgrace was too much. We are eager to decipher the truth.

Mr Johnny Goodluck, Your

Mr Johnny Goodluck,
Your judgement is fair enough as regards this issue. Its quite unfortunate anyway.

It Takes Two To Tangle!

Judith Okosun is a case of NEED! Engineer/Professor Peter Otubu is a case of WANT!...And it takes two to tangle. Judith is not a confidently brilliant student else she wouldn't have to go to bed with the lecturer> If the lecturer had made passes at her, she would simply have called his bluff knowing that she owes him nothing. But going to bed with him is obvious that she was in dire need for extra passing marks as at the time she was seeking the lecturer's face. So she cannot be absolved of whatever transpired here. The lecturer is a shame unto himself and his family and unto the University community. How can he debase himself to the extent of sleeping with his student?? There are ladies outside who needn't be students under him that he could keep extra-marital relationship with and yet go unpurnished. Judith should have taken the filming to the HOD, Dean of Faculty and then to the school Senate to deal with the issue. Unsatisfied by any judgement, she could have called for her papers if she was sure that she was delibrately failed by the lecturer.

Got ya, Mr. Lecturer!

Trying to intimidate female students with sex in order to pass their exams, is to me the worst crime anyone can commit...and should be punishable by a long prison sentence. Our institutions don't need people with such low moral standards. We all know it happens in our Universities and even Secondary schools. I just hope it has not degenerated to our Primary schools! What a country???

...and what are our thieving legislators doing about it? Nothing.

Abdulkarim sang with it, Nollywood has acted it, but it will take more bold but equally criminally-minded students like Judith to drive the message home. Setup or no setup, the message is clear.

God bless Sahara!!!


Going by the conversation in the video, it is very obvious judith is a stupid girl...i think the issue is actually the other way round, judith kidnapped the man, sexually harrased him, beat him and soiled his integrity...All these are offences. she should be tried in court for these various offences....All her video crew who are obviously cultists should be hunted down........i refuse to beleive mr otubu is guilty because the video or rather the approach by judith shows so.....come to think of it she is very ugly, no reasonable man would want to see her nakedness...I FEAR FOR HER BECAUSE.........................

Judith's past acada records and is crucial for investigation

lets investigate this Judith of a girl from her nursery school till today. let us know her behavioural patern as well.

Judith's attitude in the whole stuff is messmerazi..............

I do not know how she found herself into the 4 walls of that Great University, This is a  big shame!....... True some lecturers and some students find themselves in this mess but if we are patient to dig into stories, it is often the dull and the lazy type that shout woe all the time. They therefore result to other means, It is now left for the acaedemic authorities and the Government to take a criticall look at the whole system and make accessment then dig out a better way forward of accessing our students in the university.

Investigation Ke! Who let the dog out, uh uh uh?

Who let the dog out, uh uh uh?
The investigation will cut across every Nigerian in position. If you even check the vice chancellor, you will see many babes come out with one record or the other including admission favours etc.
The Governor, commisioners and secretaries, bank managers and cashiers for promotions, even Presidents for contracts. Senators, poor professor takes all the blame. He might be the saint when the investigation is complete.

investigations should be carried out by the relevant authorities

Whatever your name is James Daniel, if you are a right and intelligent thinking man, you should know that what was laid down is a call for factual check before name calling. If it is found out after “proper investigations” that Judith did write well in her exams but still failed and later had the professor demand sex for grades then you would be right to say it is a shame, but the real shame here is people like you who throw stones and cast judgments without careful consideration of what “might have been” and what “might not have been” due to your shallow mind. Married and unmarried men alike world over cheat on their spouses or girlfriends and YOU are not a saint or left out. I guess you are part of the “ONES” that understood the story better. Please people open your eyes and ears because some have eyes but they cannot see and some have ears but cannot hear. Only wise people would assume innocence by first cross checking facts from both sides before pronouncing judgments. I have not said Judith is wrong in her claim, we only have held her supposed cry for help, let’s wait to hear from the professor’s side of what transpired before conclusions, in real countries that’s how things operate instead of jungle justice.

Why would a lecture belittle

Why would a lecture belittle him self to visit a one room apartment of a student? He is a disgrace to the lecturing proffession in 9ja lets forget about the reporter taking sides issue. The man messed up.What experts do is to tell the girl to make reservation in a hotel while he comes to butcher the thing there.May God continue to expose the bad lectures coz our country needs change.

We must really critically

We must really critically evaluate this tape before making comments.we must be aware of the pressure young girls on campuses put on these lecturers and most of them being human are bound to fall.Be that as it may, i see this tape a set up also.Before you crucify me,listen to my arguement.
If this is not a case of intimidation,why wont mr otubu lock the inner door and prevent them from recording the tape?for him to have allowed the door to be left wide open and putting in little or no resistance indicates that there is something beyond the eyes happening at therecording end of the tape.
Also if actually he had made love to her or about to do it,his trouser would not have been torn the way it was,moreso, judith or what they call her wont have be fully dressed the way she was.
Looking at judiths facial reaction closely in this tape will tell you that she was uncomfortable with her actions and was getting instructions from the other end.
It beats my imagination that judith would even allow her self to be used in this act.she is a disgrace to the hard working students of her school,this goes to show that all she does is to sleep around with lecturers to get good grades.infact she has exposed herself.she is just an ugly, local and dirty pig.

There is always an avenue for

There is always an avenue for redress in the academic arena if a student thinks s/he was unduly or undeservedly failed by a lecturer. Which is writing to the school authority demanding that your exams paper should be revisited since you think you did better. In this case your petition will be treated through exams & records, and another lecturer of the same course will be assigned to re-mark your papers based on the making scheme of the course exam, then a disciplinary committee will be set up to investigate the situation and punish the culpable party.
For the lecturer it will be demotion, and for the student, it is rustication. Therefore, as a student you must be sure that you know the course, because in some instances the student might be asked to sit for the same exam again under stiff supervision. This only happened when the school authority suspected that the student cheated. We all know that exam questions were selected from the pools of questions submitted by all lecturers taking a similar course, and that not one lecturer take a single course year in year out in undergraduate programs.
I wonder why Judith didn't pursue redress through normal academic channels. So many questions demanding answer, lets hope the panel of enquiry set will be fair and thorough!

Your sick

Benson I think your sick and very very sick for that matter. are u sure u did understand the story. Are u tryin to condone such attitude of a married man (lecturer) for that matter caught up in a female students room. On what basis is your own judgement?
Imagine if its your sister. this is an attitude that university lecturers have developed and continued to spoil our young girls. Its a shame holding back grades of female students younger than their daughters unless they sleep with them. its a sad thing if you dont know.
Now your trying to condone an attitude of a useless lecturer sleepin with her female student who may be younger than their daughters. and you call it what.....?

Your sick

I think your sick and very very sick for that matter. are u sure u did understand the story. Are u tryin to condone such attitude of a married man (lecturer) for that matter caught up in a female students room. On what basis is your own judgement?
Imagine if its your sister. this is an attitude that university lecturers have developed and continued to spoil our young girls. Its a shame holding back grades of female students younger than their daughters unless they sleep with them. its a sad thing if you dont know.
Now your trying to condone an attitude of a useless lecturer sleepin with her female student who may be younger than their daughters. and you call it what.....?

This is appalling and I hate

This is appalling and I hate to say that this is extortion although the Professor was morally wrong and be fired, nevertheless his action does not constitute any crime. Judith and her cohorts should be charged with crimes and from the tape, she had in fact had sex with the man on previous occasion where she was not even passed and this affair on video was a clearly intended payback. Frankly, her days in any University is over anywhere in the world and life of prostitution will most likely follow but the Professor will find job elsewhere. Having sex with consenting adult is no crime, propositioning a student (Judith appears to be around 28) is morally improper but not a crime. From the tape Judith has the tendency to sleep for grade so I don't think any definition of harassment was met as the man was invited to the brothel!

judith is fools

juudith is a confirm disgrace to her family and to the university, lets drag the bulls by the horn,,, this attitude shows that the so call judith is a doll student academically because, lecturers.would never approach scholars for sex in other to gives conclusion she is not fit to be in that institution .

nonsense talk

You should be ashame of your self.
It show you like the harassment on student.


In my own opinion, this is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to sexual harrassments by lecturers in our higher institutions of learning here in Nigeria and a clear example of the heights irresponsibilty of many female students in Nigerian Higher institutions.
To me The professor cum Engineer and Judith are both culprits and guilty. What did that professor go to a female student's house for? He sells Examination scores, marks and grades for sexual pleasure, thereby killing the standard of education which we are working hard to revive. While I was in the University, we saw many of such useless lecturers intimidating female students just because of cheap sex. On the other hand many female students who have coconut brains and whose major activities and business on campus is partying offer themselves cheaply to lecturers so as to pass exams and sometimes even score higher marks than hard working students. The whole thing here shows that they bothhave benefited from each other prior to this incident but the female student felt cheated in a particular instance for which she wanted to pay back.
Anyhow and anyway, the case should be properly investigated and both of them brought to book because neither of them is clean.
God help NIgeria

investigations should be carried out by the relevant authorities

In what law does it says a university lecturer cannot date a student who is well above 21 years old, this is a tertiary institution and not a high school, we have experienced lecturers getting married to their students, and wives been taught by husbands who are lecturers, lecturers teaching their own children and relatives in class, this is not new. These occurances in Nigerian Universities is a two way trafic, Students are subjected to this reality and so are lecturers subject to all kinds of manipulations by their students all in a bid to pass. Please Nigerians open your eyes and see, this is a clear set up case as a man who just finished having sex or about to have sex would not have his clothes ripped off and torn like he has just been beaten up. Why did Judith not begin the video by secretly showing the lecturer asking for sex for grades as claimed?. Why did the lecturer not fight his way out? Why did Judith insist "you for pass me before"? Why did Judith and her collaborators demand money and made sure the cheque was signed? If she was sure she passed why did she not ask for her scripts to be recalled and reevaluated by an independent school authority? at least that's what brilliant students who are sure of themselves do. This is clearly the work of cultists and colleagues who would do anything to get this lecturer out of their way. People are more intelligent to fall for this scheme by Judith and are cohorts, its not all that you see in "black and white is actually black and white". Open your eyes and evaluate this again before jumping into conclusions. We understand that this lecturer has come under so many attacks in his career with the University and one of such included his home being set on fire by unknown persons, guys pray that enemies do not have your time because there is no limit they would not go to see you fall down. This lecturer needs to be thankful they did not decide to end his life through this means. They had tried by asking him to bring out scripts or collect money for grades but that did not work. Only wise ones hear from both parties before making final decisions and conclusions. People be wise, don't be fooled to believe everything you see like Sahara reporters. They just simply showed how much of professionalism they put into their work. You pronounce judgment without trials for the case, what happened to innocent until proven guilt.


Justin, you must be an irresponsible man for what you said. we have hearing of our University lecturers and what they do, God has punish Mr. Otubu for his wicked behaviors he has been portraying in the University with female student, he really need to be punish. I wish our leaders will fine time to look into this case and get him arrested so that he will pay for all his wrong doings. So, Mr. Justin or whatever they call you, mind what you say.


Judith and her cohorts must be arrested immediately and prosecuted for kidnapping and inhuman treatment meted out to the lecturer. Those students are big disgrace to the Nigerian youths and the re-branding Nigeria thing.
As far as i am concerned the so called Judith was not forced to give sex to the lecturer. There are so many of them like that in our institutions. Those are the people that give IBB the courage to say Youths are not ready for leadership positions in Nigeria.


Judith and her cohorts must be arrested immediately and prosecuted for kidnapping and inhuman treatment meted out to the lecturer. Those students are big disgrace to the Nigerian youths and the re-branding Nigeria thing.
As far as i am concerned the so called Judith was not forced to give sex to the lecturer. There are so many of them like that in our institutions. Those are the people that give IBB the courage to say Youths are not ready for leadership positions in Nigeria.


This goes a long way in explaining the calibre of workers you have,as well as their sense of judgements.
This video should have been critically viewed and analysed before publish.This is highly absurd,You are not the only Media house in Nigeria.

Why are the faces of those behind the scene not shown,who knows the type of Amunition they're carrying that made Engr Otubu to be that loyal to all their commands-sign the chaque(under duress). Why didnt judith raise alarm when he(Otubu)entered her house.For christ sake WHATEVER A MAN SOWETH,THAT HE WILL REAP. A CHEAT MUST BE CHEATED AND A BLACKMAILER MUST BE BLACKMAILED.

For me this a pure set up,an adoption & kidnap.

Fellow Nigerians let us put our ears down to get the true story and circumstances surrounding it before we condemn Engr Otubu.

Meanwhile in respect to this case,information gathered revealed that Ekpoma police is currently interrogating these men:

a)Engineer Ogbeide (mechanical engineering lecturer)

b)Engineer Sam Igbudu (mechanical engineering lecturer)

c)Engineer Clement Ojeabu (electrical engineering)

d)Engr. J.I Ighalo (head of dept., electrical engineering)

e)Engr. Jimoh (electrical engineering)

This is so messed up.

This Judith is so dumb and very stupid. This shows that she doesn't have a good upbringing because anybody that comes from a good home with good morals can not do what she did here and she is not even ashamed of the act. She still has the guts to show her face in this and ask if he still wants to sleep with her again. Shame on her.

And as for the Professor or the Engineer he's also not clean because how can he be smiling in this kind of situation? I feel for him sha but if he has slept with her in the first place then he's guilty but if not, he should get the girl and her culprits arrested and jailed because this is a big slap on his face and a huge embarrassment to his family.

Cultism and violence

Judith being a member of stupid black bra cult has a lot to do with the violence and defamation of character seen in the video. What prof Otubu did is prevalent in the university and happening this minute across Nigeria. He was unfortunate to have been set up criminally.
Extortion and humiliation are always the handy work of cult members who destroy Nigeria politically...go figure.

What Tertiary Education in Nigeria has become

This is a shameful and sad truth about what our tertiary institutions have become. This particular incidence from the video appears to be a case of a student who had been a willing parcipant in sex for examination grade exchange with a randy lecturer, getting to laugh last after previously benefitting from the relationship. This Judith is most certainly not an innocent victim, because as she said to the lecturer "you wan f**k again when you for just pass me". The Lecturer should in shame be suspended to say the least while the University Authority seriously investigate this matter but whatever the outcome he is certainly unfit to inpart knowlegde and character to the youths and therefore he should leave the institution. A University is a place where students are trained in learning and character and not just academics. May god save our sahools.

What a shame to Judith. On

What a shame to Judith. On seeing this video, I read a total shameless and debased lady. Her conduct alone during the act shows she has lost her womanhood. I wonder how some educated men and women allow their reputation to be tarnished by nonentity like Judith. The problem we are having is the emphasis on paper qualification as against, an ability to contribute positivly to organisational growth.

Most of the ladies that are

Most of the ladies that are sleeping or slept with lecturers are some lazy and unintelligent once. I wonder how a lecturer could approach a very bright female lady for sex to pass her. Please, our attitude sometimes is what makes some stupid lectureres to approach us for sex before we can pass their exams. Some Ladies that cannot even pass WAEC examination but succeeded through corrupt means found themselves in University can only graduate through using their pride (bottom power as they call it). Those who indulge in sex to pass examination are debased ladies, who have lost their intergrity and have nothing to offer to this socity. I really pity them. I passed through higher institution and my observation is that, we harass these lecturers sexually.