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EFCC to arraign 10 Governor next week

September 30, 2006
If the present angst of President Obasanjo doesn’t thwart EFCC’s efforts, at least 10 state governors may be arraigned before the Code of Conduct Tribunal next week for corruption and financial mismanagement offences according to sources at the EFCC.


The commission, which listed 33 state governors as corrupt in a speech at the public hearing of the Nigerian Senate last week is engaged in a battle with president Obasanjo over the disclosures. The president is said to be upset with EFCC chairman for not seeking “clearance” before going public with the list of state governors adjudged corrupt by the agency. Obasanjo, who last week was declared the life Board of Trustees chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), was not happy that the EFCC declaration portrays his party governors as a bunch of thieves and looters, even though the allegations were not new to the Nigerian public.


The EFCC chairman, battling with credibility problems of its own, might have taken the extra-ordinary steps last week to win back public confidence.


Since the EFCC declaration, President Obasanjo in meetings with the state governors has described EFCC’s declarations as “sensational”, even when admitting that some governors are corrupt. His major concern was the inclusion of the Governor of Rivers State, Peter Odili a close business associate of the president on the list. It has been rumored that Peter Odili was already anointed by Obasanjo to succeed him. Recently, our sources revealed that President Obasanjo co-owns a new start up airline -Arik Airline- with Peter Odili. The airline which doesn’t own a single airplane was allocated lucrative international routes by the Nigerian government.


Saharareporters could not confirm the names of state governors that will make the list of those to be arraigned before the Code of Conduct Bureau, even though the governors where said to be undeterred by the threats, a source close to majority of them, said they are not afraid of the Code of Conduct Bureau as it had never successfully prosecuted any governor in the past seven years. The governors figure that if the fight between Obasanjo and Atiku get’s worse, they will become beautiful brides sought after by both parties and as such the EFCC would have to be reigned in by the president to prevent his fall.

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