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Breaking NEWS: Peter Obi of Anambra State impeached

November 2, 2006
Saharareporters can now reveal that the first phase of Anambra impeachment crisis has come to an end, today, state legislators of Anambra State this morning in Awka, Anambra State impeached APGA party Governor, Peter Obi as governor of Anambra State. In a press conference following the impeachment, the speaker, Mike Balonwu claimed that 21 lawmakers signed the 'resolution' of the impeachment action, it is not clear how many members were physically present at the sitting.

 Supposedly, this will bring to an end, a bitter and vastly unpopular action of the state legislators who had accused the governor of impropriety in office.

The house of assembly which yesterday met with representatives of president Obasanjo in Asaba , Delta State were accompanied to Awka by heavy security provided by the police mobile unit. The house of assembly members arrived Awka at at 5:00 AM and began sitting afterwards, they received the report of a panel of investigation set up to investigate the governor and after deliberating for about an hour, decided to impeach the governor, Peter Obi.

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The house has written to the chief judge of the state to swear in the current deputy governor, Mrs.Etiaba as the governor. She too faces her own troubles with the house of assembly but feelers from sources involved in the impeachment plot were that she had crossed over to the PDP and as such was very involved in the impeachment of her principal, this cannot be confirmed as another source tells Saharareporters that her impeachment will commence next week.

Meanwhile Governor Peter Obi appeared in Awka today after his impeachment was announced by the house of assembly vowing not to vacate his seat as governor, in an emotional laden press conference he denied any wrongdoing and accused the house of assembly of bad faith, insinsiting that the house of assembly members did not form the 2/3rd majority required by the constitution. He also announced that he could locate the whereabouts of his deputy, Mrs. Virgy Etiaba. But later Mrs. Etiaba showed up in Awka and immediately declined being sworn in by chief judge as requested by the house of assembly.

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