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Andy Uba in panic hires high price lawyer as UK gov't dept declares his Ph.D degree as fake

February 22, 2007

Embattled PDP gubernatorial candidate of Anambra State –
Emmanuel Nnamdi Uba is reported to be in panic following the ruling at the Federal Court of Appeals that handed President Obasanjo and PDP a devastating defeat which stipulated that Vice President Atiku will remain the Vice President of Nigeria.

Information gathered by Saharareporters indicates that Andy Uba as a result of the shock from the ruling has developed an instant heightened fear of the uncertain outcome of two court cases against him in Abuja; one filed by Ikemefuna calling for Andy Uba’s disqualification from the gubernatorial race on the grounds of certificate forgery and the second filed by activist lawyer Festus Keyamo calling for the prosecution of Andy Uba for money laundering  involving the US of the Presidential jet to ferry hard cash that was intercepted by US authorities.

Amidst the brewing uncertainty coupled to the recent appeal court rulings that have not been favorable to the federal government, Andy Uba has frantically reacted to tap the high priced Dr. Wale Babalakin (SAN) to lead his defense team. Also adding to Andy Uba's fear is the fact that Atiku's defense team responsible for the many judicial victories against the Obasanjo machinery has joined the forgery case against Andy Uba; in fact the lead counsel to Ikemefunna is Alex Izinyon, a prominent member of the Atiku defense team. The presidency has therefore waded into the matter.

Judge Anuri Chukwukere’s court sat on Thursday February 22, 2007 over the certificate forgery case against Andy Uba. Following a brief appearance, Andy Uba’s counsel requested from the court more time to enable proper review of the case and an intention to file a defense. Judge Anuri Chukwukere granted the request and set the date for the next court hearing for Wednesday 28, 2007.

On an adjacent end, new information now discloses the role played by the Chief Judge of Abuja High Courts – Chief Judge Rose Ukeje in the hiring of Andy Uba’s lead counsel – Wale Babalakin {SAN}. According to the information, Chief Judge Ukeje had directed Andy Uba to hire the services of Babalakin who is also contracted to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) - one of his most prominent appearances was when he prosecuted INEC’s volte face in the electoral petition that saw Dr. Chris Ngige out of office in 2006, in that case Prof. Maurice Iwu in tandem with Andy Uba requested the nullification of the 2003 election that gave Dr. Chris Ngige his controversial victory, though the Appeal Court jettisoned the mysterious appeal and condemned INEC for prevaricating, it however sent Dr. Ngige packing out of the government house in Awka. If INEC prayers had been granted, “Dr” Emmanuel ‘Andy’ Uba would have tactically been allowed to contest in a new election in 2006 for Governor of Anambra State and the election promptly rigged in his favor by the presidency.

Although the specific reason why the Chief Judge directed the services of Babalakin to be sought is not certain but informed sources close to the activities around the case point to an imminent and possible judicial foul-play as the reason for Chief Judge's intimate involvement in the case. Buttressing this is that Chief Judge Ukeje’s son is employed by Andy Uba as a close personal assistant who is being tapped to a commissioner position if Andy Uba wins the gubernatorial elections in Anambra State.   

Andy Uba’s new lead counsel – Dr. Wale Babalakin (SAN) is the son of the retired Hon. Justice Bola Babalakin of the Supreme Court. Dr. Babalakin also the Chairman of Stabilini Visinoni was incarcerated for two years under the Failed Banks Decree during the late Gen. Sani Abacha's regime- He was detained in Enugu prison between 1995-1997 for his involvement in untidy banking practices which led to his detention and prolonged incarceration after he was arraigned in 1994 before the Failed Banks Tribunal, he was asked to refund N88 million which he did in installments before hitting the gold-mine under the Obasanjo regime. As the Chairman of Stabilini Visinoni, he partnered with Andy Uba and President Olusegun obasanjo to receive lucrative federal contracts - one of such lucrative contracts includes one awarded in 2002 that entailed the rebuilding of Lagos Murtala Mohammed Airport Terminal #2 at the cost of N25billion.

Interested parties in the case have raised the alarm over of Andy Uba subverting the ongoing judicial process because of the close relationship with the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, Abuja. The next court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday February 28, 2007. The next hearing date comes on the heel of a new letter issued by the UK department of Education and Skills on February 20th 2007 stating that “Buxton University” where Andy Uba claimed he obtained a “Ph.D of Sciences” in 1996 has never been recognized as a degree awarding higher institution nor is the so-called university able to offer courses leading to the award of any degree-A copy of the letter is obtainable/downloadable  from the e-Library.

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