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Edo Election Crisis: Oshiomole arrested, flown out to Abuja

April 16, 2007

There are  violent protests today in Nigeria which has led to more destructions and killings following the rigging of gubernatorial elections on Saturday.

Action Congress candidate in Edo State, Adams Oshiomole was arrested by security agents and flown to Abuja in what appears to be an helicopter belonging to the Yar'adua campaign.

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Saharareporters has received information that tension is high all over Nigeria and there are rumbles within power centers, there is a growing movement to ask President Obasanjo to step down.
Rivers State: 2.1 million people was said to have voted, even in the face of violence , absence of electoral materials and officials in most part of the state.

PDP claimed they won the state with 1.8 million votes. It is more that all the votes in Lagos State, with four million voters registered (some of the highest in the country), where there was relative peace on election day. 99% voters voted in Rivers State, if we go by this calculations.

Ekiti State: opposition AC won 14 seats in the house of assembly, ANPP won 3 seats, NDP 1 and PDP 6 seats, yet PDP won the gubernatorial elections.

Osun State: Accused murderer of Chief Bola Ige, Senator Omisore was caught with ballot boxes in Ilesha, miles away from his ward.

Riots in Edo state, Nassarawa, Ondo, Enugu.  Dusk -to-Dawn curfew imposed in Kogi and Kano states.


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