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Violenece in Anambra State as INEC announces two results for Andy UBA

April 16, 2007

Violent protests continued nationwide in Nigeria today as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) continued to announce results of rigged elections in Nigeria. In Anambra State, angry youths took to the streets to protest the victory awarded to Mr. Andy Uba as the winner of the "elections" in the state.

 The angry mob burnt down the state offices of INEC in response to the announcements, it was clear that INEC wasn't even well prepared in its rigging calculations as the agency ammended the initial results which put the number of votes allocated to candidates beyond and above the number of registered voters in the state which is about 2 million. Public anger bolied over when in the ammended results, Andy Uba still won over 80% of the votes, this time putting the number of voters at 95%, a feat only recorded in Rivers and Delta States, where massive voter fraud were also hallmark of the Saturday polls.

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A coalition of political parties in the state have rejected the results, maintaining that voting didn't take place in Anambra State.

Violence continues in Delta State, especially in Abraka where houses belonging to PDP operatives were burnt down, in a reprisal attack, PDP militants also burnt down the home of an AC leader with two of his cousins, their daughter and wife.

In another development, a  meeting of political parties called by ANPP Presidential candidate, Muhammed Buhari held at the Transcorp Hilton could not agree on a consensus candidate. Sources at the meeting told Saharareporters that ANPP candidate, Buhari did not agree to boycott the upcoming Presidential Elections. A spin-off of the coalition went into another meeting that is still in progress.

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