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David Mark Plans Disrupting Tribunal Ruling Tomorrow.

February 21, 2008
As earlier reported by Saharareporters, the Senate President, David Bonadventure Mark plans using the instrumentality of the Nigerian Police to disrupt the tribunal ruling set to force him out of office tomorrow.
 The IG of Police was massively bribed to carry out series of strategies to make it impossible for the tribunal to sit, part of the plan is a security report being cooked up by the police saying that the atmosphere will not be conducive for the tribunal to sit tomorrow.

Already, the commissioner of police in Benue State has declared David Mark’s opponent, Alhaji Usman Dan Maishanu Abubakar wanted in connection with alleged falsification of tribunal records. The IG of Police is working in tandem with INEC to scuttle the ruling.
David Mark’s election in Benue State was marred with obvious irregularities that has led the tribunal to cancel the elections of two iother senators that were elected at the same time as the senate president, David, Mark.

On Febraury 8 2008, the tribunal dismissed a motion brought forward by David Mark to delay and create confusion for tribunal members as they took the final address from lawyers on both sides. David Mark lawyers had enjoined the tribunal to re-open the trial due to what he claims were attempts by his opponents to forge tribunal materials.

An INEC female worker was arrested made to confess to receiving N5 million bribes and later released. She was promptly placed on suspension by INEC. Yesterday, the IG summoned the chair of the tribunal to Abuja to share his findings on forgery with him, the chairman refused to heed his summon and instead fixed tomorrow for the ruling on the petition.

It is unclear if the IG has succeeded in sending out security signals stopping the tribunal from sitting but that is along the line of action to prevent a sitting, also thugs have been mobilized to give a semblance of insecurity in the city of Makurdi on Saturday to give the police enough chance to shut down the city.

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