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The Gradual but Consistent Demystification of Andy Uba

September 2, 2008

“Brother, I fear my state is in another round of trouble, can you imagine, this man called Chris Uba deliberately came late for the swearing in and when he came, he disorganized the whole ceremony, drove straight to where the kola nuts were been broken and interrupted everything; do you know it is an abomination in Igbo land to interrupt the breaking of kola nut?

“Brother, I fear my state is in another round of trouble, can you imagine, this man called Chris Uba deliberately came late for the swearing in and when he came, he disorganized the whole ceremony, drove straight to where the kola nuts were been broken and interrupted everything; do you know it is an abomination in Igbo land to interrupt the breaking of kola nut? I foresee a fallout worse than that of Offor - Mbadinuju” That was the quavering voice of my friend on the other side of the line as he tried to explain to me events unfolding live at the swearing in ceremony of Chris Ngige as Governor of Anambra state which he attended as a long time friend.

That was vintage Chris Uba, the ‘Ochiagha of Uga’ making a grand illiterate entry into a ceremony marking the successful subversion of the will of the Anambra people at that time. That was the entrance of a man whose happening on the political atmosphere of the south east was once described as ‘the end of Igbo civilization’. My friend said the whole venue was thrown into confusion as the man came in a motorcade with up to thirty mobile policemen accompanying his convoy running helter skelter to ensure his ‘security’. Without attempting to bore the readership with these details which was ably reported by the Nigerian media at the time, it is noteworthy that Chris Uba displaying crude powers of state went ahead to commit more atrocities against the state and the governor himself who was a mishap waiting to happen. Pundits who were not willing to be deceived by the contraption of lies bandied around by an evolving cabal that ‘Eselu Uga’ had a direct mutual relationship with the President, went to work to ascertain the real source of power of this goon.

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The popular item of reference was that the incumbent ‘supremo’, Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo, a very arrogant and choosey individual, could never be imagined to mingle with a man who so crude and bereft of ideas stands to offer nothing the President wants both intellectually and mentally. Not until the unraveling of Andy Uba, the Presidential Aide on Domestic Matters to the President, the senior brother to this dignified thug, who proudly attributed to himself the position of a godfather in a democratic setting. Rightfully, Chris and Aremu had no relationship whatsoever; Andy was the source of power and intimidation against the Anambra electorate. He provided the logistics, and then marshaled the resources and connections that were used to abduct a sitting civilian governor, the first of its type in this country’s history; what unbridled display of power coordinated to satisfy one man! Not longer at ease with his position at the back ground and considering Ochiagha’s new found ambition to rule the state (for which he can’t be blamed since the minimum requirement is a GCE certificate), Andy had to move quickly for it did not tally with the initial plan of securing the state for the grand master.

‘Dr’ Nnamdi Uba was no longer willing to recline in silence hence he emerged like a bolt of lightning not just on the Anambra political space but on the Nigerian society. His popularity soared albeit ignobly, he was the most sort after individual in government circles; Governors with immunity were willing to exchange their position for his. Offending Honourable Minister’s pleaded with him to beg baba on their behalf. You dare not see the President without his approval, so powerful and rich was he that it was once alleged he told a popular oil servicing business man at the Presidential Library Fund launch to go back with his money as it was not a 10 million naira affair. Andy Uba was the latest Almustapha, the current Turai. He flew millions of dollars in Presidential jets over custom detection. He influenced all sorts of appointments both political and bureaucratic; notably he was behind the appointment of the likes of Obiageli Ezekwesili, and Dora Akunyili to mention a few of the popular ones. He catapulted Maurice Iwu from obscurity to the all powerful INEC Chairman and multi millionaire. He was so strong the Anambra governorship had to be held in trust for him pending when he is ready for it in four years, Ngige was deployed to serve this purpose until the whole plan crumbled like a pack of cards erected in the midst of the wind.

The Anambra people knew and felt his villainy the more, as his immediate focus and primary concern was their state. These unfortunate people had to be conquered and subdued so he could achieve his ultimate aim. Even his own blood brother Chris wasn’t spared when the die was cast, directing the shamed ex IG of Police Sunday Ehindero as his errand boy, the erstwhile Ochiagha was evacuated from his stronghold in Enugu and confined in the Police Head Quarters till the ‘elections’ were concluded. Andy won; he was celebrated, bottles of champagne were popped in high places, he was called a strategist, the new Mr. Fix it, a political master planner, an innovator, a rare breed politician with the people at heart, the most popular Anambrarian and all etcetera’s that can be found in the diction of gullible sycophants. But shortsightedness prevented Andy from understanding the dictates of the constitution as regards Peter Obi’s restoration to office, rightfully interpreted by the highest courts of the land. Jaundice prevented Andy from realizing that an election so over rigged would spell a political ‘death knell’ the type even Maurice Iwu would not be willing to stick out his neck for. Pride, ego and self centeredness prevented Andy from realizing that his exploits would only be potent and last within the tenure of his boss.

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I was told old Anambra women protested half naked against the Uba’s at the height of their oppression of the state, I was also informed of the dire significance of such happening. Today, Andy Uba is ‘gradually but consistently’ being demystified. His alter ego’s are fast deserting him in droves; at the last count it was Senator Annie Okonkwo a major benefactor of the Uba – INEC abracadabra. Long gone from his fold are the likes of the dreadful Chuma Nzeribe, a heartless scoundrel whom this writer concludes has helpful details on the deaths of Baranabas and Amaka Igwe. His own brother, Chris, understandably has pitched tents with his very opponents. Tony Nwoye, his erstwhile PDP Chairman whom he recruited considering his thuggish credentials exhibited fully during his Neo Black movement days in the University, has long left his fold and realigned with the new state PDP subservient to Alex Ekwueme. He served as a governor for a disgraceful17 days, the shortest ever in history, he was kicked out while the rule of law looked the other side. His lawyers who were more concerned with their huge pay packaged than the merit of his case, consoled him and appointed him the governor –in – waiting. His stooges at the state House of Assembly deserted him preferring to put their ambitions first than sink with a ‘spent force’. Obviously frustrated that he was fast losing political relevance in his state’s factionalized party, he sort to blame it on the party chairman. Early last week the Peoples Democratic Party National Chairman, Vincent Ogbulafor, though not a democrat himself replied charging Andy Uba to submit himself to the supremacy of the Anambra people as they should choose who will lead them. It sounds interesting that this is coming from the leader of the ruling party with all the powers to determine the political influence of party faithfuls, at least considering the Nigeria factor.



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