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Save Nigerians in Spain from the Nigerian Embassy and the Nigerian Police

December 30, 2008
!QUE PUTADA! We affected Nigerians residing in Spain are using your widely read Newspaper to express our profound grievances on the untold punishment meted on us by the Nigerian Officials i.e the Nigerian Police in collaboration with the Nigerian Embassy in Spain.   It is shameful and disgusting to know that after scaling all the hurdles and meeting all the requirements but left with the Police report to regularize our working and resident permit,Nigerian officials who are clueless,dimwitted,disorganized and professional extortionists have been the clog in the wheels of our progress by refusing to acknowledge the transactions we had with them.
  We say transactions and not assistance because we paid the sum of 160 Euro after haggling from the sum of 250 Euro, in fact the Spanish NGOs were aghasted, that Nigerian Officials could collect such an amount from their citizens who are jobless and only seeking means to regularize their stay in order to qualify to work legally ,it is indeed a shame.   To clearly understand the scenario,a brief elucidation will be appropriate.In the upward of two years now,Nigerians living in Spain have been having problems regularizing their resident,this was due to the complaint sent by the Nigerian Police to the Spanish Authority,that the Police report submitted by the Nigerians were falsified,that the authentic ones are the ones thumb printed in the presence of Nigerian Police,hence all Police Reports both authentic and falsified summited to the Spanish Authority that are thumbprint in Spain sent to Nigerian Police in Nigeria for verification  and authentication are null and void.Nigerian Police insisted that it´s citizens that need the Police Report should deport themselves to Nigerian and have their thumbs printed before Nigerian Police and then be issued one,thus making it difficult for Nigerians to obtain their legal resident permit,it was Nigerian words against Nigerians.But let it be known that other African Nationals do their thumb printings here in Spain and send them to their country of Origins for verification and authentication,we wonder why Nigeria case is different.   No other means was put forward by the Nigerian Authority except that Nigerians deport themselves to have their thumbs printed and be issued Police Character Certificate and then proceed to Spanish Embassy to seek Spanish Visa,which we will obviously be denied,one can then see the folly in the suggestion put forward by the Nigerians Authority . It was the Spanish NGOs (CNW/NVS) who advised that we should  not deport ourselves,and they hired Lawyers to reason with the Spanish Authority that Nigerians should not be an exception,that Nigerians could process their Police report the way other African Nationalities process theirs,the Spanish Authority insisted that it was acting in an accordance to the advice given by the Nigerian Authority.After several consultations the Lawyers hired by the Spanish NGOs further advocated on behalf of Nigerians and two options were put advanced,first that Nigerians would have their thumbs printed before a Certified Notary Public in Spain and send the thumb printed paper to Nigerian for verification and authentication and secondly,that Nigerian Police should be invited to Spain to have Nigerians printed their thumbs before them and later return to Nigeria for verification and authentication,the latter option was chosen,precisely on 6th of July three Nigerian Police lead by the Assistant Inspector General of Police Israel Ajao arrived Spain and settled down for business at the Nigerian Embassy in Madrid,each Nigerian had to pay the sum of 160Euro before he/she could be thumbprint, they also went to several other main cities in Spain and the total number of people that thumb printed were in the range of 4,500-5,000.   Good we have done what were required of us,but five months on ,Nigerian Police and Nigerian Embassy have not fulfilled their part of the the deal and we promised that it would only take one month for the Police Report to be ready,now nothing has been heard both from Nigeria Police and Nigerian Embassy who are ineptitude and bereft of ideas on how to provide ameliorative solutions to the sufferings Nigerians are passing through ,but in it´s stead are very astute in extorting Nigerians of their money and providing nothing tangible but discourteous service,between July and the time of writing this piece there are Nigerians who have thumb printed that have been caught as illegal residents that are facing deportation charge,whom will we blame for this?   The questions to ask are 1; why did they write the Spanish Authority not to accept the Police report thumb printed in the presence of Spanish Notary Public and sent to Nigeria for authentication and returned as other African Nationals do?. 2;why did it take Nigerian Authorities two years to accept the suggestions offered by the Spanish NGOs? 3:why did they collect 160 Euro to process the police report and 5 months on after Nigerians thumb  printed,the Nigerian Police in collaboration with the Nigerian Embassy have not deemed it fit making our police report available to us?  4;who are to be blamed if Nigerians residing in Spain engage in anti-social activities due to the inability to regularize their resident and working permit here in Spain. 5; who are to be blamed,if by act of providence,some Nigerians by dint of hard work or astuteness succeed in one field or the other and decide to shun Nigeria,when Nigeria need their services.   The implications for not sending our Police report are as follows (i)Nigerians residing in Spain will not be able to regularize their stay,hence living illegally in Spain;(ii)Nigerians might get frustrated and engaged in an act inimical to the law of Spain,(iii)Nigerians will loiter at the the Nigerian Embassy in Spain,thereby becoming an eyesore in the community giving a bad image to Nigeria;(iv)it will definitely re-reinforce the production of falsified Police report(v)Nigerians will now be subservient to other African Nationals,you might ask why?to rent an apartment or do anything you need a resident permit and since most Nigerians do not have resident permit,they are forced to squat with other African Nationalities thereby yielding to their beckons,does this give the image to the so-called ´Giant of Africa´?definitely NO.   We write this so that the relevant Authorities read and take appropriate actions,and if Nigerian Police feels it is not capable of making the Police Report available,we think a refund of our 160Euro each and a reverse on it´s stand that we must appear in person in Nigeria to collect the Police Report are ´sine qua non´ í.e absolutely necessary.   We want the Foreign Affair Minister Ojo Madueke to intervene to making sure that all Nigerians that thumb printed should get their Police report as doing this will add honour to his achievement and in effect boost his credentials.Not when Nigerians are on death rows or charged with serious offence that he starts to plead or mediate,´a stitch in time´they say ´saves nine´.Anything can happen tomorrow and Spanish Authority change their policy,who stand to lose,certainly Nigerians.President Umar Musa Yar-Adua,please order Inspector General of Police Mike Okiro to release our Police Report whether good/bad we paid for it.     N.B.!QUE PUTADA¡ means what the fuck in Spanish. Malik Abdulahi for the Affected Nigerians For more authentic informations call.+34662530864

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