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My Right of Reply to Babangida's Interview in the Vanguard

January 23, 2009
Every reasonable, right thinking and peace loving Nigerian who read that interview by Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida in Vanguard will be sad and very sad indeed for Nigeria.

One can conclude from that interview that General Babangida is one of the sponsors of the recent Jos ethno-religious crisis and the previous ones.

One can still safely say he was and is the supplier of the arms and the military uniforms used by the Hausa Muslims to unleash terror on Innocent Nigerians.

Though Babangida is suppose to be a former Head of state and a statesman, his utterances in that interview about the Jos ethno-religious crisis was that of an area boy and fell short of a statement to be made by a reasonable human being talk less of a former Head state.

That Babangida can actually own up in print that he deliberately created Jos North local govt for the Hausa Muslims in the heart of Jos is unfortunate.

By the special Grace of God all the innocent blood shed on the Plateau and especially in Jos as a result of all the Jos North wahala is on General Babangida’s head. Babangida will never know peace all his life.

The blood of the innocent shed on the Plateau because of Babangida’s handiwork will be on his head forever and even in the great beyond.

By the special Grace of God, Babangida will die in an ethno-religious crisis in Nigeria.

Babangida’s action and inaction has killed more people than any event in Nigeria right from his OIC crisis to Kafanchan to Zango Kataf and all the phantom coups he has lied about to kill his enemies perceived and imaginary.

Please do not think  I am being too hard on General Babangida. I mean here is a former Head of state who is justifying the carnage in Jos as similar to what happened in Ife-Modakeke long drawn war as if that in itself is something good..

He equally equated it to the war that happened in Warri between the Itshekiris and the Urhobos.

What type of country is Nigeria? Where supposed leaders justify and take sides in conflicts?

After 8 years of his disastrous military regime he is still adding insult to the mess he has done to Nigeria.

The Yar’adua panel should bring it so called Federal might to bear and arrest General Babangida for creating and sponsoring the Jos crises as he has confessed to in his Vanguard Newspaper Interview Monday January 19, 2009.

It is on record that General Babangida has been creating and sponsoring mass murdering since he forcefully overthrew General Buhari in 1985.

Babangida should know all the same there is no way a Hausa Muslim can over run Jos even if he brings all his kinsmen from Niger, Chad and Saudi Arabia. JOS stands for ‘Jesus our Saviour’.

General babangida enemy of the "Middle Belt" be aware.

Moreso now that we are aware of our rights.

Why can’t an Igbo man or non Hausa Muslim be chairman in Fegge Kano or Sabon Gari Kano?

Babangida evil genius indeed.

SSS and other security agents now your first suspect in the Jos crises has confessed openly to committing the act. It is high time you arrest him if you not done that already.

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