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Has Michael Steele Always Been THIS Stupid?

February 8, 2009
Still smarting from their drubbing at the polls and complete defeat at the hands of the people-powered Obama campaign, the Republican Party hastily gathered together and, looking to create their own "Black Magic", settled on Michael Steele as the Leader of the party. Whatever may have informed the decision (besides the desire to be seen as more mainstream and tolerant than they truly are), it is arguable that this elevation of a minority to the head of the GOP is another marker in the history of the US as a country.

Unfortunately, given Michael Steele's recent performance on the ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopolous", his selection as the face (and head) of the GOP may well be the begining of the end of the Party as a formidable national Party. Watch Michael Steele try to distinguish between "Job" and "Work".


The Idiocy, it burns!

According to Mr. Steele, the gazillion-and-one high-paying jobs lost throughout the Bush Depression are all coming back. They are coming Back, people! And, that thing you see in the sky, is Michael Steele's rotund pig, flying and gliding gracefully. And, if you close your eyes and clap really hard, the tooth fairy will drop a one-million dollar check for EVERY tooth you've ever lost in your life.

I understand that it is a very depressing and difficult thing to be a Republican these days. What with them controlling every for the better part of 8 years, running all over the country spouting their "tickle-me-Elmo" "Trickle-Down" Reagonomic bullcrap, yelling "tax-cut!, tax-cut!" at every opportunity, only to watch as their Leader-of-the-World snuck out of Washington, tails between his legs, the total collapse of the world economy trailing behind him like the after-effect of rectal discharge.

I understand and somewhat empathize with the position Mr. Steele finds himself, trying to rebuild a battered and totally repudiated philosophy that has been responsible more for destructive effects than for any appreciable benefits. But, for crying out loud! The head of the party responsible for this disaster gets on a national TV show and assures us that not only would more of the same fix the problems created by the same tactics, but that whatever we have lost in the disastrous Bush Depression era will come back if we just persists in the same lunacy?

"They always come back"? You betcha! Like a bad case of advanced hemorrhoid, they ALWAYS come back. So does stupidity. Once you are stupid, it is very difficult to be unstupid, so we can say stupidity always come back.

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