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Communism in China better than Dem-Go-Crazy in Nigeria

February 19, 2009

China is arguably the most populated nation on planet earth with over 1.3 billion population, yet it is regarded as a world leader in terms of economic growth. One may tend to believe China is a democratic nation as the kind of growth and infrastructural development witnessed in the present day China can only be found in countries run by democrats. Alas, China is a full blown communist country. No political party jamboree like we have in Nigeria where political party executives from the national levels down to local wards are treated as tin gods. China, a country where public protest and gathering attracts the wrath of the law yet the Chinese people, in most cases, have no cause to stage protests of any form against their leader.

The laws here are meant for both the rich and the poor; the stupid and the learned; the followers as well as the leaders. The law is supreme and above any individual regardless his/her social-political status. No doubt there are very rich people in china and there are very poor people too but the unifying factor is there is no social stigmatization where the rich look down upon the poor. It may interest you that the prices of products are controlled by government agencies and the same place where the rich go shopping is where you find the poor buying too. Yeah, the poor may not be able to afford luxury things but the basic things needed are made affordable. China is simply an epitome of a working system.

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The southern China is famous for rice and when you go to any restaurant be assured to eat rice as much as many times you can because it is as good as free; you only pay for the dishes. I once wondered how the government could provide food for a very large population such as China but i got my answer when i stumbled over an article that states there are over 900 million farmers in China.The government treats the farmers with great respect by giving incentives to every farmer base on per square meter of land he/she cultivates. Good road networks into the rural areas to make the transportation of farm produce to the cities more effective and accessible. telecoms charges are cheaper in the rural areas. Beverages such as beer, soft drinks (Pepsi,coca-cola..etc) are cheaper in the rural areas... This is in sharp contrast to what we have in Nigeria where only retired generals and public officers have farms. Obasanjo Farms ltd, Turaki Farms nig ltd, Babangida Farms ltd, Danjuma Farms ltd,..etc. These are farms set up not to alleviate the sufferings of the masses but to increase the burdens of the people as the prices of their farm products are far beyond what an average Nigerian can afford. A good meal of rice and chicken has become a once-in-a-year ritual which Nigerians only have during Christmas, Sallah or New Year celebration day. In Nigeria, if one feels like eating a full chicken, he'll buy an egg to eat but in china, you can eat full chicken (not egg) every 3 days if you so wish.

 It is generally believed that the more the population of a country, the more the criminal activities in that country. China is a not a crime free country but it is a very very very safe place to live. One can move at any time of the day or night.The security network is superb. The police don't go about placing road-blocks or check-points on the road as it is a general norm in the Nigerian society. Security agents do't go about raping, killing innocent people or coniving with robbers to disposes people of their valuables. if anything happens and one calls 110, just be assured within 5 minutes a group of well trained and neatly dressed police officers will come to your aid. Don't bother to say "thank you" to them because they will tell you "we are doing our duty". Close Circuit T.Vs are every where (even on the buses) to help the police department monitor the activities of the people. These CCTVs help community policing more efficient and effective

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 The Chinese government makes housing a priority and are massively involved in building sky scrappers to combat the housing problem facing the people through partnership with the real estate sector. These apartments, after completion are made available to the public at affordable prices payable within a period of as long as 20 years in some cases. In Nigeria, reverse is the case. The so-called "affordable" housing built for the "masses" are in millions of naira and interested buyers are expected to pay in multiple installment according to the blue print, but in real practice it's on "cash and carry" basis. A country the economy is controlled by just a few set of people who have the backing of the government to further impoverish the Nigerian people.

Electricity plays a very crucial role towards the realization of economic development of a nation..and this the Chinese government have realized by making electricity available for the people 24/7. If there will be power outage for some few hours, it will be announced and the public will receive message before power goes off..but in our beloved Nigeria, the PHCN takes electricity at will without any regards for the Nigerian people. So many Nigerians have met their untimely death due to power outage during major surgical operations. Many Nigerians lives have been cut short due to damaged electric poles and broken electrical cables on the streets of Nigeria.

 Which ever way you view is obvious that the problems facing Nigeria are enormous and are more of LEADERSHIP than FOLLOWERS. the electorates are deprived their constitutional rights to chose their leaders. The electoral commission chairman is doing the bidding of his employers without considering what history will say about him when he dies. Nigerian leaders are so corrupt that every moment, they try to design another means of stealing from the treasury. I really don't know why the President and governors should have a minister and commissioners for special duties respectively. What kind of special duties are these political appointees expected to carry out for their masters if not for CLEARING and FORWARDING of national treasury. I am not in any way saying there is no corruption in China, but permit me to say corruption in China is "people friendly". Corruption is a great offence in china but we celebrate corruption in Nigeria. When Governors steal our money they start moving from Emirs to Obas to Eze's to buy chieftancy titles across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Few years ago, a provincial governor in China who was also a classmate and close friend of the Chinese president was investigated and found guilty of corruption. he was sentenced to death without the president to save him. Such will never happen in Nigeria where Mr. president in connection with EFCC and AGN is using his office to protect corrupt persons such as Ibori on whose wealth he (Yar'adua) rode to power.

 Can someone tell me the moral justification of a President who gives out his own daughter's hand in marriage to someone who already has three wives....Does a governor who has as much as four wives, have the sound mind to govern a local government not to talk of governing a whole state?...that is the situation in Nigeria. Our so-called state executives are busy marrying more wives while the rest of the world leaders are busy thinking of how to solve the problems created by financial crisis all over the world. A sick President creates nothing but a sick society. Even the baby in the womb knows that president Yar'adua is very very sick even though he claims he's healthy, but his actions right from assumption of office show clearly that he has been ruling without his right mind. A healthy president with sound mind by now would have sent INEC chairman packing the very first week he assumed office. A healthy leader would not move former NAFDAC Director general outside the health industry not to talk of drafting her to the Information ministry... A leader with good leadership skill will not appoint people of questionable characters to serve in his's only a weak leader that humiliates and replaces selfless public officers such as Nuhu Ribadu with corrupt officer like Farida Waziri to head the anti-corruption agency on whose Nigeria image largely depends.

 Nigerian dishonorable members of the national assembly have since jettisoned their function of law making and replaced it with effective "legislooting". If not for mental laziness of the house and the senate members, while their counterparts are busy making and amending laws to improve the lives of their citizens, our legislooters are busy fighting over inconsequential issues such as SENATORS ARE SUPERIOR TO HOUSE ASSEMBLY MEMBERS. This is nothing but absurdity of the highest order. Our law makers are non productive, our foreign missions are reduced to warehouses especially the Nigerian Embassy in china is nothing but a warehouse  stacked with made-in-china-goods ready to be shipped to Nigeria. We are being lead by people of low virtue, politicians with expired ideas; who have not even an atom of managerial skill to pilot the affairs of our beloved country.

 No matter what we are made to believe are the gains of democracy, it is my humble submittion that Communism in China is far better than "Dem-Go-Cracy" in Nigeria.

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