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Still on the Recall of Ambassador Rotimi Oluwole

February 20, 2009
The high profile recall of the Nigerian main envoy to USA had drawn the attention of the public to a much extent and disgrace. The altercations that took place between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chief Ojo Maduekwe and the recalled Ambassador Oluwole Rotimi could have been avoided.

 Retired General Oluwole had written a good explanation which pointed out that he is so polished a gentleman to be against any tribe in Nigeria. He also claimed he never accused the Foreign Minister of tribalism. He pointed out that his wife is half-Igbo and half-Yoruba and regretted that the Minister had pursued his case with negative vigor. On his utterance concerning Biafra, he claimed he was quoted out of context.

 The main cause of the altercation between the Envoy and the Minister has now been made public.  It all started when the Minister wanted to usurp a marked invitation card to the inauguration of President Obama and this was viewed otherwise because invitations like that are never transferrable.

 I believe that both parties should be blamed for disgracing the nation. The President did not help matter with his quick sanction and leaning to the Minister. We still have a long way to go in this country.

 Benjamin Maduka, 3 Alheri Street, Jimeta, Yola

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