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Yar Adua Health and Photos

February 23, 2009
Dear Publisher :I want to commend the courage of saharareporters on the investigative journalism that they conduct. I go through the site a lot to know whats happening at home.
I have seen a lot of the pictures of President Yar'adua being posted on your site. I must say that I am not a fan of Yar'adua and his style of governance but neither do I feel that all the pictures of himself being posted as sick is nice.
In as much PR or Politics might make President Yar'adua and his aides not to be truthful about his health, but you should also remember that He has no control over his health and neither does any other person including all the staff of Sahara reporters.

Posting all those pictures looks like making mockery of a sick man and I beleive that the controler of the universe wouldn't be happy about that.
If there are bad situations about President Yaradua like corruption and beign slow in implementation of his policies, I think you should concentrate on that and leave the issue of his health.
No matter what, remember that he is somebody's husband, daddy, uncle, brother, son and friend and all this people will earnestly want their loved one to be well and not ridiculed on websites concerning his health which he has no control over.
If my advise will be taken, I will suggest removing all the pixs 'ridiculing' him because of his health from the photo news.
Continue the great job you are doing and always be blessed in the Lord.
Kind Regards,
Chisomje Ezeaku

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