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One step forward, countless In reverse gear

March 5, 2009

Right from the beginning, I never had any confidence in the Yar’adua led government and I had rightly said so on this forum and in many others. But I had never imagined that they (the leaders) shall be so impressive in their failure to such extents that it becomes foolish to even criticize them.

So for a while, I had began to feel less of resentment but more of pity for the President and his team of un performing ministers, who in active connivance with a greedy legislature are doing a very good job of their self imposed mission of running Nigeria down. Today however, that pity has tuned to anger and I can’t help but speak out.


All we are doing as a nation under this administration conforms to what W.B Yeats in his popular poem described as “turning and turning in a widening gyre”, indeed, every thing has fallen apart. Nothing, I mean not a single aspect of our national life is working. The bogus seven point agenda has remained in a pause mode, and while in some civilized climes, the operators of such a failed system hide their face in shame, here, we are daily harangued by their empty noise on television.

The most disappointing event which provoked this piece is the fall out of the last Wednesday federal executive council meeting in which we were made to understand that the FEC spent the day deliberating on the recommendations of the Michael Aondoakaa review of the Justice Uwais electoral reform committee.

What use was the Uwais panel if its report was to be reviewed again by the Attorney General Michael Aondoakaa? What credentials does Aondoakaa possess to qualify him to remove and insert new points to the work that took the panel several months to put together?

And as if to sum up the insincerity of the whole process, it is now obvious from the response of Dora Akunyili to news men after the FEC meeting that it is not now even certain that the reforms to the electoral process will be effective from the 2011 election.

In simple terms, what this development means is that this Government is not in the least of ways ready to give us better elections in 2011 and is set to supervise another fraudulent process that will see all of them re-steal their way to power.

These, coming just as both chambers of our national assembly are passing votes of confidence and proclaiming Prof Maurice Iwu as untouchable is indeed disturbing. I don’t know how else to put it really. This country is sinking under Yar’adua and the onus is on us to save her. Beyond rhetoric, how do we?

Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

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