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Nigeria: A Nation Under Siege

March 19, 2009
Umar Farouk Musa Yar’ adua it seems is presiding over the gradual dismemberment and disintegration of this once prosperous and great nation called Nigeria but is now lying waste as a result of repeated abuse and trauma it has been subjected to by previous corrupt military regimes under Army Generals of fortune.

These Generals of fortune so looted Nigeria so much to such an extent that the most corrupt of them is said to own an empire half the size of the city of Monaco in France.

At the rate lawlessness is going on in Nigeria especially in the Northern part, Mr. Yar adua will one day wake up in the morning and discover he is a President without a country to preside over!

Currently the country is under siege by Islamic fundamentalists from Zaria to Minna. From Jos to Maiduguri. From Bauchi to Yola, the story is the same, either Hausa Moslem fundamentalist students have stoned their teacher to death or shites in Zaria have attacked the Emir of Zaria. It’s either Islamic militants have attacked a police station in Kano or Hausa Moslem fundamentalists have burnt a Church in Jos.

All the above scenarios are actually very worrying, But not as worrying as the recent revelation by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) that terrorists have been imported into Nigeria and are now in bush training camps in Kaduna, Zaria, Kano and Bauchi.

The Commissioner of Police in charge of Kaduna state actually addressed the press to confirm that the shites sect of Ibrahim El-zakzaky is training terrorists in Zaria.

As if the above troubles are not enough for us as a nation, people like Ahmad Datti, Ahmad Sani Yarima, Dasuki Nakande, Samaila Mohammed, Dahiru Bauchi, Mohammed Haruna , Ibrahim Elzakzaky, Isa Yuguda and host of other Islamic terrorists are untouchable and therefore are laws unto themselves. Luckily enough for them they have plenty miscreants called ‘almajiris’ at their disposal which they deploy at will to maim and kill innocent Nigerians like the three youth corpers murdered in the Jos religious crisis and the two Army Generals attacked in the same crisis by Hausa Muslim militia.

Some of us have been advising against starting a religious war in a multi cultural society like Nigeria. If it did not succeed in Lebanon it will never succeed in Nigeria. Mr Yar’ adua for his own good will do the Nation well to arrest all the above mentioned Moslem terrorists and have them tried in the court of Law.

Talking of Generals of fortunate, Ibrahim babangida should be tried for crime against humanity since his military misrule is the genesis of this entire Islamic fundamentalism in Nigeria. This is in addition to his institutionalization of corruption and pre-judicial murder of a lot of brilliant military officers.

Why should a section of a country hold the rest to ransom? I mean let us hold the national conference and decide whether to still remain as one entity called Nigeria or decide otherwise. There is a lot of agitation all over the land North, West, South, and East.

Some people want shariah law, fine you can have your Dan fadiyo kingdom and implement your sharia there.

We should all know that Nigeria was artificially created by the British to suit their taste at that time, times have changed now the component of the federation should determine the time of federalism that is desirable.

Mr Yar’adua what is your own opinion?

Ndiameeh Babrik


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