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Power Projects, Rockson Engineering and Arumeni Johnson

March 23, 2009

It is a shame that this government has trusted our NIPP projects with Arumeni-Johnson's Rockson Engineering. This is a company that even from its website given below has never delivered power from any of its completed power project.
Why should they approve 2.1billion naira for him to build a ramp when the Imo river bridge can be strengthened for much less than that amount by Julius Berger and in less time?

How can we plan to spend 2.1bn on a ramp just to carry turbines to the site. what happens to the ramp after the turbines have been carried. The Imo river bridge will still not be able to carry huge loads and yet we would have wasted 2.1bn that could have been used to strenghten this bridge. I have no iota of doubt in my mind that this project will never be completed. You need 6 months minimum to build a ramp. Please help save Nigerians from this wicked contractors.

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Please investigate this daylight robbery, we need power not excuses. People are dying daily of generator fumes and some contractors are only interested in money. I also happen to know that it was Arumeni that insisted that he was going to build a ramp by force. This is an opportunity to keep saying we can't deliver the turbines to site. There are helicopters that can carry those turbines. They are used around the world. Also see an article from today's guardian below.

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